12 Youngest Billionaires in the World

Forbes Youngest Billionaires (Source: FirstClasse)

Youngest Billionaires in the World!!

Age is just a number because your core worth is determined by how skillful you are and how you spend your time.

We are talking about the world’s youngest billionaires in this article. Forbes has listed twelve young hearts under 30 who have already amassed three-comma fortunes.

The combined net worth of this wealthy club stands at $25.8 billion.

To illustrate, the four billionaires on this list are Stanford dropouts, one is a crypto adept, and the two are food delivery magnates.

Youngest Billioniares
Youngest Billionaires (Source: The Next Hint)

Well, not everyone on this list is a self-made billionaire like the guys we mentioned just above; several of them are heirs to their parents’ fortune.

Nevertheless, they still are capable of managing billions of dollars, so the real question is, what’s the difference?

Let’s get into more details about these 12 youngest billionaires in the world, starting with a quick overview.

Quick Overview

Rank World’s Youngest Billionaires Age (In 2022) Net Worth
1. Kevin David Lehmann 19 $2.4 Billion
2. Alexandra Andresen 25 $1.3 Billion
3. Pedro Franceschi 25 $1.5 Billion
4. Wang Zelong 25 $1.5 Billion
5. Henrique Dubugras 26 $1.5 Billion
6. Katharina Andresen 26 $1.3 Billion
7. Austin Russell 27 $1.6 Billion
8. Ryan Breslow 27 $2.0 Billion
9. Gary Wang 49 $5.9 Billion
10. Gustav Magnar Witzoe 28 $4.5 Billion
11. Stanley Tang 30 $1.2 Billion
12. Andy Fang 30 $1.1 Billion

Youngest Billionaires in the World

#12. Andy Fang

Birth Date: 1992

Source of Fortune: Doordash

Nationality: Chinese-American

Net Worth: $1.1 Billion

The Chinese-American tech billionaire Andy Fang is 30 years old and widely known for co-founding and serving as the Chief Technology Officer of DoorDash.

Doordash, the online food ordering and the delivery company, was founded in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, California.

Andy Fang
Andy Fang (Source: Harker News – The Harker School)

Fang, the co-founder of DoorDash, was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He attended The Harker School in 2010 and later graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

The entrepreneur owns a 4% stake in DoorDash and primarily serves as the company’s head of consumer engineering.

#11. Stanley Tang

Birth Date: 1992

Source of Fortune: Doordash

Nationality: Chinese

Net Worth: $1.2 Billion

Stanley Tang, another 30-year-old young entrepreneur, is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of DoorDash.

Tang, along with his friends Tony Xu, Andy Fang, and Evan Moore, established the aforementioned company, which currently holds a market value of $4.67 billion.

Stanley Tang (Source: Sequoia Capital)
Stanley Tang (Source: Sequoia Capital)

In detail, Stanley was born and raised in Hong Kong. At the moment, he holds around a 4% stake in the company.

Tang, who now calls San Francisco his home, completed his graduation from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

#10. Gustav Magnar Witzoe

Birth Date: 1993

Source of Fortune: Salmar ASA

Nationality: Norwegian

Net Worth: $4.5 Billion

Gustav Magnar Witzoe, a Norwegian entrepreneur from Kverva, Norway, is a 29-year-old billionaire and a major shareholder in SalMar ASA, a salmon-fishing enterprise.

To illustrate, the Norwegian fish farm is one of the world’s largest producers of farmed salmon. In 2016, the company harvested around 130,000 tons of only salmon.

Gustav Magnar Witzoe
Gustav Magnar Witzoe (Source: Yahoo Vida y Estilo)

SalMar mainly deals with marine farming, production of broodfish and smolt, and finally, processing/selling farmed salmon.

Furthermore, the company was established in 1991 by Gustav’s father, Gustav Witzoe, and is headquartered in Froya Municipality, Norway.

In the same way, more than 1,500 employees work in the company with several subsidiaries.

One of the youngest billionaires in the world, Witzoe received a stake in this company in 2013 and since has been attempting to make his name by further investing in real estate and tech startups.

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#09. Gary Wang

Birth Date: May 8, 1973

Source of Fortune: Cryptocurrency

Nationality: Chinese

Net Worth: $5.9 Billion

The now 49-year-old Gary Wang is the co-founder and chief technical officer of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Bahamas. He became a billionaire at the age of 28.

Wang, also known as Wang Wei, is the wealthiest billionaire on this list, with a net worth of $5.9 billion.

Gary Wang
Gary Wang (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

The Chinese businessman founded tudou.com, which is a Chinese video-sharing website. Moreover, he served as the CEO of this company until August 2012.

Graduated from John Hopkins University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Gary Wang is also the creator of Light Chaser Animation Studios, a Beijing-based animation firm.

Gary Wang previously worked at Google and built systems to aggregate pricing across millions of flights, and eventually formed FTX in 2019 with a fellow billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried.

#08. Ryan Breslow

Birth Date: 1995

Source of Fortune: E-commerce

Nationality: American

Net Worth: $2 Billion

Ryan Breslow, the 27-year-old young billionaire, is one of Miami’s wealthiest residents. He is the owner and founder of Bolt, a company bringing super-fast one-click checkout solutions to the world.

Breslow owns a stake worth $2 billion in Bolt, and the company itself has a value of $11 billion, providing employment to its 700 staff.

Bolt aims to give millions of online shops seamless single-click checkout.

Ryan Breslow
Ryan Breslow (Source: The New York Times)

While his life seems really hyped and extensive, the young billionaire, on the other hand, lives a very self-contained and quiet life.

In detail, he is a vegan who rarely eats in front of other people and enjoys silence between Zoom meetings and virtual yoga sessions.

Likewise, Breslow enjoys meditating in the midst of soaring palm trees, where he has lodged a white Buddha statue.

Aside from Bolt, Ryan is also the co-founder of Eco, a digital worldwide cryptocurrency network useful for everyday transactions.

#07. Austin Russell

Birth Date: 1995

Source of Fortune: Autonomous car tech

Nationality: American

Net Worth: $1.6 Billion

The founder and CEO of Luminar Technologies, Austin Russell, is an American entrepreneur who nearly owns one-third of the company and has established himself as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.

To detail, his company Luminar specializes in lidar and machine perception technologies, which are commonly utilized in self-driving automobiles.

Austin Russell
Austin Russell (Source: Powered by Ceros – Ceros)

Russell is an optics prodigy who came up with the concept for Luminar while studying physics at Stanford University when he was 17 years old.

Previously, he worked as a research person at the Beckman Laser Institute at the University of California, Irvine.

Eventually, he dropped out of college and established Luminar Technologies, an automobile sensor company that went public in December 2020.

To illustrate, the company became public on the Nasdaq after a SPAC merger with Gores Metropoulos.

#06. Katharina Andresen

Birth Date: 1996

Source of Fortune: Investment firm

Nationality: Norwegian

Net Worth: $1.3 Billion

The 27-year-old Katharina Andresen is a Norwegian billionaire who currently holds a net worth of $1.3 billion.

Katharina Anderson
Katharina Anderson (Source: FirstClasse)

Her father, Johan H. Andresen Jr., is an industrialist and mega investor who is the owner of Ferd, one of the largest private companies established in Norway.

Katharina and her sister Alexandra own 42.2% of ownership in their father’s enterprise. Moreover, in terms of ranking, Katharina became the world’s third-youngest billionaire in 2020.

#05. Henrique Dubugras

Birth Date: 1996

Source of Fortune: Fintech

Nationality: Brazilian

Net Worth: $1.5 Billion

Brex is a fintech company that aims to revolutionize corporate credit cards, and Henrique Dubugras is the founder of this company.

Also, the co-CEO of Brex, Dubugras, established this company by teaming up with his partner, Pedro Franceschi.

The company formed by these two Brazilian businessmen has been an enormous success, even by the standards set by Silicon Valley.

Henrique Dubugras
Henrique Dubugras (Source: First Republic Bank)

To illustrate, Brex makes money via charging a monthly account membership, interchange fees, referral fees, interest on loans, and interest on cash stored in user accounts.

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#04. Wang Zelong

Birth Date: 1995

Source of Fortune: Pigment Production

Nationality: Chinese

Net Worth: $1.5 Billion

While most of the entrepreneurs on this list are related to technology, Wang Zelong stands out as he works in the specialty area of pigment production.

The 27-year-old Zelong’s fortune stems from his investments in CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide and Lomon Billions Group.

Youngest Billionaires in the World Wang Zelong (Source: SuccessYeti)
Wang Zelong (Source: SuccessYeti)

To illustrate, this very company makes titanium dioxide in China, titanium dioxide- is a white pigment used in coatings, plastics, and printing.

#03. Pedro Franceschi

Birth Date: 1995

Source of Fortune: Fintech

Nationality: Brazilian

Net Worth: $1.5 Billion

The co-founder and co-CEO of Brex, Pedro Franceschi, 27, owns a 14% share in Brex, valued at $1.5 billion.

Youngest Billionaires in the World Pedro Franceschi
Pedro Franceschi (Source: Forbes)

In 2012, Pedro and Henrique were high school seniors living in Brazil. Dubugras met his co-founder Franceschi over a Twitter debate, eventually founding Fintech.

As stated earlier, Brex offers cash management to its different users/clients.

#02. Alexandra Andresen

Birth Date: 1995

Source of Fortune: Investment Firm

Nationality: Norwegian

Net Worth: $1.3 Billion

The second daughter of Johna H. Andresen and Kristin Gamlemshaug, Alexandra Gamlemshaug Andresen, is an heiress from Norway.

To exemplify, the 25-year-old entrepreneur has a net worth of $1.3 billion, and she is the sister of Katharina Andresen.

Youngest Billionaires in the World Alexandra Andresen
Alexandra Andresen (Source: Pinterest)

In 2016, at the age of 19, Alexandra became the world’s youngest billionaire. Likewise, she has been on the Forbes list as the world’s youngest billionaire three times in a row.

Similarly, the three-time junior dressage champion Norwegian heiress also looks after her father’s tobacco business.

#01. Kevin David Lehmann

Birth Date: 2003

Source of Fortune: Drugstores

Nationality: German

Net Worth: $2.4 Billion

Lastly, we have the German entrepreneur Kevin David Lehmann as the world’s youngest billionaire who has accumulated a wealth of $2.4 billion just at the age of 19.

Lehmann owns half of Drogerie Markt (dm), Germany’s largest drugstore chain, which generates over $12 billion in annual revenue.

Youngest Billionaires in the World Kevin David Lehmann (Source: Yahoo News Canada)
Kevin David Lehmann (Source: Yahoo News Canada)

In detail, the company was founded by Goetz Werner in 1973, with its first outlet in Karlsruhe, Germany. Currently, it has been established in almost 3,700 locations around the world.

Moreover, it was Guenther Lehmann, the father of Kevin, who left him his stake in dm, and after acquiring the stake in this German pharmacy chain, he became the world’s youngest billionaire.

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