20 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Most Expensive Coffee!!

The coffee culture is loved and appreciated all around the world. Coffee is a part of people’s everyday lives. Hence, this article is dedicated to all the coffee enthusiasts out there.

According to some studies, 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year, with Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark being the top four countries to consume the most.

Now, if you’re someone like me who enjoys coffee, you might often wonder about which might be the most expensive coffee in the world.

However, there is another interesting aspect. Where can you find the best coffees in the world? More importantly, how much does the best coffee cost?

Do you want to try out something more exotic, tender, unusual, and the world’s most expensive coffees?

Well, the following is the list of coffees often cherished by universal caffeine connoisseurs.

Look below and feed your curiosity.

Quick Overview

 Name of Coffee  Price
20. Mamuto AA $37/pound
19. Los Planes Coffee $40/pound
18. El Morito Pandora de Fatima $41/pound
17. Starbucks Quadricinoctuple Frappe $47.30/pound
16. Nepali Himalayan Coffee $49.99/pound
15. La Mesa Farm $50/pound
14. Finca San Nicolas $50/pound 
13. Cafetal La Herradura $50/pound
12. Fazenda Santa Ines $50/pound
11. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee $50/pound
10. Las Margaritas Colombia Geisha $51/pound
9. Molokai $51/pound
8. Saint Helena Coffe $79/pound
7. Panama Ironman Camilina Geisha $100/pound
6. Hacienda El Roble $100/pound
5. Ospina Gran Cafe Premier Grand Cru $150/pound
4. Kopi Luwak $160/pound
3. Hacienda La Esmeralda $500/pound
2. Finca El Injerto Coffee $500/pound
1. Black Ivory Coffee $1500/pound

Most Expensive Coffee in the World 

The list has been compiled from various certified sites on the web including Coffeewave.

20. Mamuto AA

The world’s all-time favorite Kenyan espresso, Mamuto AA, is insanely delicious and extremely rare.

Mamuto-AA (Source: Bulgarian Business Club)

Which Country produces Mamuto AA?

The coffee producers Walter Paul and Muthoni Mathagu harvested Mamuto on their beautiful farm in Kirinyaga, Kenya, in December 2013.

How does Mamuto AA taste like?

Especially, the coffee soil is rich in red volcanic loam, which makes it unique with its regional taste.

Moreover, this Arabica coffee consists of profound flavors of blueberries, plums, a luscious texture with a cherry aroma, and a sweet tomato aftertaste.

With an estimated price tag of $37/pound, Mamuto coffee is the world’s 20th most expensive coffee in 2024.

19. Los Planes Coffee

With an estimated cost of $40/pound, Los Plane’s coffee has managed to add its name as the world’s 20 most expensive coffees in 2021.

Los-Planes-Coffee (Source: Alux.com)

Which Country produces Los Planes Coffee?

Sergio and Isabel Ticas founded the internationally renowned Los Plane’s Coffee on a field in El Salvador, Central America, in 1958.

Cultivated at 5,750ft above the sea, Los Plane’s coffee is one of the most magnificent coffees globally.

Besides, the El Matazono Pacamara is the main variety of coffee offered by Finca Los Planes farm.

How does the Los Planes coffee taste like?

Especially, Los Planes is celebrated for its special micro-lots, including creamy texture, deep sweetness, and numerous citrus and floral notes like starfruit, swiss chocolate with marzipan aftertaste.

Interesting Facts: Los Planes Coffee peaked at No.2 in the 2006 Cup of Greatness.

Later, in 2011, the coffee peaked at No.11 with the same cup title.

18. El Morito Pandora de Fatima

El Morito Pandora de Fatima managed to add its name as the world’s 20 most high-dollar coffee in 2024.

Besides, the coffee’s estimated price is$44 per pound.

El-Morito (Source: Kopi Dou)

Which Country produces El Morito Pandora de Fatima?

Initially, a dynamic coffee producer Mr. Jose Roberto Monterosso, founded the caffeine.

Cultivated in Mataquescuintla, Guatemala, at an altitude of 1,400m to 2,000m, the coffee has won several accolades.

Despite its phenomenal taste, the coffee is hard to acquire as Japan and Taiwan auction it within every season.

Similarly, its closest nation New Zealand only brews this special coffee.

How does El Morito Pandora de Fatima taste like?

If you want to savor the sweet combination of caramel, walnut, vanilla, dense chocolates, cheery, jam, butterscotch, soft citrus notes, and fine espresso aftertaste, then venturing to its regional coffee brewers is the best choice.

17. Starbucks Quadricinoctuple Frappe

The exotic beverage with its vibrant and refreshing taste is notable as the world’s seventeenth expensive coffee in 2024.

Besides, the estimated cost of this unusual drink is $47.30 per pound.

Starbucks-Frappe (Source: Starbucks)

Which Country produces Starbucks Frappe?

Especially, an internationally celebrated American multinational coffeehouse, Starbucks, serves this pleasing coffee.

How does the Starbucks Frappe taste like?

The coffee is rich in numerous flavors, such as Mocha Frappuccino with vanilla slices, two bananas, mango, caramel ice cream, protein powder, pizza powder, and soybean mocha mattress.

16. Nepali Himalayan Coffee

Cultivated in the northernmost area of the world at an elevation of 4,400 m, Nepali Himalayan Coffee has managed to add its name as the world’s sixteenth high-budget coffee in 2024.

Nepali Himalayan Coffee (Source: Himalayanjava)

Which Country produces Nepali Himalayan Coffee?

A South Asian country, Nepal produces the rich Nepali Himalayan Coffee cultivated on the eco-friendly farm in Dudh Pokhari Village of Lalitpur district.

How does Nepali Himalayan Coffee taste like?

The taste of the coffee is somehow similar to that of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Yet, the company sells the coffee at a reasonable price of $49.99/pound.

Interesting Facts: Paris awarded the coffee as Best Gourmet Coffee of 2016 at the 2nd International Contest of Coffee Roasted in the Country of Origin.

15. La Mesa Farm

With an estimated cost of $50/pound, La Mesa Farm’s coffee has managed to add its name as the world’s 20 most expensive coffees in 2024.

Which Country produces La Mesa Farm Coffee?

Luis Enrique Navarro founded the La Mesa farm in Costa Rica.

Moreover, the coffee won $62,000 for a bag in the 2014 Cup of Quality Contests held in Costa Rica.

Furthermore, the Asian corporation of Japan and Taiwan bought the entire crop of the farm for its eccentric specialty.

Sadly, enjoying La Mesa Farm’s coffee is a huge challenge.

As the farm is a micro-scale one deficit of website and marketing agents for trading their hometown coffee globally.

How does the La Mesa Farm Coffee taste like?

Exceptionally celebrated for its rational, beautiful structures and detailed composition with sweetly fruit essence and natural rich spices, the coffee is worthy of big dollars.

14. Finca San Nicolas

With an estimated price of $50/pound, Finca San Nicolas has managed to add its name as the world’s 20 most expensive coffee in 2024.

Besides, the coffee’s extravagant price is all due to the specialty of micro-lots coffee.

Finca San Nicolas Coffee (Source: Little Chick Farm)

Which Country produces Finca San Nicolas Coffee?

A highly sophisticated farmer Igancio Nacho Guiterrez cultivated the Finca coffee on the farm in San Nicolas, in the La Palma region of El Salvador, at 1,400 m altitude.

How does Finca San Nicolas Coffee taste like?

Mainly, micro-lot coffee is abundant with high quality and eccentric characteristics of taste which is very rare to find.

Moreover, the world’s desirable Finca’s micro-lot coffee goes under fine filtration and various experiments throughout the production process to favor the coffee lovers with an ethereal taste like no any coffees.

Furthermore, the taste of the coffee is smooth, creamy with luscious chocolates, oranges, cranberry, grapes, and a pleasant wine aftertaste.

13. Cafetal La Herradura

With an estimated cost of $50/pound, Cafetal La Herradura is the world’s thirteenth pricey coffee in 2024.

Cafetal La Herradura (Source: Javalush)

Which Country produces Cafetal La Herradura?

Veracruz, Mexico produces the exclusive and globally craved coffee, Cafetal La Herradura.

How does Cafetal La Herradura taste like?

Mainly, the coffee is celebrated for its extreme mellowness, Arabica flavor with a fine floral and citrus aroma.

Likewise, in the 2013 Cup of Excellence in Mexico, the coffee set a record score of 90.44 out of 100.

Moreover, the chief buyer of the product is UCC Ueshima Coffee Company in Japan, which sells Herradura coffee in Japan.

12. Fazenda Santa Ines

With an estimated cost of $50/pound, Fazenda Santa Ines is the twelfth high-budget coffee in 2024.


Fazenda-Santa-Ines (Source: Sippy Beans)

Which Country produces Fazenda Santa Ines?

Since 1979, the Periera family coffee business began in their 215-hectare farmland in Santa Ines.

The Brazilian label coffee Fazenda comprises the use of Cacutai, Yellow and Red Bourbon, and Acaia coffee beans.

How does Fazenda Santa Ines taste like?

Grown in 900 ft to 1050 ft altitude in Carmo de Minas, the coffee is rich with sweet cherry, luscious chocolatey, creamy, bright acidity, and almond essence.

Interesting Facts: In 2005, a sample from Fazenda Santa Ines won No.1 in the Cup of Excellence in Brazil. Likewise, the coffee peaked at a world record score of 95.85.

11.  Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Grown at 4000 ft. above sea level, the prime coffee of Jamaica, the Blue Mountain Coffee, costs about $50/pound.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Source: Walmart)

Which Country produces Blue Mountain Coffee?

Blue Mountain Coffee was introduced to Jamaica in 1728.

But, the grand evolvement of the coffee started through a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee farmer, Arthur Mcgowan.

Mainly, Arthur found the company Trumpet Tree Factory in February 2014.

Besides, the association is truly celebrated for its 100% pure Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Similarly, the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica monitors the production of Blue Mountain Coffee.

How does Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee taste like?

Grown in the chilly high Jamaican Blue Mountains, the coffee is unique with its rich soil, moist climate, and proper water drainage.

Moreover, the coffee is a showpiece with its sweetly floral, fruit nuts notes, smooth acidity, no bitterness, and perfect aroma.

Furthermore, the coffee comprises three types of beans in accord with their size and defects. No.1 beans are flat and huge-sized with high demand.

On the other hand, peaberry beans appear small and round superb for the experience of standard espresso.

Interesting Facts: Over 80% of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee are exported to Japan.

10.  Las Margaritas Colombia Geisha

Las Margaritas Colombia Geisha is the world’s tenth high-dollar coffee.

Besides, the estimated price of the coffee is $51 per pound.

Colombian Geisha (Source: Gordon Street Coffee)

Which Country produces Las Margaritas Colombia Geisha?

Colombia produces the world’s most renowned coffee, Las Margaritas Geisha.

Initially, in 2007, Don Rigoberto established the Las Margaritas Geisha farm by bringing some Geisha seeds to his hometown.

Similarly, the production process of coffee includes picking of ripe coffee cherries, de-pulping process without water, fermentation of the parchment and mucilage coffees at least for 35 hours, and drying between 35°C and 45°C with the humidity rate of 10.5%.

How does the Las Margaritas Colombia Geisha taste like?

While talking about the taste of the Las Margaritas Geisha, it is rich with numerous flavors like peach, red apple, lemongrass, sweet syrup.

In addition, the coffee consists of an alluring aroma of jasmine, brown sugar, and stone fruit.

Last but not least, a prolonged aftertaste of blackberry, vanilla, citrus blossom, and luscious cream is sure to make you drool.

9. Molokai

Molokai is the world’s ninth high-priced coffee in 2024.

Besides, the estimated cost of the coffee is $51 per pound.

Molokai Coffee (Source: Pinnacle List)

Which Country Produces Molokai?

Primarily, German merchant Rudolph Wilhelm Meyer harvested the coffee beans in 500-acre land in Kualapuu, Hawai.

After that, Trader Joe’s introduced Molokai in mid-2008.

Likewise, the company harvests the coffee on Molokai Island in Maui County, Hawaii.

Similarly, these coffee beans are the native productions of Hawaii.

Mainly, the company ensures coffee’s production with clean and fresh Hawaii beans and no impartation of sour and undesirable aroma while brewing.

How does the Molokai taste like?

Molokai with light acidity, medium roast, and rich, smoothy chocolatey nuts, along with the passionate flavor of Molokai’s red volcanic soil, will leave you feeling the subtle taste in the end.

8. Saint Helena Coffee

Saint Helena Coffee is the world’s eighth big-budget coffee in 2024.

Besides, the estimated price of the coffee is $79 per pound.

St.Helena Coffee (Source: The Saint Cooks)

Which Country Produces Saint Helena Coffee?

On February 10, 1733, Captain Philips, owner of the East India Company, introduced the coffee seeds to St. Helena Island.

Likewise, the captain brought the green-tipped Bourbon coffee seeds from the coffee port of Mocha, Yemen.

Similarly, the coffee bean is an extremely rare breed from Arabica coffee.

During harvesting, the producers use Guano’s dung as a great fertilizer.

Then, they wet the beans in pure seawater descending from the Islands peak across the Central Ridge.

How does Saint Helena Coffee taste like?

The divine and seductive coffee is rich with mouth-watering chocolate flavor.

Moreover, it has a fine after-taste with the classic citrus and wine notes.

Furthermore, the acidity of the coffee is harmonious.

7. Panama Ironman Camilina Geisha

Panama Ironman Camilina Geisha is the world’s seventh expensive coffee.

Besides, the Geisha tree of Panama originated the coffee brand.

Panama Geisha (Source: Amazon)

Similarly, the estimated price of the coffee is $100 per pound.

Who produced Panama Ironman Camilina Geisha?

The farmer of Auromar state, Roberto Brenes, produced the Ironman coffee.

Mainly, the coffee is formulated by two processes: dry and wet process.

On the dry process, the producers dry the Geisha coffee beans inside the fruits.

Whereas in the wet process, they wash the coffee and ferment them.

Moreover, they roast the coffee in medium-light heat.

 How does the Panama Ironman Camilina Geisha taste like?

The utterly mouth-watering coffee is rich with intense floral passion fruits.

Furthermore, crispy cacao nibs, sandalwood, guava, tangerine, lilac, and the lily combination makes the coffee luscious.

Moreover, the medium-light roast of the coffee does not offer bitterness as found in other coffees.

6. Hacienda El Roble 

Hacienda is the world’s sixth high-priced coffee in 2024.

Besides, the estimated price of the coffee is $100 per pound.

Hacienda-El-Roble (Source: Twitter)

Which Country Produces Hacienda El Roble?

Oswaldo Acevedo owns over three hundred hectares organic farm Hacienda El Roble.

Similarly, the farm is located in Colombia.

Likewise, groups of scientists, agronomists, and managers nurture the farm.

Moreover, the farm produces rare varieties of coffee, which include Wush Wush, Gesha 62, Icatu, and Moca.

Mainly, the producers pluck the coffee cherries and process them separately.

Later, they are dried in multi-raised beds and operated with preciseness for final processing.

How does Hacienda El Roble taste like?

Hacienda’s coffee has unpredictable and astonishing flavors.

Mainly, the coffee’s taste is rich with deeply layered flavors of sage, Bosc pear, Panna cotta, and loquat.

5.  Ospina Gran Cafe Premier Grand Cru

With an estimated price of $150/pound, the world’s fifth expensive coffee in 2024 is Ospina Coffee.

Primarily, Colombian entrepreneur Mariano Ospina Rodriguez founded the brand in 1835.

Ospina Coffee (Source: Ospina Coffee)

Besides, Ospina coffee evolved in the high Colombian volcanic mountains, Andes.

How is Ospina Coffee Produced?

While talking about Ospina’s production, the coffee cherries are plucked in their ripe form.

Later, they purely wash, ferment, and dry them in the sun.

Moreover, for the fine completion, they grind and roast the beans of Ospina.

How does Ospina Coffee taste like?

The Ospina Coffee is rich with exuberant apricot, jasmine, peachy, and Azahar aroma.

Likewise, it has a balanced and velvety body, including creamy chocolate, almonds, and berries.

Last but not least, the coffee gives a unique wine-like taste at the end.

4. Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is the world’s fourth expensive coffee in 2024.

Likewise, the estimated cost of the coffee is $160 per pound.

Kopi Luwak (Source: britannica.com)

These coffee beans are created from the poop of Asian palm civets. Mainly, the coffees are eaten by the civets and defecated.

Besides, another name for this coffee is Civet coffee.

All thanks to civets stomach acid for making the coffee a popular one.

How does Kopi Luwak taste like?

Kopi Luwak is rich with earthy and smooth chocolatey flavors.

Similarly, the bean consists of slight protein, which makes the coffee too tasty compared to other coffees.

How can you afford Kopi Luwak?

The great news is you can taste the coffee for $50 per cup.

3. Hacienda La Esmeralda

The Panamian coffee extracted from the Geisha trees is the third expensive one in 2024.

Likewise, the estimated price of Hacienda La Esmeralda is $500 per pound.

In 2004,  it won the Best of Panama Coffee Competition.

How does the coffee taste?

The coffee is renowned for its profound sweetness with its floral aroma.

Besides, the coffee is rich with floral notes such as jasmine, chocolate, honey, and tropical fruits.

Firstly, the ripe coffee cherries are plucked out from altitudes above 1600 m in Panama.

Then, the coffee is produced by high-quality wash, semi-wash, and dry processings.

Furthermore, the coffee’s limited production also makes the Hacienda priceless.

2. Finca El Injerto Coffee

With an estimated price of $500 per pound, Finca El Injerto coffee is the second expensive coffee in 2024.

If you are looking for quality over quantity, then the Finca El Injerto Coffee is sure to suffice for you.

El-Injerto-Coffee (Source: Fupping)

The rich and delightful texture, aroma, and taste of the coffee will leave you speechless.

Which country produces Finca El Injerto Coffee?

Finca El Injerto is produced in the mountains of Guatemala.

Besides, the farm with an African bed garden is operated by Arturo Aguirre Sr. and Arturo Aguirre Jr.

Similarly, the fresh and mature coffee cherries are picked and soaked in water for a day.

Later, the coffee undergoes a wet fermentation process.

Lastly, the coffee is dried in the sun for final production.

How does the Finca El Injerto Coffee taste?

Finca El Injerto coffee has a sweet and savory taste with a tart-tamarind and coconut flavor.

Besides, the coffee has smooth chocolatey essence.

1. Black Ivory Coffee

With an estimated price of $1,500 per pound, Black Ivory Coffee is the most expensive coffee in 2024.

Black Ivory Coffee (Source: Espresso Grands Crus)

Which country produces Black Ivory Coffee?

Primarily, the deluxe Black Ivory Coffee was manufactured in Thailand.

Initially, the coffee was produced by Black Ivory Coffee Ltd. at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Chiang Saen.

But, currently, Thailand’s northeast province, Surin, manufactures the coffee.

Overall, all of the profits are funded to the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation for the sound health and security of the elephants.

What is the secret recipe for ultra-expensive Black Ivory Coffee?

The intense sweetness of the rich American flavor coffee makes the Black Ivory Coffee a grand one.

Besides, the coffee is derived from the stool of the 2-ton elephants.

All, special thanks to the elephant’s digestive enzymes for making the brand so exclusive.

Why is Black Ivory Coffee so expensive?

The high cost of Black Ivory Coffee is due to the peak demand for raw coffee cherries.

About 33 kilograms (72 pounds) of raw coffee cherries only produce one kilogram (two pounds) of the product.

Similarly, most of the beans are chewed by the elephants and are lost in the bush as fragments during excretion.

Moreover, the appetite of elephants also crucially impacts the coffee’s production.

How can you afford Black Ivory Coffee?

Well, anybody with a low budget too can afford Black Ivory Coffee.

Isn’t it surprising? Yes, indeed it is.

Despite the high-dollar price, you can buy a cup of Black Ivory Coffee for $50.

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