10 Countries With Most Beautiful Women

Country With Most Beautiful Women

Countries With Most Beautiful Women!!

Sure, all women are beautiful, and it lies in the eye of the beholder when it comes to beauty.

Also, the term “beautiful” can not be determined by a single parameter, and it is obvious that for every other person, the definition of beautiful varies.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid (Source: Foreign Affairs News)

Well, it is a well-established fact that some countries are widely known for attractive ladies.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about which might be the country with the most beautiful women? Well, call me crazy, but I have.

So here we have compiled the list of those ten countries chosen for having great-looking women in our world. Let’s start with a quick fact!

Quick Facts

Rank Countries  Continent
1. Brazil South America
2. Russia Asia and Europe (Transcontinental)
3. Slovakia Europe
4. Sweden Europe
5. Venezuela South America
6. Colombia South America
7. Ukraine Europe
8. Lebanon Asia
9. Angola Africa
10. America North America

#10. America

It is about America where everything is incredible, so why not their ladies?

Well, you can’t pick point one single genre of women in this land as it is very diversified, and you will find a little bit of it all.

American women are known for being fun-loving, independent, and outgoing.

Moreover, most of these dames are well-educated and are aware of social revolutions, which makes their personalities even more enticing.

Megan Fox
American Beauty Megan Fox (Source: Allure)

Yes, it is true that this country is known to have a larger share of an obese population. Nevertheless, you can’t deny the attractiveness of the female population there.

Also, they are heavily invested in beauty-enhancement treatments.

So, be it natural or fake, you will find plenty of these attractive women in the United States, even more in the places like Miami and Los Angeles.

Some famous and beautiful women in America: Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Megan Fox, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, etc.

#09. Angola

Angola, the country located on the west coast of Southern Africa, comes in the list of those countries which have the most beautiful women.

It is the second-largest Portuguese-speaking country and is the home to the most gorgeous women in Africa.

To detail, it is the home country of the first black woman, Leila Lopes, who won the Miss Universe 2011.

Leila Lopes (Source: IMDb)

The Republic of Angola is the seventh-largest country in Africa, where you’ll find quite a lot of African beauties representing themselves in modeling.

Moreover, there are several other top models who are getting international recognition in big runways. They are also seen participating in local pageants and working in clubs and restaurants enticing local/foreign males.

Some famous and beautiful women in Angola: Maria Borges, Stiviandra Oliveira, Roberta Narcisco, Sharam Diniz, Micaela Reis, etc.

#08. Lebanon

Okay, we have reached Lebanon! The hot and sexy Lebanese women have always been adored for their bright and fun-loving attitude.

The country itself is very well known for its diverse culture and flow of tourists while the ideal gorgeous women just work as the cherry on top!

The country flaunts the most enticing ladies in the Middle East and the Arab region.

Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe (Source: Wikipedia)

Believe us when we say, the naturally sun-tanned robust bodies will astound you as you take a walk around this country.

Did you know, in 2006, the photos of wealthy Lebanese women riding around Beirut took over the internet, which caught everyone’s attention?

Alongside, the very picture also stirred quite a controversy and was named as one of the most influential photos of the decade, giving the title Visions of the Decade: Ceasefire in Beirut 2006.

Some famous and beautiful women in Lebanon: Nancy Ajram, Lamitta Frangieh, Mona Abou Hamze, Hayfa Wehbe, and a lot of others.

#07. Ukraine

Ukraine, the country in Eastern Europe, proudly comes on the list of nations with the most beautiful women. The women from this land are very popular for their strong figure and astonishing height.

The picturesque feminine physiques of these ladies have helped them to grace the pages of big fashion publications like Vogue.

Countries With Most Beautiful Women
Olga Kurylenko (Source: Ain’t It Cool News)

The Ukrainian beauties take good care of their bodies and are daring at the same time.

Maybe the next time when you walk around Kyiv, you’ll witness it for yourself about how sensual and cute these dames are.

Some famous and beautiful women in Lebanon: Ani Lorak, Chantal Kreviazuk, Inna Tsymbalyuk, Olga Kurylenko, and so on.

#06. Colombia

Here they come- the Colombian beauties, widely known for their curvaceous body. You will either have your heart stolen by fair-skinned or bronze-skinned women.

Likewise, you might get lost in their blue or coffee-colored eyes- there are quite a lot of options here, and all of them are drop-dead gorgeous.

These ladies love flaunting their appearance as they have an equally great taste for fashion, adding brownie points to their charm.

Countries With Most Beautiful Women- Shakira
Shakira (Source: People)

Furthermore, as the modern era has taken over, the people from Colombia have opted for surgical adjustments as well.

Therefore, it is totally justifiable why this nation is called the “Hotness Capital of the World.” Let’s just say you winded up to Bogota, we bet you’ll have your jaws wide open watching these beautiful dames.

Some famous and beautiful women in Colombia: Shakira, Taliana Vargas, Zulay Henao, Carolina Guerra, etc.

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#05. Venezuela

Venezuela- the country that has given the world several winners of major beauty pageants like Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Universe, and so on.

The major focus or obsession of this country balances on the beauty business. Moreover, it is the important source of Venezuela’s pride or its identity.

Countries With Most Beautiful Women- Mariangel Villasmil
Mariangel Villasmil (Source: Noticias Lagunillas)

Females who don’t feel beautiful naturally are often molded by aesthetic surgeries, which is why they spend most of their money on it.

Reportedly, bank loans are also provided for plastic surgery procedures. According to the Venezuelan Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 30,000 women get such operations annually.

The Latin beauties from this land, be it naturally prepossessing or later oomph-ed, you will most probably succumb to temptation while visiting this country.

Some famous and beautiful women in Venezuela: Sheryl Rubio, Gaby Espino, Dayana Mendoza, Majandra Delfino, Luiseth Emiliana Materán Bolaño, and so on.

#04. Sweden

Sweden, the Scandinavian country, is widely popular for its lush green forests, secluded lakes, and glacial mountains. But it is the home to one more thing- beautiful women!

Swedish ladies define the archetype of the attractive kind along with being sporty or active. More even, most of them are classy and well-educated. The girls here are the perfect blend of beauty and brain.

Countries With Most Beautiful Women- Zara Larsson
Zara Larsson (Source: Fanpop)

To add further, the fair skin, blond hair, perfect lips, and tall physique will surely hold you amazed.

No matter how cold the weather in Sweden gets, your heart will be warm after you witness these gracious ladies with passionate deep blue or green eyes.

Some famous and beautiful women in Sweden: Zara Larrson, Frida Gustavsson, Sandrah Hellberg, Helena Mattsson, etc.

#03. Slovakia

If you are in the quest of finding the countries with the most attractive women, you might want to stop once in Slovakia. This small land-locked country in Europe has the most beautiful blondes you will find on this planet!

So, if tall, blonde, and blue-eyed ladies are your weakness, then Slovakia has got to be the dreamland for you.

Countries With Most Beautiful Women
Adriana Cernanova (Source: Celebrity photos)

However, these damsels are pretty stubborn and stand to their right, so if they feel any sense of injustice, you might lose her right away.

Along with being extremely beautiful, they are ambitious, and they follow their dreams. Not only that, but they also make great wives and moms.

So here you are, Slovakia is the third country in this list known for being the home of tender beauties with a striking touch of feminity and independence.

Some famous and beautiful women in Slovakia: Barbora Lucivjanska, Adriana Cernanova, Martina Valkova, Martina Jacová, and several others.

#02. Russia

In the second position, Russia stands proudly to be the home of the most beautiful women in this world. Let’s say you will find very attractive ladies per square mile in this land.

Gorgeous eye-candies who love drinking vodka and have one of the sexiest accents will melt your heart right away, no matter how harsh the temperature gets.

Countries With Most Beautiful Women- Irina Shayk (Source: Pinterest)
Irina Shayk (Source: Pinterest)

Russia is filled with female beauties, be it in the happening Moscow or the far-land Siberia. Moreover, they are involved in all kinds of fields such as modeling, acting, sports, business, etc.

The next time you visit this nation for its breathtaking scenery, make sure you have a glance at these captivating dames with blue eyes and perfect features.

Some famous and beautiful women in Russia: Maria Sharapova, Irina Shayk, Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova “Glukoza,” Natalia Vodianova, Anna Kournikova, etc.

#01. Brazil

Yes, as most of you have already guessed, this South American country flaunts the first position on the list of the country with the most attractive women.

Brazil is the home of supermodels who are genetically predisposed to rule the beauty world. To add further, the salt from the sea and the wind make them even more exotic.

Countries With Most Beautiful Women- Gisele Bündchen
Gisele Bündchen (Source: People)

The country features a magnificent number of sporty and tanned females who have the most ideal bodies than any other country in the world.

As Brazil is already famous for its diverse geographical region, tourist spots, and rich culture, the women of this land equally respect their country and its customs.

There is an abundance of beautiful women in Brazil, and you’ll witness the majority of them at any fashion show or magazine in the world. They fit every place, they are talented, and they know how to represent their country. Voila!

Some famous and beautiful women in Brazil: Gisele Bundchen, Caroline Trentini, Lais Ribeiro, Fiorella Gelli Mattheis, Emanuela de Paula, etc.

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