Top 20 Busiest Cities in the World

Tokyo, Busiest Crossing

Which are the top 20 busiest cities in the world?

With the increase in the number of job markets, educational opportunities, and better lifestyles in the urban areas, people are rapidly migrating to cities.

More than half of the world’s population currently lives in the cities. And, in a few years, the population is sure to advance into the megacities.

About 7% of the world’s population do reside in megacities.

New York City
New York City (Source: Wallpaper Flare)

Megacities’ transformation when it comes to buildings, skyscrapers, infrastructures, or metropolitans is admirable.

Besides the development of the landscape, communities’ living standard has dramatically changed too. Technology, trade, and globalization have made people busier than before.

So, here we look into such top 20 busiest cities in the world, which are all megacities and have a population of more than 10 million people and are growing too crowded every year.

Quick Overview

Busiest Cities Country 2022 (Population) 2021 (Population) Change In Population
1. Tokyo Japan 37,274,000 37,339,804 -0.18%
2. Delhi India 32,066,000 18,345,784 +2.84%
3. Shanghai China 28,517,000 27,796,000 +2.59%
4. Dhaka Bangladesh 22,478,116 21,741,090 +3.39%
5. Sao Paulo Brazil 22,430,000 22,237,000 +0.87%
6. Mexico City Mexico 22,085,000 21,919,000 +0.76%
7. Cairo China 21,750,000 21,323,000 +2%
8. Beijing China 21,138,627 20,896,820 +1.3%
9. Mumbai India 20,961,472 20,667,656 +1.42%
10. Osaka Japan 19,060,000 19,111,000 -0.27%
11. New York City USA 18,867,000 18,823,000 +0.27%
12.Chongqing  China 16,875,000 16,382,000 +3.01%
 13. Karachi  India 16,840,000 16,459,000 +2.31%
14. Istanbul Turkey 15,820,000 15,700,000 +1.43%
15. Kinshasa DR Congo 15,628,000 14,970,000 +4.4%
16. Lagos Nigeria 12,388,000 14,368,000 +3.54%
17. Buenos Aires Argentina 15,370,000 15,285,000 +0.69%
18. Kolkata India 15,200,000 14,900,000 +1.07%
19. Manila Philippines 14,406,059 14,158,573 +1.74%
20. Tianjin China 14,012,000 13,794,000 +1.58%

Busiest Cities in the World

The details and information has been compiled from reliable sites on the web including World Population Review and Wikipedia.

20. Tianjin

China’s fourth-largest city, Tianjin, is home to 14,012,000 inhabitants.

It is one of the most important financial and cultural hubs in Northern China. Tianjin has one of the world’s largest car manufacturing, petrochemicals, textiles industries, and ports.

Tianjin (Source: Sada El balad)

Moreover, the city is mixed with early 20th-century European architecture and modern skyscrapers. Other major attractions of Tianjin include notable colleges, popular food spots, traditional and contemporary shops.

19. Manila

Manila is the capital and second-largest city of the Philippines. Besides, it is one of the 16 cities that is a part of Metro Manila.

Manila (Source: Wallpaperflare)

Thus, the city is the major attraction for employment opportunities, trade, education, culture, and embassy works both nationally and internationally.

As of 2022, Manila has a population of 14,406,059. The population has increased in Manila by 1.74% as compared to the last year.

18. Kolkata

The 17th busiest city in the world is “The City of Joy.”

Kolkata is the capital of Eastern India’s state West Bengal. It is the third-most populous metro city in India.

This dynamic city is the identity of West Bengal’s rich culture, history, traditions, and architecture.

Kolkata (Source: ORF)

Moreover, Kolkata is the main financial, commercial, educational, and industrial hub of North East India. Besides, it is the third richest city in India, with a GDP of more than $150.1 billion.

Kolkata Port is the oldest and only riverine port of India.

As of 2022, Kolkata has a population of 15,200,000.

17. Buenos Aires

The 17th busiest city in the world is the Paris of South America.

Buenos Aires is the capital and most populous city of Argentina. It is located on the western shore of Rio de la Plata.

It is the center of Argentina’s economy. Besides, more than one-third of the agricultural and heavy industries are situated in the metro area of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires (Source: Britannica)

Similarly, this city is home to art deco-style architecture, rich culture, world-class cuisines, top shopping malls, and several historical sites.

Buenos Aires ranks 13th largest in economy among the world’s cities.

Thus, millions of immigrants from all over the world come to Buenos Aires. As of 2022, Buenos Aires has a population of 15,370,000.

16. Lagos

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria and the third most populous metro city in Africa.

Besides, it is the financial, industrial, educational, and cultural hub in Lagos State and Nigeria.

Lagos (Source: Momondo)

Nigeria’s largest and busiest port “Apapa Port Complex” is in in Lagos.

As of 2022, Lagos has a population of 15,388,000, making it the 16th busiest city in the world.

15. Kinshasa

The 15th busiest city in the world is Kinshasha.

Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Besides, it is the second-largest city in Africa.

Kinshasa (Source: Adobe Stock)

Moreover, Kinshasa is the heart of Congo’s industrial and commercial activities. Several major industries like beer, textiles, etc., and the largest banks of Congo sit in Kinshasa.

As of 2022, 15,628,000 peoples live in Kinshasa.

14. Istanbul

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city. Besides, it is the most populous city in Europe.

Moreover, it is the heart of Turkey’s economic, industrial, educational, cultural, and tourism sectors.

Istanbul (Source: Tourist Destinations)

It contributes 21.2% of the nation’s GNP.

As of 2022, 15,820,000 peoples live in Istanbul. The population rate increased by 1.43% from the last year.

13. Karachi

Holding the 13th spot is the largest city in Pakistan.

Karachi is the central hub for all business activities in Pakistan, such as textiles, cement, steel, heavy machinery, food products, etc.

Similarly, it has the two main seaports of Pakistan, Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim, which handle 95% of Pakistan’s foreign trade.

Karachi (Source: Unsplash)

Other attractions of Karachi include ancient buildings, Clifton beach, a variety of Indian foods, rich culture, and prestigious colleges.

As of 2022, 16,840,000 peoples live in Karachi. The population in Karachi increased by 2.3% from the last year.

12. Chongqing

Holding the 12th spot is one of the largest municipalities in China.

Chongqing is the third most populous city in China. It is home to 16,875,000 inhabitants.

Chongqin (Source: English First)

Moreover, Chongqing is the largest producer of automobiles, iron, steel, and aluminum in China. Besides, the metro city offers a tour to cultural museums, temples, the best hot pot cuisines, and UNESCO sites.

11. New York City

Holding the 11th spot is the largest city in the USA.

New York City is the economic, financial, entertainment, tourism, and educational capital of the US.

Besides, it is the heart of the world’s largest business industries, finance sectors, media, production houses, fashion houses, restaurants, and the best universities.

New York City (Source: Unsplash)

New York City is home to the United Nations and the world’s largest stock exchanges, New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

As of 2022, 18,867,000 peoples live in New York City. The population has increased by 0.23% as compared to the last year.

10. Osaka

Osaka is the capital and largest city of Osaka Prefecture. Besides, it is the third most populous metro city in Japan.

Moreover, Osaka is one of the major industrial cities in Japan.

Osaka At Night (Source: Travel and Destinations)

It is home to more than 180,000 business industries, one of the main ports of Japan (Osaka Port), the best universities, ancient castles, and best street foods.

As of 2022, 19,060,000 peoples live in Osaka, making it the 10th busiest city in the world.

9. Mumbai

Holding the 9th spot is the capital of the Indian state, Maharastra.

Mumbai is the commercial, cultural, entertainment, and fashion hub of India. It is home to India’s largest companies like Tata Group, Reliance, etc.

Similarly, it is the high-demand city for careers in Bollywood, business start-ups, engineering, IT, medical sectors, etc.

Busiest Cities in the World- Mumbai
Mumbai (Source: Micato Safaris)

Moreover, Mumbai is one of the favorite tourist destinations for history, art deco-style buildings, food cuisines, music, and fine arts.

Mumbai is the richest city in India with a GDP of $430 billion. It contributes to more than 6.16% of India’s economy, 10% factory employment, and 40% foreign trade.

As of 2022, 20,961,472 peoples live in Mumbai. Of which 46,000 are millionaires, and 48 are billionaires.

8. Beijing

The 8th busiest city in the world is Beijing.

Beijing is the capital and second-largest city in China. Besides, it is the main center for China’s culture, business, politics, education, IT, and industrial sectors.

Busiest Cities in the World- Beijing
Beijing (Source: CGTN)

Many of its 92 universities rank among the best colleges in China. Moreover, Beijing has modern and traditional-style buildings, the best Chinese cuisines, and high job opportunities.

As of 2022, 21,138,627 peoples live in Beijing.

7. Cairo

The 7th busiest city in the world is Cairo.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Arab. Similarly, it is the second-most populous city in Africa.

Besides, Cairo is located on the East bank of the Nile. It is the heart of Egypt’s ancient history, mosques, notable universities, hospitals, industries, film studios, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Busiest Cities in the World- Cairo
Cairo (Source: BBC)

Moreover, Cairo generates 22% of Egypt’s economy through its largest industries in textile, food processing, and automobiles.

The Pyramid of Giza, European museums, and Cairo Tower with rotating restaurant overlooking the Nile and entire Cairo is the major attractions of Cairo city.

As of 2022, Cairo is home to 21,750,000 inhabitants. The population has increased by 2% as compared to the last year.

6. Mexico City

The 6th busiest city in the world is Mexico City.

Mexico city is home to 22,085,000 inhabitants. It is the capital and largest city of Mexico. Besides, it is the second-most populous city in Latin America.

Similarly, it is a global hub for the best universities, European-style architecture, UNESCO sites, art galleries, museums, and tourist spots.

Busiest Cities in the World- Mexico-City
Mexico City (Source: Curbed)

Moreover, Mexico City has thriving industries in the construction, beverages, silver, petroleum, and automobiles sectors.

Through which it generates 15.8% of Mexico’s GDP and 22% of Latin America’s GDP.

5. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest metro area in Brazil. It is home to 22,430,000 inhabitants.

Besides, Sao Paulo is popular for its world-class universities, business industries, shopping malls, gastronomy, nightlife, art galleries, museums, etc.

Busiest Cities in the World- Sao-Paulo
Sao Paulo (Source: Marriott Bonvoy Traveler)

Moreover, it is the third-largest exporter in Brazil and generates 20% of the nation’s income.

Sao Paulo has a GDP of $473 billion. And, it is the largest employment provider in Brazil (9.5 million workers).

4. Dhaka

The fourth busiest city in the world is Dhaka.

Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. Besides, 22,478,116 inhabitants live in Dhaka.

Busiest Cities in the World- Dhaka
Dhaka (Source: World Atlas)

Similarly, it is the hub for the country’s best universities, commerce, and business industries in jute, chemicals, textiles, garments, etc.

Dhaka generates 70% of total export earnings in Bangladesh through garments.

3. Shanghai

The third busiest city in the world is China’s commercial capital, Shanghai.

Shanghai is the largest city and metropolis in China. It is located nearby the Yangtze River Delta.

Moreover, Shanghai is the hub of the world’s largest seaport (Port of Shanghai).

Busiest Cities in the World- Shanghai
Shanghai (Source: Travel Lens)

It has the world’s leading finance, trade, and shipping industries in retail, estates, manufacturing, etc.

Similarly, Shanghai is home to China’s best universities like Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

As of 2022, 28,517,000 peoples live in Shanghai. The population has increased by 2.59% from the last year.

2. Delhi

The second busiest city in the world is the capital of India.

Delhi is located in North India. Similarly, Delhi is the hub for the country’s rich culture, history, monuments, North Indian food cuisines, and economy.

Besides, the majority of Northern India’s fastest-growing industries in retail, banking, hotels, and media reside in Delhi.

Busiest Cities in the World- Delhi
Delhi (Source: Business Today)

Thus, it is the second richest metro city in India after Mumbai. Delhi has a GDP of $293.6 billion, and it helps to generate 4.94% of India’s income.

As of 2022, 32,066,000 peoples live in Delhi. The population has increased by 2.84% compared to the last year.

1. Tokyo

The world’s busiest city is Tokyo.

The busy capital of Japan is the largest economic zone in Japan. Besides, it is the most successful metropolis in the history of the world.

Similarly, Tokyo is the hub for the country’s best universities, business industries, animations, seafood markets, and international trade.

Busiest Cities in the World- Tokyo
Tokyo (Source: Travel Lens)

Moreover, it is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations offering the perfect mix of advanced and traditional buildings from neon-lit skyscrapers to ancient sites.

As of 2022, Tokyo has a population of 37,274,000. And more than 10% of Japan’s population resides in this crowded city.

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