15 Worst Oscars Dresses of all Time…!

Worst Dress

Worst Oscar Dresses of all Time!

The award that is given for excellence in the American and International film industry, The Oscar….!

It is not any mediocre honor but the highest form of recognition that includes everyone involved while making a film.

Furthermore, Academy Awards is one of the most-watched red carpet events in the world. Everyone is so pumped up during this award ceremony that sometimes it fails miserably.

Worst Oscar Dresses
Worst Oscar Dresses (Source: Tatler Asia)

Here, we are talking about the top 15 worst Oscar dresses of all time. Yes, it is definitely a thing!

Hollywood’s top stars are highly anticipated to walk the red carpet flaunting their spectacular outfits. Nevertheless, people remember it for a long time when someone that big messes up!

Quick Overview

Here are the 15 worst Oscar dresses of all time!!

S.no Worn By Designer Year
1. Lady Gaga Azzedine Alaia 2015
2. St. Vincent Saint Laurent 2018
3. Bjork Marjan Pejoski 2001
4. Faith Hill Versace 2002
5. Uma Thurman Prada 2004
6. Whoopi Goldberg N/A 1993
7. Kate Hudson Stella McCartney 2001
8. Sally Kirkland N/A 2002
9. Sophia Loren Giorgio Armani Prive 2009
10. Lizzy Gardiner Lizzy Gardiner 1995
11. Kelly Ripa Christian Siriano 2018
12. Edy Williams N/A 1974
13. Susan Sarandon Dolce & Gabbana 1996
14. Demi Moore Demi Moore 1989
15. Hilary Swank Dior 2003

Worst Oscars Dresses of all Time…!

#15. Hilary Swank

The American actress and producer Hilary Swank came to prominence after appearing in Camp Wilder and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Over the year, Swank has presented herself with several red carpet looks but not every dress she chose has been appreciated.

Worst Oscar Dress by Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank (Source: POPSUGAR)

In 2003, Hilary wore a Dior gown to the Oscars, and that particular dress has been included in the worst Oscar dresses of all time!

Moreover, the outfit was thought rather to be more appropriate for prom night than the Oscars. To illustrate, she clad herself in a pink mini-dress and ombre tulle overlay.

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#14. Demi Moore

The veteran Hollywood actress Demi Moore was one of the highest-paid actresses during the 1980s and 1990s.

The talented actress decided to show her skill during the 1989 Oscars, for which she designed a dress for herself that year.

Demi Moore
Demi Moore (Source: Vogue)

To detail, her outfit comprised of a bodysuit out of a pair of spandex shorts and a black corset. Likewise, she went for a quiet lot of metallic print floral fabric for her gold brocade skirt.

Finally, she completed her looks with diamond earrings and a curly updo. This dress of hers made to the list of worst dresses worn at Oscars.

However, Demi was totally proud of her creation, and maybe she could own the fact about being the queen of biker shorts!

#13. Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is a very brilliant American actress and an activist. She has been honored with several awards and nominations, including Oscars, BAFTA, SAG, Emmy, and Golden Globe.

Susan Sarandon (Source: POPSUGAR)

In the year 1996, the actress wore a golden/copper ballgown to the Oscars, which was designed by Dolce & Gabbana.

Sarandon received the Best Actress award for her role in Dead Man Walking. However, the dress she wore was not so cherished.

#12. Edy Williams

Edwina Beth Williams or Edy Williams is an American actress known for starring in the movies of Russ Meyer.

The actress had an epic fail at an Oscars when she wore a leopard-print bikini in the year 1974. However, the designer of this dress is not known.

Edy Williams (Source: Livingly)

To detail, she chose the bikini to wear inside a fuzzy fur cloak. People even wondered if she had something spare to wear in the car!

#11. Kelly Ripa

The American actress, host, dancer, and television producer Kelly Ripa is best known for her roles like Hayley Vaughan in All My Children (1970-2011) and Faith Fairfield in Hope & Faith (2003-2006).

Kelly Ripa (Source: Entertainment Tonight)

Ripa, when arrived at the 2018 Academy Awards, she clad herself in a strapless gown.

Furthermore, the dress was designed by Christian Siriano, which looked beautiful from the front. However, it looked quite disastrous from behind, leading it on the list of one of the worst dresses worn at Oscars.

#10. Lizzy Gardiner

Lizzy Gardiner is an Australian costume designer. She made it to this list for a dress that she fashioned from expired American Express cards.

Lizzy Gardiner Oscar Dress (Source: EVOKE)

None of those cards were fake, but all were expired.

Ironically, the designer won an Oscar for Best Costume Design for The Adventure of Priscilla, Queen of Desert (1994), but she went wearing such havoc to the event for receiving the award.

#09. Sophia Loren

The Italian actress Sophia Loren also comes in the list of worst dressers of Oscars.

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren (Source: Pinterest)

In 2009, Loren wore a Giorgio Armani Prive gown which was disliked by the people. To illustrate, the dress boasted a yellow organza ruffle, and it looked like the actress was engulfed by this dress.

#08. Sally Kirkland

The American film and television actress Sally Kirkland is often known for choosing outrageous outfits for her red-carpet look.

Likewise, in 2002, the actress opted for a gold gown revealing her bare thigh. It did not look good at all.

Sally Kirkland (Source: Global News)

Moreover, she had a rhinestone bindi to complete this distasteful look which added another layer of bizarreness!

Similarly, Kirkland went on a similar spree in 2007 when she wore a semi-sheer multi-colored dress.

#07. Kate Hudson

We all love Kate Hudson and appreciate how beautiful this American actress/businessman looks.

Nevertheless, Hudson did something “not cool” during the Academy Awards of 2001.

Kate Hudson (Source: Pinterest)

Kate clad herself in a gray dress with a fringe neckcloth. As a matter of fact, she looked quite unrecognizable in this outfit which was prepared for her by Stella McCartney.

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#06. Whoopi Goldberg

The American actor/comedian Whoopi Goldberg has frequently chosen bold outfits and bold makeups while appearing on the red carpet.

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg (Source: The Mirror)

Likewise, the year was 1993 when the actress appeared wearing a jumpsuit with a purple cape and a lime green brocade. Moreover, she went for matching purple and green heels.

Yes, it looks equally funny as it sounds. The overall aesthetic was inspired by Disney, but it failed.

#05. Uma Thurman

Who does not love Uma Thurman? She is a brilliant actress with an amazing sense of style. But, it is fairly challenging to nail the red carpet looks every time!

Worst Oscar Dresses of all Time
Uma Thurman 2004’s Oscar Dress (Source: Pinterest)

Let’s visit the year 2004 when Thurman wore something that did not equate with the good fashion sense.

The actress wore a low tulle dress with flouncy sleeves under which she had a dirndl-style vest. Moreover, she had a blue satin cloth wrapped around her waist to complete her look.

#04. Faith Hill

The American actress/country singer wore a Versace gown during the Academy Award of 2002.

Moreover, she also performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” during the award ceremony. Nonetheless, the dress she chose for that night was just not accepted by audiences.

Worst Oscar Dresses of all Time- Faith Hill's Worst Oscar Dress
Faith Hill (Source: Pinterest)

The famous country singer Faith Hill clad herself in a sorbet-colored gown. The pastel design gown was maybe her sartorial choice as she was performing, we don’t know, but it failed miserably.

Maybe Faith Hill was chasing rainbows when she decided to wear one!

#03. Bjork

The Icelandic singer and actress Bjork also comes in this list of worst Oscar dresses of all time.

Worst Oscar Dresses of all Time
Bjork’s Swan Dress (Source: Paparazzi. buzz)

In 2001, the singer wore a Marjan Pejoski dress, commonly remembered as the “swan dress.” In fact, she wore the similar dress for her album cover of Vespertine.

The swan dress comprised of pearls and beads, and there were real ostrich feathers giving it a life-like vibe. However, the reaction to her dress was rather unpleasant.

#02. St. Vincent

The American musician, producer, and actress St. Vincent was born Anne Erin “Annie” Clark. She is a recipient of several honors, not to forget two Grammys.

The multitalented woman was featured in the 2018’s Oscar ceremony where she wore Saint Laurent.

Worst Oscar Dresses of all Time
St. Vincent in 2018 Oscars (Source Go Fug Yourself)

To detail, the actress-singer clad herself in an all-black ensemble. She also went with a bold red lip with that short black outfit.

Even though Vincent looked chic in this dress, the typical dress was not appreciated by the viewers!

#01. Lady Gaga

Finally, someone without whom the red carpet looks are not worth mentioning.

We are talking about Lady Gaga, the queen of unique looks! Gaga went with a white Azzedine Alaia dress in 2015.

It’s not the meat dress she wore in MTV Awards (2010). Here we are talking about her Oscar look where she clad herself in a white gown.

Worst Oscar Dresses of all Time
Lady Gaga Wearing Dishwashing Gloves at Oscars (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

It sounds okay till now, doesn’t it? But, the bonafide singer/actress chose to wear an ugly pair of gloves with this look.

And there’s that, one of the worst choices for walking on Oscar’s red carpet.

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