30 Most Expensive Lego Sets In 2021

Most Expensive Lego Sets

Are Lego sets just for children to play with? Absolutely Not! Lego sets can be pretty expensive and rare.

So much that Lego collectors pay thousands of dollars to add rare and most expensive, Lego sets to their collection.

In 1949, the Lego Group began producing interconnecting toy bricks.

Since then, it has produced Lego sets of various themes that fit both children and adults.

The face of Lego with limited colors and stackable squares has evolved a lot to include movable and lighting features incorporated in the magnificent sets.

Quick Overview

Lego Set Cost Set Number Release Year
1. Lion Knights King’s Castle $2,254 6080 1984
2. Skull’s Eye Schooner $1,900 6286 1994
3. Death Star II $1,897 10143 2005
4. Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set $1,879 852293 2008
5. Ultimate Collectors Imperial Star Destroyer $1,867 10030 2002
6. Darth Maul Bust $1,814 10018 2001
7. Statue of Liberty $1,780 3450 2000
8. Market Street $1,623  10190 2007
9. Cloud City $1,411 10123 2003
10. Minifigure Sculpture $1,364 3723 2000
11. King’s Mountain Fortress $1,346 6081 1990
12. Giant Truck $1,269 5571 1996
13. Republic Dropship with AT-OT $1,159 10195 2009
14. Ultimate Collectors Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced $1,098 10175 2006
15. Cafe Corner $1,061 10182 2007
16. Eiffel Tower $1,031 10181 2007
17. Pirates Perilous Pitfall $1,028 6281 1997
18. Lego Space Police Mission Commander $1,000 6986 1989
19. Taj Mahal $1,000 10189 2008
20. Rock Island Refuge $933 6273 1991
21. Marina Bay Sands $913 21021 2014
22. Imperial Flagship $860 10210 2009
23.  Motorized Bulldozer $800 8275 2007
24. Ultimate Collectors Imperial Shuttle $763 10212 2010
25.  Ultimate Collectors Y-Wing Attack Starfighter $545 10134 2004
26. Joker Manor $500 70922 2017
27. Rebel Snowspeeder $500 10129 2003
28. The Tumbler: Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise $361 7888-1 2008
29. Creator Tower Bridge $239.99 10214 2010
30. Ninjago City Docks $229.99 70657 2018

30. Ninjago City Docks

The Ninjago Movie Lego set 70657 Ninjago City Docks was launched in most nations on January 1, 2018. The set costs $229.99.

Ninjago City retailed for $300 and included sixteen mini-figures as well as a movable lift to link the set’s three stages.

Ninjago City Docks most expensive Lego sets
Ninjago City Docks (Source: lego.com)

Moreover, this massive toy stands two feet tall and sixteen inches deep, has a sushi conveyor belt and a rotatable crab cooker, among other interactive elements.

29. Creator Tower Bridge

One of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, the renowned Tower Bridge of London, England, has been stretching over the River Thames since 1894.

A Lego set of the iconic London bridge costs a whopping $239.99.

Creator Tower Bridge (Source: Amazon)

Tower Bridge was built using innovative architectural methods and unique colors and materials with its famous twin towers and a drawbridge.

A black London cab, a typical red double-decker bus, a yellow lorry, and a green car are among the four tiny vehicles included in the set.

28. The Tumbler: Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise

The Tumbler: Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise is a Batman-inspired set produced in 2008.

It is largely inspired by a scene in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight movie, in which the Tumbler chases after the Joker’s vehicle.

It costs about $361.

The Tumbler- Joker's Ice Cream Surprise
The Tumbler- Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise (Source: toywiz.com )

Furthermore, the film’s release date coincided with the launch of this pack.

By pressing down on the ice cream cone, the Joker’s ice cream truck can also launch missiles.

27. Rebel Snowspeeder

The average price of a sealed Rebel Snowspeeder set on the market is $500.

It is the interpretation of the iconic airspeeder from Star Wars: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back.

Rebel Snowspeeder most expensive Lego sets
Rebel Snowspeeder (Source: Amazon)

The designers’ devotion to tiny details, such as the precise angle of the beams, accurate controllers in the cockpit, and power-coupling stickers, contributed to the high worth of this limited-edition speeder.

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26. Joker Manor

The average price for the sealed Joker Manor set is about $500. Joker Manor is a massive 3,444-piece set based on the lair of the Joker in “The Lego Batman Movie.”

The Manor is the fifth-largest Lego kit of 2017, featuring its own roller-coaster track.

A spinning ‘big eye’ structure, a Joker head with trap and slides, and punching boxing gloves are included in the set.

Joker Manor most expensive Lego sets
Joker Manor (Source: Amazon)

Furthermore, the interior has an entry hall with four bendy plastic ‘mirror’ components.

Moreover, it was initially priced at $270.

25. Ultimate Collectors Y-Wing Attack Starfighter

The average cost of an unopened set of Ultimate Collectors Y-Wing Attack Starfighter is $545.

The Y-Wing Attack Starfighter is a 1,485-piece Star Wars set released in 2004 based on the first series’ spacecraft.

Ultimate Collectors Y-Wing Attack Starfighter
Ultimate Collectors Y-Wing Attack Starfighter (Source: brickipedia)

It’s a huge ship with a lot of unique features and a good display platform.

Moreover, a red astromech droid and a display stand, and a collectible card with the ship’s technical specifications are also included in the set.

24. Ultimate Collectors Imperial Shuttle

The average cost of an unopened set of Ultimate Collectors Imperial Shuttle is $763.

The original Star Wars trilogy’s Lego Imperial Shuttle is massive. It is over two feet broad by over one and a half feet in length, weighs about nine pounds, and has 2,482 components.

Ultimate Collectors Imperial Shuttle
Ultimate Collectors Imperial Shuttle (Source: bricksdirect)

Darth Vader, Imperial Pilot, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper, and Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) are among the mini-figures included.

The Lambda-class T-4a shuttle was a typical light utility ship used by the Imperial military to carry troops and, more frequently, high-ranking people like Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

23. Motorized Bulldozer

The standard pricing for a vintage Motorized Bulldozer set is $800. It came out in 2007.

The current average sealed set costs about $618. Not only do Technic models appear realistic, but they also come with additional components and stickers for further constructions.

Motorized bulldozer Lego set
Motorized bulldozer Lego set (source: Wikimedia)

The power functions control system, two receivers, a battery box, two motors, and two large motors are all included in this set.

Six AA batteries and three AAA batteries are required to run the motors. Unfortunately, these are not provided with the set.

22. Imperial Flagship

The sealed set of Imperial Flagship costs about $860.

The Imperial Flagship is perhaps the most spectacular of the Pirates II line’s 2009 releases.

There are 1,619 pieces in this pirate-hunting ship, with nine minifigures included.

Imperial Flagship
Imperial Flagship (Source: Amazon)

The ship is equipped with four guns, each assigned to one of eight cannon hatches.

Furthermore, the item is massive, weighing in at over six pounds.

21. Marina Bay Sands

For a new set, the average retail price is $913.

Unfortunately, the Marina Bay Sands collection was only available on the internet in Korea or at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, and it was restricted to 10,000 pieces.

Marina Bay Sands Lego most expensive Lego sets
Marina Bay Sands Lego (Source: Wikimedia)

Sadly, it’s difficult to obtain a new and sealed set.

At $8 billion, covering site costs, the real Marina Bay Sand was described as the world’s most costly standalone casino facility when it opened in 2010.

20. Rock Island Refuge

The average sealed set of Rock Island Refuge prices is $933. For the Lego swashbucklers, Rock Island Refuge is a coastal pirate stronghold.

Rock Island Refuge (Source: YouTube)

It includes an observation tower, a crumbling castle, a weapon, a pirate raft, a crane, a pet monkey, a shark, and a second small boat with two imperial pirate hunters.

Except for Governor Broadside, this set includes every mini-figure from the 1991 Pirates collection.

19. Taj Mahal

The average sealed Taj Mahal Lego set costs $1,000. This set was one of the Lego Sculptures collections and was modeled on India’s renowned Taj Mahal mausoleum.

With 5,900 pieces, it was the biggest Lego kit ever made at the time of its introduction.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal (Source: Lego)

However, the Taj Mahal was designed for skilled builders and was never meant to be played once completed.

Moreover, the minarets, domes, finials, and arches of the actual structure are accurately represented in the model.

18. Lego Space Police Mission Commander

The Lego set costs $1,000. The Space Police Mission Commander is a morphing police spaceship/base from the Lego Space series launched in 1989.

Lego Space Police Mission Commander most expensive Lego sets
Lego Space Police Mission Commander (Source: brickimedia)

The Space Police I set 6986 Mission Commander was released in 1989.

A big Space Police starship, a tiny vehicle, two Space Police I red-neon prison cells, and two small spaceships are all included in the set.

 17. Pirates Perilous Pitfall

The Lego set has a price tag of $1,028.

In 1997, Pirates Perilous Pitfall was released as a Pirates package. The original Pirates series of Legos came to an end with this set.

A tumbling boulder, a functioning drawbridge, and six mini-figures are included in this 368-piece kit.

Pirates perilous pitfall
Pirates perilous pitfall (source: brickeconomy)

Unfortunately, it’s tough to find new as it’s about 25 years old.

In addition, three pirates and two Imperial Armada Conquistador mini-figures are included, along with Skully, a crocodile, a treasure chest, and a cannon.

16. Eiffel Tower

The average retail price for an entire set today is $1,031. The Eiffel Tower kit was created in response to Lego fans’ demands.

The Eiffel Tower is the company’s largest model to date, at 42 inches tall and being a 1:300 miniature model of the genuine Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, four miniature lifts and a small French flag are included with the package.

The tower is mostly grayish, with some tan and white sections built in the base.

15. Cafe Corner

The Cafe Corner Lego set costs about $1,061. This Lego set with 2,044 pieces is pretty impressive.

It’s a building featuring a cafe on the ground floor and a hotel on the upper floors, and it’s part of the modular buildings range.

Cafe Corner and Green Grocer are two of the most popular models.

Cafe Corner Lego
Cafe Corner Lego (Source: bricklink)

Moreover, the building makes a brief appearance in The LEGO Movie Videogame, where it can be seen close to the construction area in Bricksburg.

14. Ultimate Collectors Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced

The Lego set costs about $1,098. Darth Vader’s starfighter has been modified with all the latest Star Wars gadgets required to battle rebels in this 1,212 piece set.

This Lego set is really difficult to come by for some reason.

Ultimate Collectors Darth Vader's TIE Advanced
Ultimate Collectors Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced (Source: Amazon)

Furthermore, TIE Advanced is jam-packed with authentic Star Wars: Episode IV elements.

13. Republic Dropship with AT-OT

There are 1,758 parts of this Republic Dropship with AT-OT. The entire set costs about $1,159.

The set includes six Clone Trooper and two Clone Pilot mini-figures.

Therefore, this set may be classified as a Clone Wars set and an Ultimate Collector’s Series set.

Republic Dropship with AT-OT
Republic Dropship with AT-OT (Source: talitaferraz.com)

To date, no other set has included as many Clone Trooper mini-figures as this.

Moreover, moveable laser guns, flick-fire missiles, an open cockpit and storage space, huge wings, and a Technic locking pin are all included in the Dropship.

12. Giant Truck

The giant Truck Lego set is one of the most expensive Lego sets ever made. For an unopened set, the average retail price is $1,269.

It was introduced in 1996 with 1,757 pieces.

Giant truck Lego most expensive Lego sets
Giant truck Lego (Source: Amazon)

It must not have done well back then because it is today a sought-after Lego collectible.

It’s also the world’s largest Model Team Set.

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11. King’s Mountain Fortress

The Lego set costs about $1,346. The King’s Mountain Fortress set, which comprises 429 pieces, was launched in 1990.

King's Mountain Fortress
King’s Mountain Fortress (Source: Pinterest)

Battlements, a fortress, a gateway, a drawbridge, a prison cell, a concealed trap, and a secret chamber are all included in the final castle.

It also includes warriors, guardians, a princess, and a ghost that glows in the dark.

10. Minifigure Sculpture

The average price for the sealed Lego set is $1,364.

It was created in the year 2000 and has since been discontinued.

Minifigure Sculpture
Minifigure Sculpture (Source: Bricklink)

The majority are secondhand, and some have sold for less than the initial $140 retail price.

They’re significantly more costly if you can find one brand new in the box.

The figure was dressed in blue overalls with a red shirt and blue pants. A green hat was also present, tilted to the side.

9. Cloud City

The average retail price for an unopened set is $1,411. It was released in 2003.

A “functioning” carbon freezing chamber is included in the kit, allowing you to drop Han Solo down.

Most Expensive Lego Sets- Cloud City Lego most expensive lego sets
Cloud City Lego (Source: Amazon)

It also includes a special Boba Fett mini-figure with regular printing on his arms, legs, and belt, as well as armor plating.

8. Market Street

The average retail price for an unopened set of Market Street is $1,623.

This set was created with teenagers and adults in mind. The set included a cabling system that allowed the builder to add lighting to the structures.

Most Expensive Lego Sets- Market Street Lego set most expensive Lego sets
Market Street Lego set (Source: Amazon)

Three figures, a curving stairway, and replaceable floors were also included in the set.

7. Statue of Liberty

For an unopened set, the average retail price is $1,780. With 2,800 pieces, the Statue of Liberty 3450 was the biggest Lego model at its release.

Excluding her pedestal, the final sculpture was 33 inches tall and was built entirely of a brand new Lego product: sand green bricks.

Most Expensive Lego Sets- Statue of Liberty Lego Set
Statue of Liberty Lego Set (Source: Lego)

Sand Green bricks were used for the first time in this LEGO kit.

Build the Statue of Liberty with NEW Sand Green Bricks’ was the headline of the main Store at home entry, which labeled the Sand Green bricks as “NEW.”

6. Darth Maul Bust

Darth Maul Bust has an average price of $1,814.

So even though the “Star Wars” prequels didn’t sell a lot of toys, Darth Maul has stayed a collectible choice.

Most Expensive Lego Sets- Darth Maul Bust
Darth Maul Bust (Source: thatshelf)

This 1,868-piece collection of the three-horned alien from “The Phantom Menace” villain is a stunning figure.

5. Ultimate Collectors Imperial Star Destroyer

The average unopened set has a selling price of $1,867.

The kit includes the huge Destroyer and a platform to support it and a miniature Rebel Blockade Runner ship and its stand to demonstrate the size of the two ships when assembled.

Most Expensive Lego Sets- Ultimate Collectors Imperial Star Destroyer
Ultimate Collectors Imperial Star Destroyer (Source: Amazon)

The Imperial Star Destroyer kit was a first in two ways: it was the first Lego model with over 3,000 pieces, and it was also the first to be suggested for people above the age of 16.

4. Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set

For an unopened set, the average retail price is $1,879. The Lego Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set is a wonderful collection.

This 2,292-piece chessboard weighs 19 pounds and includes 33 mini-figures.

Most Expensive Lego Sets- Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set
Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set (Source: Reddit)

It is a chess set with Castle-themed pieces and decor produced in 2007 and 2008, including mini-figures.

On eBay, the handbook itself has sold for $75.

3. Death Star II

This Lego set can cost $1,897 unsealed. In 2005, a replica of the half-built Death Star II from the film “Return of the Jedi” was released, although it did not sell well as the Death Star I model.

The Death Star II became a highly prized collectible as a result.

Most Expensive Lego Sets- Death star ii lego set
Death star II lego set (source: Amazon)

Even though it was retired in the UK in 2007, it remained on sale in North America until early 2009.

Because it did not sell nearly as well as its even more costly cousin, 10188 Death Star.

2. Skull’s Eye Schooner

The average sealed set can cost $1,900. The Skull’s Eye Schooner is from the original Lego pirates series.

It’s a four-mast pirate ship complete with guns, a crow’s nest, life rafts, a functioning anchor, and a treasure chest lift.

Most Expensive Lego Sets- Skull's Eye Schooner
Skull’s Eye Schooner (Source: brickeconomy)

The ship is armed with four guns, even though the four hatches on each side indicate that the armament is twice as large.

1. Lion Knights King’s Castle

For a sealed set, the average retail price is $2,254. With almost 660 pieces, the King’s Castle was a big model for its time.

The completed castle features two towers, a front gatehouse, and a jail cell. Niels Milan Pedersen created this Crusaders Castle set.

Most Expensive Lego Sets- Lion Knights King’s Castle
Lion Knights King’s Castle (Source: theplasticbrick)

A rectangular wall surrounds the castle, with two towers in the back area and a gatehouse in the front.

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