20 Most Valuable Toys From Your Childhood

Most Valuable Childhood Toys

Most Valuable Toys!!!

Most of us spent our childhood playing with toys and dolls, which brought joy to our lives.

When people grow up, they tend to forget their valuable toys from their childhood.

However, it is shocking to know that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for toys.

Get ready for a nostalgia ride!

You will surely find some of your favorite childhood toys on the list.

Quick Overview

Toys Estimated Worth
1. Lego Set Price Vary
2. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Price Vary
3. Beanie Babies Price Vary
4. Cabbage Patch Dolls $360,000
5. PEZ Dispensers $32,000
6. Lionel’s Pennsylvania’ Trail Blazer” Train Set $1000 – $250,000
7. Pokémon Cards Prices Vary
8. Monopoly $3,125 – $146,500
9. Hot Wheels Prices Vary
10. Barbie $8,000
11. Polly Pocket $5,000
12. Original Transformers Action Figures Prices Vary
13. Game Boy $1,000
14. Rainbow Brite $300 – $1,000
15. Jurassic Park Toys $900
16. Teddy Ruxpin $500
17. Lite Brite $300
18. Furby $275.20
19. Tamagotchi $69 – $138
20. Mario Kart 64 $55 – $69 

Most Valuable Toys

The information and details has been compiled from various sources and websites including Wikipedia and Insider.

20. Mario Kart 64

Anyone who grew up in the late 1990s remembers the Nintendo 64.

Your old game cartridges, particularly the rarer games, might be worth a lot of money now.

Most Valuable Toys- Mario Kart 64 collector's toy
Mario Kart 64 (Source: Wikipedia)

One of the most popular games, Mario Kart 64, may fetch roughly $42 on eBay or $55-$69 if the original packaging is still intact.

19. Tamagotchi

If you still have an original Tamagotchi from 1996–1997, you can sell it online for quite a bit of money.

Still-in-box Tamagotchis can fetch between $69 and $138, while opened Tamagotchis would only fetch between $14 to $28.

 Most Valuable Toys- Tamagotchi
Tamagotchi (Source: Wikipedia)

The considerably less well-known Digimon Tamagotchis are also worth a fortune, with rare variants going for up to $138 on eBay.

18. Furby

Furby is an electronic robotic toy made by Tiger Electronics that was first marketed in 1998.

If you have a 1998 Furby, it might be worth a lot of money, particularly if it’s limited edition or still in its packaging.

Most Valuable Toys- Furby collector's toy
Furby (Source: Amazon)

On eBay, most sell for $14–$42, although rare multicolored variants sell for about $275.20.

The Bejewelled Furby is the most sought-after of all Furbys.

Only five were ever made, and they were sold for $100,000 each.

17. Lite Brite

This toy, which was first sold in 1967, enabled kids to make luminous art by placing small colored plastic pegs into a lighted board.

Complete sets from the 1970s and 1990s sell for about $300.

Most Valuable Toys- Lite Brite collector's toy
Lite Brite (Source: Wikipedia)

Lite-Brite has evolved in a variety of configurations throughout the years, such as a flat-screen version, a 3D cube, and an FX edition that rotates and makes music.

16. Teddy Ruxpin

The toy was first released in September of 1985. It was the most popular toy in 1985 and 1986, earning it its cartoon show.

Most Valuable Toys- Teddy Ruxpin collector's toy
Teddy Ruxpin (Source: Wikipedia)

This collector’s toy may earn you up to $500 if it’s still in good shape.

On eBay, old teddy bears in their original boxes are selling for as little as $95. Others from 1985 may be around as little as $30 on the internet.

15. Jurassic Park Toys

Jurassic Park’s range of tie-in toys modeled on the movie’s dinos now sells for around $900.

The toys were based on the movie’s characters, many of which were mass-produced and proved useless to collectors.

Nevertheless, based on their quality, many Jurassic Park toys may now command hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Most Valuable Toys- Jurassic Park Toys collector's toy
Jurassic Park Toys (source: Pxfuel)

The Carnotaurus Demon from Jurassic Park 2 is the rarest Jurassic Park toy. A year or so after the film’s success, this figurine was released as part of the second wave of toys.

14. Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite is a little soft fabric doll that was released in 1983 by Mattel, Inc., an American toy business.

Original Rainbow Brite and Color Kids dolls may sell for anywhere from $300 and $1,000, with Starlight the horse being a big seller.

Most Valuable Toys- Rainbow Brite Doll
Rainbow Brite Doll (Source: Metro.co.uk)

Orange wool was used for the doll’s hair knotted in a ponytail.

13. Game Boy

In 1989, Nintendo released their debut game in the United States.

Mint condition Game Boys now sell for hundreds of dollars, and if you have a limited version like the Game Boy Light, you can expect to get over $1,000.

Most Valuable Toys- Game-Boy collector's toy
Game-Boy (Source: Wikipedia)

Even a Game Boy Color from 1998 may fetch $55 – $83, or even more if you have a rare edition.

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12. Original Transformers Action Figures

In 1984, Hasbro released the first series of these robot action figures.

Several new versions have been released in the years following, but the original Optimus Prime remains unique.

Original Transformers Action Figures Optimus
Original Transformers Action Figures Optimus (Source: Wikipedia)

Their prices can vary, but if you’re lucky enough to have kept the original versions in their boxes, they can be worth a lot more.

Optimus Prime figurines in mint condition go for upwards of $1,000 on eBay.

11. Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket’s initial toys may be traced back to a British toy business named Bluebird Toys, which established the series in 1983.

Polly_Pockets collector's toy
Toys Polly Pockets (Source: Wikipedia)

This toy was manufactured between 1989 and 1998 is the most expensive.

The original packaging for the 1992 Polly Pocket Partytime Stampers toys was auctioned online for $5,000.

When Mattel acquired Bluebird Toys in 1998, Polly Pocket was discontinued.

10. Barbie

The original Barbie will always remain dominant for many Barbie collectors with her hourglass body, make-up, and zebra-striped swimwear.

Barbie Original
Barbie Original (Source: Reader’s Digest)

An original Barbie with her updo and all of her accessories can sell for anywhere between $8,000 and $23,000.

9. Hot Wheels

In 1968, American toymaker Mattel launched the Hot Wheels.

Most of these miniature cars are available for only a few bucks. Nevertheless, if you own one of the rarer models, you can make a fortune.

Hot_Wheels_Modellauto collector's toy
Hot Wheels Modellauto (Source: Wikimedia)

The well-known Pink Beach Bomb with Rear-Loading is the most coveted Hot Wheels ever made, with a current value of about $150,000.

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8. Monopoly

Parker Brothers started selling Monopoly on November 5, 1935.

In 2011, Sotheby’s Auction House sold an antique hand-drawn oil cloth edition of Monopoly produced in 1933 for $146,500, nearly twice its projected price.

Monopoly (Source: Wikimedia)

Even if you don’t have a rare edition of this popular game, older versions from the 1930s have fetched over $3,125 on eBay, and special editions fetch hundreds.

7. Pokémon Cards

The first Pokemon cards were introduced in the late 1990s, following the popularity of two hugely famous video games.

If you are a 90’s kid, then you have certainly played with pokemon card decks.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Pokémon cards aren’t really valuable. However, the first edition cards (produced between 1999 and 2000) are valuable and can fetch you a fortune.

Pokémon cards collector's toy
Pokémon cards (Source: Pixabay)

The Pikachu Illustrator Card, which sold for roughly $247,688.82, was the most expensive Pokémon card.

The rarest and most precious Pokémon cards are those with errors. Keep an eye out for shadowless cards.

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6. Lionel’s Pennsylvania’ Trail Blazer” Train Set

If you still have this train model in good condition, you can get up to $1,000 on eBay.

Lionel's Pennsylvania' Trail Blazer Train Set
Lionel’s Pennsylvania’ TrailBlazer Train Set (Source: Lionel.com)

Even though the typical price for one of these historical masterpieces is substantially lower, you might wind up with as much as $250,000 in your hands if you happen to have the 1934 Standard Gauge model lying around someplace.

5. PEZ Dispensers

PEZ is the brand name for Austrian candy and the candy dispensers that go with it.

After the candy was debuted in the United States in 1955, toy character head dispensers were produced.

There are approximately 550 different dispenser heads to choose from, each with thousands of variants.

A dispenser known as the Astronaut B, built for the 1982 World’s Fair and sold for $32,000 on eBay in 2006, made big money.

PEZ dispensers collector's toy
PEZ Dispensers (Source: Wikipedia)

The Mickey Mouse Soft Head dispenser, the 1955 Santa Claus Head dispenser, and the PEZ pistol are collectible.

4. Cabbage Patch Dolls

These soft-sculptured toys were one of the major crazes of the 1980s when they were first produced in 1978. It is still a valued collector’s toy.

Although their designs were copied from a folk artist named Martha Nelson Thomas, doll lovers still adore Cabbage Patch Kids.

The value of a Cabbage Patch Kid varies, but if you want the full collection, you might wanna offer $360,000 to Pat and Joe Prosey.

Cabbage Patch dolls collector's toy
Cabbage Patch dolls (Source: buys1080)

They maintain a museum to showcase the 5,000 dolls they’ve gathered throughout the years, making them the world’s most prolific Cabbage Patch collectors.

3. Beanie Babies

In the 1990s, Beanie Babies were a great success. As a result, collectors are increasingly interested in the once-popular children’s toys.

The same little plush creatures that formerly cost a few dollars on the second-hand market now sell for thousands.

Beanie Babies
Beanie Babies (source: Medium)

As a norm, the more distinct a Beanie Baby is, the more precious it is, which means that variants with minor stylistic differences or even manufacturing mistakes frequently attract the premium price.

Steg, the adorable dinosaur, is a costly collector’s toy worth $50,000.

2. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh is a Japanese Manga series that almost everyone who was born after the 1990s knows of.

A Yu-Gi-Oh card is valued at $0.16 on average.

yu-gi-oh cards collector's toy
Yu-Gi-Oh cards (Source: Amazon)

However, Tournament Black Luster Soldier, valued at $2,000,000, Lottery Edition Dark Magician Girl, valued at $50,000, and Amatsu Okami of the Divine Peaks, valued at $18,800, are among the most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh cards of all time.

1. Lego sets

The Lego Group began creating interlocking toy bricks in 1949. It has since released lego kits with a variety of themes that appeal to both youngsters and adults.

Lion Knights King’s Castle is one of the most costly Lego sets, priced at $2,254 with almost 660 pieces.

Skull's Eye Schooner
Skull’s Eye Schooner (Source: Brickeconomy)

Skull’s Eye Schooner, Death Star II, Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set are some of the most valued collector’s Legos.

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