50 Richest Women in the World

Richest Women in the World

Richest Women in the World!!!

We all know Bernard Arnault, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates are among the richest person in the world.

But they all are men. So, what about women? Who are the richest women in the world, and how rich are they?

When we compare the current scenario with the previous one, we can see good changes where women are much more active and have managed to keep their names among men.

Although no women have their names among the “top ten richest people in the world,” they certainly have made their way among billionaires.

The world’s richest woman ranks at No. 11 among the richest people in the world. We’ve come up with a list of the richest women in the world.

Let’s let started…..

Quick Overview

S.No Name Net Worth Rank
1. Denise Coates $6 billion 50
2. Meg Whitman $6.1 billion 49
3. Rahel Blocher $7.1 billion 48
4. Ronda Stryker $7.2 billion 47
5. Tamara Hughes Gustavson $7.4 billion 46
6. Sandra Ortega Mera $7.5 billion 45
7. Cheng Xue $7.62 billion 44
8. Pamela Mars-Wright $8 billion 43
9. Valerie Mars $8 billion 42
10. Marijke Mars $8 billion 41
11. Pauline MacMillan Keinath $8.1 billion 40
12. Victoria Mars $8.2 billion 39
13. Elizabeth Johnson $8.25 billion 38
14. Christy Walton $8.3 billion 37
15. Jian Jun $8.5 billion 36
16. Nancy Walton Laurie $8.5 billion 35
17. Liz Mohn $8.63 billion 34
18. Wang Laichun $8.7 billion 33
19. Lu Zhongfang $8.72 billion 32
20. Magdalena Martullo-Blocher $8.9 billion 31
21. Isolde Liebherr $9.21 billion 30
22. Tatyana Bakalchuk $9.29 billion 29
23. Zhao Yan $9.4 billion 28
24. Marie-Hélène Habert $9.5 billion 27
Blair Parry-Okeden
$9.6 billion 26
26. Diana Hendricks $10.8 billion 25
27. Antonia Ax: son Johnson & family $11.1 billion 24
28. Shu Ping $11.2 billion 23
29. Sherry Brydson $12.5 billion 22
30. Zhou Qunfei $12.6 billion 21
31. Zhong Huijuan $13.1 billion 20
32. Wu Yajun $13.1 billion 19
33. Kirsten Rausing $14.4 billion 18
34. Beate Heister $14.8 billion 17
35. Fan Hongwei $14.9 billion 16
36. Savitri Jindal $15.4 billion 15
37. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken $17.1 billion 14
38. Sara Mota de Larrea $17.6 billion 13
39. Iris Fontbona $20.5 billion 12
40. Elaine T. Marshall $21.1 billion 11
41. Susanne Klatten $21.7 billion 10
42. Laurene Powell Jobs $22.3 billion 9
43. Yang Huiyan $26.3 billion 8
44. Abigail Johnson $27.8 billion 7
45. Gina Rinehart $28.8 billion 6
46. Jacqueline Mars $48.5 billion 5
47. MacKenzie Scott $56.6 billion 4
48. Julia Flesher Koch $61.1 billion 3
49. Alice Walton $64.6 Billion 2
50. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers $90.9 billion 1

Richest Women

The information and details has been compiled from various sources on the web including Wikipedia, Celebrity Net Worth, and Forbes.

#50. Denise Coates

Net Worth: $6 billion

Born: 26th September 1967

Nationality: United Kingdom

Denise Coates is a self-made billionaire who is also a co-CEO of Bet365, an online gambling company.

She launched the company in 2001 as an online betting site, and it later grew to be one of the world’s largest gambling platforms.

Denise Coates
Denise Coates (Source: Vyapaar Jagat)

As a result, she became one of the richest women in the world. Coates initially started her career as an accountant and later chose the path to become a businesswoman.

#49. Meg Whitman

Net Worth: $6.1 billion

Born: 4th August 1956

Nationality: United States

Margaret Cushing Whitman is a self-made billionaire, an American businesswoman, and the CEO of many well-known companies.

Meg was the person behind eBay’s sales hike, taking it from $5.7 billion in sales to $8 billion in sales.

Meg Whiteman
Meg Whiteman (Source: Variety)

Margaret currently serves as the CEO at Hewlett-Packard and Quibi. Similarly, she is a board member of Procter & Gamble and General Motors.

#48. Rahel Blocher

Net Worth: $7.1 billion

Born: 18th October 1976

Nationality: Switzerland

A Swiss businesswoman with an astonishing net worth of $7.1 billion, Rahel Blocher rose to riches along with her sister.

The sisters are the largest shareholders of EMs-Chemie, which is a Swiss polymer and chemical producer.

Rahel Blocher (Source: Tages-Anzeiger)

Rahel also sits on the board of her father’s Schweizer Musikinsel Rheinau Foundation.

#47. Ronda Stryker

Net Worth: $7.2 billion

Born: 1954

Nationality: United States

Ronda Stryker is a director of a medical equipment company, Stryker Corp., which was founded by her grandfather, Homer Stryker.

She owns 6% of Stryker Corp, and she is the only one of her siblings to serve on the board.

Stryker Headquarters (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Ronda is also active in charity work. She and her husband pledged $20 million to the Harvard Medical School department.

The couple also donated $30 million to Spelman College.

#46. Tamara Hughes Gustavson

Net Worth: $7.4 billion

Born: 1961

Nationality: United States

Tamara Hughes Gustavson is the daughter of B. Wayne Hughes, the founder and the chairman of Public Storage, a self-storage company.

She owns 11% of the total share in Public Storage which makes her the largest shareholder of the company.

Tamara Hughes Gustavson
Tamara Hughes Gustavson (Source: Los Angeles Business Journal)

Likewise, Tamara is also a member of the board of the USC-CHLA Institute for Pediatric Clinical Research.

#45. Sandra Ortega Mera

Net Worth: $7.5 billion

Born: 19 July 1968

Nationality: Spanish

When Sandra Ortega Mera’s mother died, she inherited a 7% stake in Inditex, a Spanish multinational textile company.

Sandra’s mother Rosalía Mera was the daughter of Amancio Ortega Gaona.

Inditex Banner (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Currently, Sandra is the second-richest person in Spain after her father.

#44. Cheng Xue

Net Worth: $7.62 billion

Age: 51 Years

Nationality: Chinese

Cheng Xue is the vice-chairman of soy sauce maker Foshan Haitian Flavoring and Food, China’s largest soy sauce maker.

The food producer makes more than 200 different varieties of food, including Oyster sauce, vinegar, chicken stock, and oil.

Cheng Xue (Source: Forbes)

Cheng Xue holds a 9% stake in the company, which was restructured from a collective company to a limited company.

#43. Pamela Mars-Wright

Net Worth: $8 billion

Born: 1960

Nationality: United States

Are you familiar with the brewing company Heineken International? Well, Pamela is a supervisory board member of Heineken.

Pamela Mars
Pamela Mars (Source: Celebrity Contact Database)

Currently, she is the family ambassador to the Mars pet care division. The company makes various products including, Milky Way, Dove, and Skittles.

#42. Valerie Mars

Net Worth: $8 Billion

Born: 20th January 1959

Nationality: United States

Valerie Mars is one of Pamela Mars’s sisters. She is also an American businesswoman and billionaire.

She inherited an 8% stake in Mars Inc.

Valerie Mars
Valerie Mars (Source: Celebrity Contact Database)

Valerie is also a senior vice president and head of corporate development for Mars Inc.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University and an MBA from Columbia University.

#41. Marijke Mars

Net Worth: $8 billion

Born: 1965

Nationality: United States

Marijke Mars is the youngest of all four Mars sisters. However, she holds about an 8% stake in Mars Inc., making her one of the billionaires and richest women on the planet.

Marijke Mars
Marijke Mars (Source: 3BL Media)

Marijke’s great-grandfather Frank Mars founded the candy company Mars Incorporated, and she serves as the company’s board of directors.

#40. Pauline MacMillan Keinath

Net Worth: $8.1 billion

Born: July 31st, 1934

Nationality: United States

Pauline MacMillan Keinath owns a whooping 13% stake in the largest food company in the United States, Cargill, making her the largest shareholder.

She is the great-granddaughter of William Wallace Cargill, the founder of Cargill.

Cargill Building (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

She was the richest woman in the United States in 2014.

As of now, the family still owns roughly 90% share in Cargill.

The company was founded in 1865 by William Cargill in Iowa, and since then, it has grown to become the largest privately held company in the United States.

#39. Victoria Mars

Net Worth: $8.2 billion

Born: 28th July 1965

Nationality: United States

Victoria Mars is a former chair of Mars Inc. She, along with her three sisters, are an heiress to the family’s giant candy company.

Victoria Mars
Victoria Mars (Source: Salzburg Global Seminar)

She inherited an 8% stake in Mars Inc in 2016.

Before being appointed as a chair of Mars Inc., she served as Assistant Brand Manager for Milky Way, followed by Export Manager.

#38. Elizabeth Johnson

Net Worth: $8.25 billion

Born: 6th December 1941

Nationality: United States

Elizabeth Johnson is the daughter of Ned Johnson, who is the founder of Fidelity Investments (a financial services company).

Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Investments (Source: Bitcoin News)

She owns a 5.56% stake in FMR (Fidelity Management and Research Company).

Apart from that, Elizabeth owns a 250-acre equestrian property in Wellington and homes in Boston and Cape Cod.

#37. Christy Walton

Net Worth: $8.3 billion

Born: 8th February 1949

Nationality: United States

Christy Walton is closely related to Walmart. Sam Walton was a businessman and the founder of Walmart Inc. and Sam’s Club.

Christy Walton is the widow of John T. Walton, son of Sam Walton. When John died in a plane crash, she became the main heiress to his wealth of $18.2 billion.

Christy Walton
Christy Walton (Source: ialumbra.com)

Her current net worth is $8.3 billion.

#36. Jian Jun

Net Worth: $8.5 billion

Age: 57 Years

Nationality: China

Jian Jun is a self-made billionaire and the chairwoman of IMEIk Technology Development, a company that makes skin products.

IMEIK (Source: yicaiglobal)

First, Jian worked for the state-owned China National Oils and Foodstuffs Import and Export Corp, and then she chose to start her own business.

#35. Nancy Walton Laurie

Net Worth: $8.5 billion

Born: 15th May 1951

Nationality: United States

Nancy Walton Laurie is an American businesswoman and a philanthropist.

She is an heiress to Walmart’s fortune, which is the source of her wealth.

She is the youngest daughter of Bud Walto, who was the brother and business partner of Walmart’s founder Sam Walton.

Nancy Walton laurie
Nancy Walton Laurie (Source: Alchetron)

Additionally, Walton actively donates to a good cause.

In 2001, Nancy and her husband donated $25 million to the University of Missouri and $10 million to the University of Memphis.

#34. Liz Mohn

Net Worth: $8.63 billion

Born: 21st June 1941

Nationality: German

Liz Mohn’s family founded Bertelsmann, a German multinational mass media corporation.

Liz Mohn
Liz Mohn (Source: Bertelsmann)

The company is active in the media field, including publishing, record label, broadcasting, and film production.

She and her children hold 19% of the stake of the company.

#33. Wang Laichun

Net Worth: $8.7 billion

Born: 1967

Nationality: China

Wang Laichun is a self-made billionaire and businesswoman.

Wang Laichun (Source: Forbes)

She is the founder of Luxshare Precision, the industry engaged in the research, development, production, and distribution of computer and electronic connectors.

She currently has a net worth of $8.7 billion.

#32. Lu Zhongfang

Net Worth: $8.72 billion

Age: 78 Years

Nationality: China

Lu Zhongfang is a Chinese businesswoman and the founder of Offcn Education Technology, a private institution that gives training to more than 1 million teachers and public servants.

Lu-Zhongfang (Source: womenintheworld)

She is indeed a self-made billionaire. Offcn also owns a hotel in the Eastern Chinese city of Nanjing.

#31. Magdalena Martullo-Blocher

Net Worth: $8.9 billion

Born: 13th August 1969

Nationality: Swiss

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher is a Swiss billionaire, politician, and businesswoman.

She is the majority shareholder and Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors as well as Delegate of the Board of Directors for Ems-Chemie Holding AG.

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher
Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (Source: Vypaar jagat)

Blocher is also involved in politics, following the footstep of her father. She was elected as a national councilor in the parliament of Switzerland.

#30. Isolde Liebherr

Net Worth: $9.21 billion

Born: 1949

Nationality: Swiss

Isolde Liebherr joined her father, Hans Liebherr’s business, in 1976 after getting a degree in management from the Business School of Mannheim.

Isolde Liebherr
Isolde Liebherr (Source: Liebherr)

The company, Liebherr Group, first produced a mobile tower crane and hydraulic excavator and then grew into an equipment manufacturing giant.

#29. Tatyana Bakalchuk

Net Worth: $9.29 billion

Born: 16th October 1975

Nationality: Russian

Tatyana Vladimirovna Bakalchuk is a Russian entrepreneur of Korean ethnicity.

Tatyana Bakalchuk (Source: Forbes)

She became a self-made billionaire after she founded Wildberries, which is the largest Russian online retailer.

Initially, she started her career as an English teacher after graduating from Kolomna University. And then she molded her career in a whole different shape.

#28. Zhao Yan

Net Worth: $9.4 billion

Age: 54 Years

Nationality: China

Zhao Yan is the chairperson of Bloomage Biotechnology that produces hyaluronic acid.

It is an ingredient that is used in the making of anti-aging skin creams, for example, wrinkle repair cream, eye cream, night cream, etc.

She is one of the top 30 richest women in the world.

Zhao-Yan (Source: Brandinside.asia)

Yan is not only a businesswoman but also has an interest in real estate, finance, and sports.

#27. Marie-Hélène Habert

Net Worth: $9.5 billion

Age: 56 Years

Nationality: France

Marie-Hélène Habert inherited a fortune from her father, Serge Dassault, after his demise in 2018.

Marie Habert holds a stake in Groupe Dassault, the Paris-based company that controls military jet planemaker Dassault Aviation.

Habert is one of Serge’s four children.

Marie Helene Habert (Source: Forbes)

Currently, Marie serves as the conglomerate’s communication and partnership director.

#26. Blair Parry-Okeden

Net Worth: $9.6 billion

Born: 1952

Nationality: United States

Blair Parry-Okeden inherited her fortune from her mother. When her mother, Barbara Cox Anthony, died, her share was transferred to Blair.

She owns a 25% stake in Cox Enterprises, which was founded by her grandfather, James M Cox, in 1898.

Cox Enterprises Headquarters (Source: Wikipedia)

The company owns cable TV firm Cox Communications and provides service to its customers.

The chairman of the company is her own brother, Jim Kennedy.

#25. Diane Hendricks

Net Worth: $10.8 billion

Born: 1947

Nationality: United States

Diane Hendricks is the co-founder and the chairperson of ABC Supply.

ABC Supply is a major private roofing supply company based in Beloit, and it sells hose hold stuff, including windows, gutters, and sidings.

It was founded by Diane and her husband, Ken Hendricks.

ABC Supply Headquater (Source: Mapio.net)

The company is ranked 63rd among the largest private companies in the United States.

 #24. Antonia Ax: son Johnson & family

Net Worth: $11.1 billion

Born: 6th September 1943

Nationality: Sweden

Antonia Ax: son Johnson is the fourth-generation head of the family-owned company Axel Johnson AB.

The company was founded by her great-grandfather.

She stepped down as a chairman in 2015 but still owns most of the stakes and has a seat on the board.

Antonia Ax: son Johnson (Source: Wikipedia)

In addition, Johnson possesses a 50% stake in one of the largest food companies in Scandinavia, Axfood AB.

The billionaire has a diverse source of wealth.

#23. Shu Ping

Net Worth: $11.2 billion

Nationality: Singapore

Shu Ping is the self-made billionaire, director, and one of the founders of the Chinese Sichuan-style hot pot chain Haidilao International Holdings.

Shu-Ping (Source: luxuryabode)

Shu’s husband, Zhang Yong, is the chairman of Haidilao, but management and strategic development are overseen by herself.

#22. Sherry Brydson

Net Worth: $12.5 billion

Nationality: Canada

Sherry Brydson is a Canadian entrepreneur and the largest shareholder of her family organization, Woodbridge.

It is an investment firm that manages the fortunes of seven grandchildren of Roy Thomson (Canadian Billionaire).

She is the owner of 23% of Woodbridge’s assets, and the rest is owned by her relatives.

Woodbridge station (Source: en.google-info.in)

Brydson is also involved in various other businesses, including Viking Air, Elmwood Spa, and Vista Radio, a turboprop manufacturer.

#21. Zhou Qunfei

Net Worth: $12.6 billion

Born: 1970

Nationality: China

Zhou Qunfei is a self-made billionaire from China. Even though she dropped out of school at the age of 15 and became a migrant factory worker, she didn’t give up on study and career.

Later she resumed her study and established her own company in 1993.

Her success started to touch the sky, and in eight years, she was able to establish 11 more companies.

Zhou-qunfei (Source: Independent.co.uk)

Further, Qunfei also founded Lens Technology which later started supplying touch screens to leading electronics makers such as Samsung Electronics.

#20. Zhong Huijuan

Net Worth: $13.1 billion

Age: 60 Years

Nationality: China

Zhong Huijuan is a self-made billionaire from China.

Zhong Huijuan (Source: Forbes)

Huijuan is the founder, CEO, and Chair of Hansoh Pharmaceutical.

Amazingly, the self-made billionaire owns the majority of shares of the company, which is 66%.

#19. Wu Yajun

Net Worth: $13.1 billion

Born: 1964

Nationality: China

Wu Yajun has managed to add her name among the world’s self-made billionaires because of her staggering fortune.

Wu yajun (Source: Forbes.com)

She is a Chinese businesswoman, co-founder, chairwoman, and former CEO of Longfor Properties (A residential property managers company).

Wu was at once the world’s richest self-made woman.

#18. Kirsten Rausing

Net Worth: $14.4 billion

Born: 6th June 1952

Nationality: Sweden

Kirsten Rausing owns the third holding company Tetra Laval and sits on the company board alongside other family members.

Kirsten Rausing
Kirsten Rausing (Source: The Times)

In 2020 Forbes listed her as the 150th richest individual in the world.

#17. Beate Heister

Net Worth: $14.8 billion

Born: 5th October 1951

Nationality: German

Karl Albrecht, who founded the supermarket chain Aldi with the low price strategy and propagated the discount revolution in Germany, is the father of Beate Heister.

She is one of two children of Karl and the heiress of the Aldi retail fortune.

Richest Women in the World- Beate Heister
Beate Heister (Source: T-Online)

Beate is married to Peter Heister, and they have six children of their own.

The couple and their child, Peter Max Heister, all sit on Aldi’s advisory board.

#16. Fan Hongwei

Net Worth: $14.9 billion

Born: February 1967

Nationality: China

Currently, Fan Hongwei is the chairman, CEO, and general manager of Hengli Petrochemical Co.

Fan was the fourth richest woman in China in 2019 and is also on the board of Hengil Group Co.

Richest Women in the World
Fan Hongwei (Source: Forbes)

The company is mainly involved in refining petroleum, producing polyester, manufacturing chemical fibers, and real estate.

#15. Savitri Jindal

Net Worth: $15.4 billion

Born: 20th March 1950

Nationality: Indian

Savitri Jindal chairs one of the most successful organization chains in India, Jindal Group.

The firm is actively involved in steel, power, cement, and infrastructure. The company was founded by her late husband, Om Prakash Jindal.

Richest Women in the World
Jindal Group Logo (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Jindal is also actively involved in politics. She was elected to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha.

#14. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken

Net Worth: $17.1 billion

Born: 30th June 1954

Nationality: Netherlands

Heineken is a fine beer brand, and it was founded by Freddy Heineken, longtime CEO of the company.

Richest Women in the World- Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken
Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken (Source: Mentor Drive)

Charlene inherited her fortune from her late father after his death.

She owns about a 23% stake in the giant company.

#13. Sara Mota de Larrea

Net Worth: $17.6 billion

Nationality: Mexico

Grupo Mexico is the seventh-largest copper producer in the world, and 36% of its share is owned by Sara Mota de Larrea.

Richest Women in the World
Sara Mota de Larrea (Source:rankia.mx)

She is a widow of Jorge Larrea, who was also known as a copper king.

And not only that, their son, German Larrea, the chairman of the company, owns another 16% of the company’s share.

#12. Iris Fontbona

Net Worth: $20.5 billion

Born: 1942

Nationality: Chile

The main source of Iris Fontbona’s fortune is the copper mine company, i.e., Antofagasta Plc.

Andrónico Luksic, who was the late husband of Iris, made his fortune in the mining and beverages business.

The company is one of the biggest mining companies in the world.

Richest Women in the World Iris Fontbona
Iris Fontbona (Source: Wikipedia)

While Fontana and her children handle the company, they are also involved in various other profitable businesses.

They own the shares not only in Antofagasta but also in Quinenco, a consumer packaging and beverage maker.

#11. Elaine T. Marshall

Net Worth: $21.1 billion

Born: 22nd July 1942

Nationality: United States

Elaine T. Marshall and her children own about 16% of conglomerate Koch Industries.

Richest Women in the World
Elaine Marshall (Source:indyweek.com)

Koch Industries is known for manufacturing, refining, and distributing petroleum.

It also runs various businesses, including chemicals, energy, fiber, intermediates and polymers, minerals, fertilizers, pulp, and paper.

Furthermore, the company provides services as chemical technology equipment, ranching, finance, commodities trading, and investing.

#10. Susanne Klatten

Net Worth: $21.7 billion

Born: 28th April 1962

Nationality: Germany

Susanne is a German billionaire heiress who inherited her fortune from her father.

Her father died in 1982, Susanne owned a 50% stake in Altana (German Chemical Company).

Klatten also owns 19.2% of world-class automaker BMW.

In addition, she has investments in a variety of company including Entrust and SGL Group.

#9. Laurene Powell Jobs

Net Worth: $22.3 billion

Born: 6th November 1963

Nationality: United States

Laurence Powell Jobs has a diverse field of investments and mind-blowing business strategies.

She is an American billionaire, businesswoman, and founder of Emerson Collective.

Powell is a window of late Steve Jobs, CEO, andcCo-founder of Apple Inc.

Richest Women in the World- Lauren Powell Jobs
Lauren Powell Jobs (Source: CNBC)

Jobs has utilized the fortune she inherited from her husband in order to expand her own businesses.

#8. Yang Huiyan

Net Worth: $26.3 billion

Born: 20th July 1981

Nationality: Cyprus

Yang Huiyan is a billionaire and an heiress.

Yeung Kwok Keung, Yang’s father and also the founder of the real estate company, transferred about 70% of Country Garden Holdings shares to her.

Richest Women in the World
Yang Huiyan (Source:nextshark)

She is known as the richest woman in China and in Cyprus as of now because of her fortune.

#7. Abigail Johnson

Net Worth: $27.8 billion

Born: 19th December 1961

Nationality: United States

Abigail Johnson is an American billionaire businesswoman.

Her father founded the American investment firm Fidelity Investments which clearly made it easy for Abigail for her future endeavor.

Firstly, she worked at Fidelity as her summer job and then joined as a full-time employee after her graduation.

Richest Women in the World
Abigail Johnson (Source: bizjournals)

Abigail later became the CEO of the company and has been serving in the position since 2014.

#6. Gina Rinehart

Net Worth: $28.8 billion

Born: 9th February 1954

Nationality: Australia

Gina Rinehart is a mining magnate and also an heiress to her father’s fortune.

Gina’s father, Lang Hancock, founded the biggest mining company in Australia, Hancock Prospecting.

Gina has a diverse range of investments and owns stakes in different firms, for example, Ten Network Holdings, Fossil Downs Station, and Hope Down.

Richest Women in the World- Gina Rinehart
Gina Rinehart (Source: PerthNow)

She grew to become one of the wealthiest because of her Roy Hill mining project.

#5. Jacqueline Mars

Net Worth: $48.5 billion

Born: 10th October 1939

Nationality: United States

Jacqueline Mars is an American investor and also a granddaughter of  Frank C. Mars.

He was the founder of Mars Inc, an American candy company.

Richest Women in the World
Jacqueline Mars (Source: Forbes)

Jacqueline holds an 8% stake in Mars Incorporated.

#4. MacKenzie Scott

Net Worth: $56.6 billion

Born: 7th April 1970

Nationality: United States

Mackenzie Scott is an American billionaire, novelist, and philanthropist. She owns a 4% stake in Amazon. Scott is the fourth richest woman and 21st richest individual in the world.

Richest Women in the World- MacKenzie Scott
MacKenzie Scott (Source: The Economist)

She was married to the founder and ex-chief executive of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and in 2019, the couple divorced for good.

#3. Julia Flesher Koch

Net Worth: $61.1 billion

Born: 12nd April 12

Nationality: United States

Julia owns a 42% stake in Koch Industry because she inherited it from her late husband, David.

Julie is an American socialist, billionaire, and also philanthropist.

Richest Women in the World
Julia Flesher Koch (Source: businessinsider)

Koch is not only a businesswoman but also a philanthropist who has donated to several institutions, including Lincoln Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and National Museum, of Natural History.

#2. Alice Walton

Net Worth: $64.6 billion

Born: 7th October 1949

Nationality: United States

Alice Walton is an heiress to Walmart’s fortune and also the second richest woman in the world.

Richest Women in the World
Alice Walton (Source: bornrich)

She inherited her share of wealth from her father and the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton.

The billionaire woman is the only daughter of Sam Walton.

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#1. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

Net Worth: $90.9 billion

Born: 10th July 1953

Nationality: France

The richest woman in the world, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, is the billionaire heiress of L’Oreal (cosmetics company).

Richest Women in the World- Françoise Bettencourt Meyers
Françoise Bettencourt Meyers (Source: Business Insider)

It is a French personal care company that focuses on producing cosmetic products.

Apart from her businesses, she has written several Bible commentaries.

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