20 Most Expensive Coins in the World

Do you have an interest in collecting coins? Coins have a lot of historical significance. Are you curious about the most expensive coins in the world?

The majority of coins are made of alloy and metal. However, some are made of higher-quality commodities such as gold and silver.

Isn’t it surprising that our money can worth more than its printed value?

Let’s learn more about the most expensive coins in the world. 

Quick Overview

Coins  Estimated Worth
1. 1933 Double Eagle $18.8 million.
2. Flowing Hair Dollar $10 million
3. Brasher Doubloon  $9.36 million
4. Umayyad Gold Dinar $6 million
5. $10 Proof Eagle $5.2 million
6. 1913 Liberty Head nickel  $5 million
7. Q. Servilius Caepio (M. Junius) Brutus AV Aureus $4.17 million
8. Bust Dollar – Class I $4.14 million
9. $1 Million Canadian Gold Maple Leaf $4.07 million
10. Single 9 Pond $4 million
11. Trade Dollar $3.9 million
12. Saint-Gaudens double eagle – Ultra High Relief $2.99 million
13. Decadrachm $2.91 million
14. Silver Dollar $2.8 million
15. Birch Cent $2.58 million
16. $4 Coiled Hair $2.57 million
17. 1793 Cent Chain S-4 $2.35 million
18.  Pattern Quarter Dollar $2.32 million
19. 100 Ducat of Sigismund III Vasa $2.1 million
20. Barber Dime $1.9 million

Expensive Coins in the World

The information in this list is based on various sources and websites including Wikipedia and Wealthygorilla.

20. Barber Dime

For collectors, the Barber Dime is one of the rarest and most valuable US coins. Lady Liberty is depicted on the coin with capped and cut hair in the front and a wreath around the “ONE DIME” inscription in the back.

Barber dime (Source: picryl)

It has a silver content of 90% and a copper content of 10%. Due to its rarity and the mystery surrounding its origin, the Barber dime is one of the most expensive coins minted in the United States.

Recently, one of the Barber coins was auctioned for $1.9 million, making it one of the most expensive coins in the world.

19. 100 Ducat of Sigismund III Vasa

The Polish King Sigismund III Vasa created this coin to demonstrate his Christian beliefs. It is made of 348.3 grams of gold. It is Poland’s biggest and most valuable gold coin.

100 Ducat Of Sigismund III Vasa (Source: exclusivecoins)

Moreover, the picture of an Eagle, the name of the state, the face value, and the year of issuance are all on the front side of the coin.

The King’s bust from the obverse of the historic piece appears on the reverse of the current coin, with an inscription beneath the bust reading: 100 DUKATW ZYGMUNTA III (100 ducats of Sigismund Vasa).

In the United States, it was purchased at $2,160,000.

18. Pattern Quarter Dollar

It’s a 25-cent coin from the United States. The coin’s obverse depicts George Washington, while the reverse (now displaying an eagle) has changed several times.

Pattern Quarter Dollar (Source: Wikipedia)

It was sold for $2,232,500.

It has been produced since 1796.  Originally, they were made up of 90% silver and 10% copper, but currently, they are made up of copper and nickel.

17. 1793 Cent Chain S-4

1793 Cent Chain S-4 was one of America’s first cent and the United States Mint’s first official circulation coin.

This was only produced in 1793.

Also, the obverse design featured a stylized Liberty head with flowing hair above the portrait, with the inscription “LIBERTY” above it and the date below it.

1793 Cent Chain S-4 (Source: Wikimedia)

It sold for $2,350,000 at auction.

16. $4 Coiled Hair

The 1880 Coiled Hair is one of the rare and most difficult-to-find coins. The initial mintage was approximately ten coins, but only 5 or 6 are believed to have remained.

$4 Coiled Hair (Source: Wikipedia)

Gold, silver, and copper were used to manufacture them. These coins were only produced in 1779 and 1880, making them extremely scarce.

In September of 2013, it was sold for $2,574,000.

15. Birch Cent

The United States Mint produced Birch Coin in 1792. There are only 12 known original specimens. Because of its rarity and historical significance, it is considered one of the most expensive coins in the world.

Birch Cent  (Source: pcgs)

It was auctioned in January 2015 for $2,585,000. It is mainly composed up of copper, with some silver thrown in for good measure.

Moreover, the coin’s front side depicts a right-facing Liberty head with flowing unbound hair, while the reverse displays a wreath with the inscription “ONE CENT” in the middle.

14. Silver Dollar

The first silver dollar was produced in the United States in 1794. In terms of size, it is the second biggest US coin in circulation.

Silver Dollar (Source: pcscoins)

It has a profile Walking Liberty on the obverse. The single coin produced in 1794 is highly valuable.

In 2017, it was auctioned for $2,820,000.

13. Decadrachm

Decadrachm is a 10-drachm ancient Greek silver coin. The Arethusa nymph head is depicted on the front side, surrounded by dolphins, while the reverse side portrays a chariot with the charioteer being crowned.

Decadrachm (Source: Wikimedia)

It was purchased for $2,918,000. 

Since the coin has historical significance in Greek mythology, it is one of the most expensive coins in the world.

12. Saint-Gaudens double eagle – Ultra High Relief

The United States Mint issued it from 1907 until 1933. It is composed of 90% gold and 10% copper. On one side, Liberty is depicted, while on the other is a bald eagle.

St Gaudens double eagle (Source: coincommunity)

Despite a mintage of nearly 1.8 million pieces, it is said that less than 2,000 exist today.

It was sold at the price of $2,990,000.

11. Trade Dollar

The United States Mint produced a dollar coin known as the United States Trade Dollar. The coming is made up of 90% silver and 10% copper.

Although the coins were demonetized in 1876, they continued to circulate.

Trade dollar (Source: Wikipedia)

The coin features a sitting image of Liberty towards the left, symbolizing the direction of East Asia.

The bald eagle on the reverse is depicted with three arrows in its right claw and an olive branch in its left.

It was sold for $3,960,000 in January of 2020.

10. Single 9 Pond

The 1898 “Single 9” Pond is regarded as the rarest coin in South Africa. During the Anglo-Boer War, these coins were initially produced.

However, the whereabouts of this one-of-a-kind coin was unknown for nearly 50 years until it was rediscovered in Egypt in 1954.

Single 9 Pond (Source: coinweek)

It went for around $4 million at the time of sale. Because of its historical significance, this coin is quite valuable.

9. $1 Million Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

$1 Million Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is a gold bullion coin minted by the Government of Canada. The profile of Queen Elizabeth II and the Canadian Maple Leaf can be seen on the obverse and reverse of the Gold Maple Leaf, respectively.

$1 Million Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (source: Wikipedia)

Not to mention, it is made up of 99.99 % gold and is worth a million dollars.

It was auctioned off for $4,070,000.

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8. Bust Dollar-Class I

The bust dollar is a dollar coin created by the United States Mint, of which only fifteen examples are known to exist.

Bust Dollar Class I (Source: Usacoinbooks)

The front design has a Bust of Liberty looking right, along with the date and the phrase “LIBERTY.” A Heraldic depiction of an eagle carrying a scroll, above which are 13 stars and clouds, can be seen at the rear.

It was sold for $4,140,000 at an auction.

7. Q. Servilius Caepio (M. Junius) Brutus AV Aureus

To mark his role in Julius Cesar’s assassination, one of the senators who took part in the assassination, the Roman dictator Brutus, minted this coin. Meanwhile, there are more than 80 silver copies known today but just three gold copies.

It was sold at a value of $4,174,950

Q.-Servilius-Caepio-(M. Junius)-Brutus-AV-Aureus
Q Servilius Caepio (M. Junius) Brutus AV Aureus (Source: biddr)

The front depicts Brutus in profile, while the reverse displays two March 15 guards and a pileus cap, which symbolizes Liberty. It also mentions the day of the liberation attack: The abbreviation EID MAR stands for ‘Eidibus Martiis’ 

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6. 1913 Liberty Head nickel 

The United States Mint authorized just a small quantity of this coin, making it one of the most well-known and desired rarities in American numismatics.

1913 Liberty Head Nickel (Source: Wikimedia)

In addition, it became the first coin to sell for over $100,000 and $1 million.

There are now just five specimens known to exist, causing it to be valuable. It was sold for $5 million to a collector in 2007.

5. $10 Proof Eagle

The first $10 proof gold eagles were minted in 1988. They’re made up of 91 % gold and % copper.

$10 Proof Eagle (Source:ma-shops)

The United States Mint utilized Roman numerals to date the $10 gold eagles till 1992, and after that, they shifted to more traditional Arabic numerals.

It was recently sold for $5,280,000 in the year 2021.

4. Umayyad Gold Dinar

The coin is 4.24 grams of pure gold and was manufactured in Damascus, Syria. “In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate,” reads a new centre inscription.

Umayyad Gold Dinar (Source: Wikipedia)

These coins were used in trade, so they were not re-minted.

It was issued as an “Islamic coinage” initially.

In 2011 AD, it was auctioned for $6,029,400.

3. Brasher Doubloon 

Brasher Doubloon was the first gold coin produced in the United States. It measures 30 mm in diameter and weighs between 406.8 and 411.5 grains.

Brasher doubloon (source: Wikipedia)

Most importantly, only seven Brasher Doubloons exist.

Moreover, this gold coin was sold for $9.36 million at auction.

2. Flowing Hair Dollar

The Flowing Hair dollar was the United States government’s first dollar coin. It consists of 90% silver and 10% gold composition.

Flowing Hair Dollar (Source: Wikipedia)

Only 120 to 130 Flowing Hair Dollar coins remain in existence. It was bought for $10,016,875 at auction.

The face of the coin exhibited a bust of Liberty, while the back featured an eagle encircled by a wreath.

1. 1933 Double Eagle

Despite the fact that hundreds of specimens were manufactured, none were ever publicly distributed, and all but two were ordered to be burned down.

However, 20 more were stolen and protected from melting. As a result, it became one of the rarest and most expensive coins ever minted.

1993 Double Eagle (Source: Wikipedia)

It has a front design with Liberty holding a torch and an olive branch, backed by a glory, and a rear design with a bald eagle in flight, backed by a glory, and a slogan.

Hence, the coin was auctioned for $18.8 million. 

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