Alec Benjamin Net Worth: Music Career and Lifestyle

Alec Benjamin

American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Alec Benjamin is considered to be one of the most promising stars of the current generation. He has collaborated with many top artists at a very young age.

Benjamin is known for his phenomenal single released in 2018, “Let Me Down Slowly,” proving to everyone that he is a remarkable singer.

His song “Let Me Down Slowly” reached the top 40 in about 25 countries, and it has crossed over 970 million streams on Spotify as of June 2024.

Alec Benjamin
Alec Benjamin (Source: Instagram profile)

Despite being let go from Columbia Records while still in university, he promoted his music by taking a self-funded tour to Europe.

Benjamin created his fanbase through YouTube and performing shows at parking lots of Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan concerts during his Europe tour.

He writes about honesty and vulnerability in his song fundamentally in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Alec Benjamin | Quick Facts

Let’s look into some o the personal facts about Alec Benjamin that you might not have heard.

Full Name Alec Shane Benjamin
Known name Alec Benjamin
Date of Birth May 28, 1994
Birthplace Phoenix, Arizona
Age 30 Years Old
Nationality American
Religion N/A
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Mother N/A
Father N/A
Siblings Logan
Height 5.11 ft or 180 cm
Weight 60 kg or 132 lbs
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Genre Folk-Pop, Indie
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Label Columbia Records (2013-2016)

Atlantic (2018-present)

Profession Singer, Songwriter
Sexual Orientation Straight
Debut Album These Two Windows
Active Years 2013–present
Marital Status Unmarried
Ex-Girlfriend Unavailable
Current Partner No
Children No
Awards Platinum Award
Yearly Salary N/A
Net Worth $15 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud
Website Alec Benjamin
Merch Signed CD
Last Update June 2024

Alec Benjamin Net Worth and Income

American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin’s net worth is a total of $15 million.

Benjamin’s song “Let Me Down Slowly” has earned him 5,752 million streams on Spotify, and he has another single that has hit the top list of Billboard.

He has a new album dropping soon.

His remarkable single “Let Me Down Slowly” has earned him 2.3 million USD through Spotify alone.

Additionally, his other singles like “Water Fountain” and “If We Have Each Other” have helped him bring in $70,000 and $50,000, respectively.

He has regular listeners of 13.5 million fans in Spotify, from which he collects about $32,000.

Alec shows going fullhouse
Alec shows going full-house (Source: Instagram profile)

His first album, “These Two Windows,” had also received a great response from fans, which was on the top 200 on Billboard when released in 2019.

The album has earned him more than $25 million.

The mixtapes that he has released at the start of his career have been moderate hits.

Moreover, he has also performed in Late Night Show with James Corden.

Earning from Social Media

Alec has earned a massive fortune from his music career, social media sponsorship, and various endorsements.

Additionally, Alec also earns from the sales of his merchandise.

He also earns about $5,000 from each Instagram post.

Earning from YouTube

For several young people who try to make money by displaying their art and creativity, YouTube has become the talk of the town. Many people are inspired by YouTube stars like PewDiePie, who have made a lot of money.

Moreover, Alec has a great following on the YouTube channel as well.

His YouTube channel is subscribed to by more than 4 million people. From YouTube alone, he earns $1.2 million yearly.

Alec Benjamin’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look at Alec Benjamin’s Net Worth in several currencies, including Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 13306500
Pound Sterling £ 11187768
Australian Dollar A$ 20735415
Canadian Dollar C$ 19070175
Indian Rupee ₹ 1126132500
BitCoin ฿ 381.72

Alec Benjamin | House and Cars


Benjamin has always kept his personal life a secret as he has severe cases of social anxiety and is a very camera-shy person.

However, according to the sources, he has recently moved to L.A, California, for his rising career.

Nevertheless, he has yet to disclose his address. He hasn’t posted anything about his house on any social media platform.

We can, however, see the interiors of his house, and it looks stunning. Alec has built one mini-studio in his home during the pandemic lockdown.


Alec Benjamin has shown interest in various cars in his interview.

He has posed in an Instagram post with a red BMW. It has cost this rockstar a handsome $45,000.

However, he has yet to be spotted by paparazzi in any cars as he is reticent.

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Alec Benjamin | Lifestyle

Benjamin is a very grounded as well as a humble man. He likes his personal space.

He wasn’t brought up in any musical background. Moreover, he used to play his dad’s guitar as a hobby. Little did he know, he would pursue his career in this field.

Alec and his pet dressed as Wonder Woman for Halloween
Alec and his pet dressed as Wonder Woman for Halloween (Source: Twitter)

He has confirmed that he writes all of his songs based on his true experience. His song represents vulnerability, love, and affection.

Additionally, Alec has dedicated his song “If We Have Each Other” to his sister.

He also encourages people to seek help who suffers from mental health.

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Alec Benjamin | Charity

Alec is a very enigmatic kind of person. He likes things to keep within himself; that’s why he doesn’t want to flaunt his charity cases on the social media platform or on the Internet generally.

However, he has conducted a live stream in Twitch for charity.

Alec Benajmin has OCD and social anxiety, which he has admitted without any hesitation. So, according to various sources, Benjamin has been involved in charity cases that support mental health.

Alec Benjamin | Music, Endorsements, Investment


In 2013, Benjamin was first provided with a record deal with an independent label called “White Rope.” The label has recorded and released his debut mixtape, ‘Mixtape 1: America’, which was a moderate hit.

He released his 1st song, “Paper Crown,” in November 2014 through the deal on YouTube after being dropped by Columbia Records, which fans adored for the emotions portrayed by it.

Later he released another single from his album, “The Water Fountain,” which became more popular than the “Paper Crown”.

He then released his 2nd mixtape, ‘Narrated for You’, in the year 2018, which consists of 12 tracks. The tape was based on the phases of life, love, friendship, and parents. “Let Me Down Slowly” was a major hit from his mixtape.

His debut album “These Two Windows” was released in May 2020, which reached the top 74 on the Billboard chart. His single “Oh My God” was the major hit in the album as it hit the top 100 in ‘Billboard Hot 100’.

He is now on the edge of releasing his new album, “(Un)Commentary,” in April 2022.


Alex has a massive fan following among the youth. Therefore, it is very common for big brands to be eager to be associated with him.

Moreover, his social media presence and YouTube presence also attract various brands.

Alec has signed some pretty good endorsement deals in recent years, details of which are still unknown.

Such deals have also contributed to Alec Benjamin’s net worth. Moreover, his income from endorsements is expected to increase in the coming years.


Alec is a young guy, and he likes to keep track of modern investing opportunities like crypto and NFTs.

He was seen talking about NFT in an interview.

Alec knows that only earning money is never enough; we have to invest so that we can actually harvest a sizable fortune in the long run.

Moreover, he also has invested in his merch business. Alec has shared his merch link on his Linktree account.

Alec has also confessed in an interview that he wants to explore his business intentions in the coming days.

However, he wants to dedicate almost all of his time to music, at least in this era where streaming platforms are ruling over the internet.

Alec Benjamin | Career

As he picked up as a hobby from his father to play guitar, Benjamin never imagined himself making a career out of music. But as time passed, he started to get serious about music, and he wrote his song while composing them in computer software.

He never joined any guitar classes, and whenever he wanted to learn anything, he would go to YouTube. He joined the music industry when YouTube was the major hit.

At the age of 16, he started to write his song.  He then wrote many emails to the different artists in the industry who could help him through his career.

As of June 2024, Alec Benjamin’s net worth is $15 million.

Interesting Facts about Alec Benjamin

  • Alec Benjamin used to play in front of 150 crowds outside of some pop artists’ concerts.
  • He has always considered John Mayer to be his idol. Alec confesses that he aspired to play guitar by looking at John Mayer. Well, any music lover would like John Mayer’s guitar skills.
  • Benjamin says that sleeping on a tour bus is one of the worst things during tours. In 2016, he faced his first near-death experience while he was on the tour bus.

FAQs About Alec Benjamin

What is the favorite music genre of Alec Benjamin?

Well, he loves many of them. Apart from idolizing John Mayer, he also heavily follows Eminem, Coldplay, Paul Simon, and System of Down.

Have Alec Benjamin and John Mayer done a show yet?

Well, yes. After finding out Alec’s love and admiration for him, John Mayer invited Alec to his house and performed on “Current Mood.” Current Mood is the show that John Mayer usually does on Instagram.

Why does Alec Benjamin prefer to be called a “narrator”?

Alec likes to stay behind the camera and tell the story through his voice. He does not like to act in his videos.

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