Top 30 Entrepreneur Motivational Songs

Motivational Songs

Hey, readers out there, where would you go to seek help and comfort whenever you feel low and start to sense everything in your life is falling apart. When everybody’s out of reach even your closest friends and family members.

Well, in general, the answer to this question is only music. Yes, you got it right! Only music can save you. In this chaotic and restless world, music can only be your true friend and make you feel at home.

Along this roller coaster ride of life’s journey, music can only speak to your deep roots and calm your spirit.

Besides, music makes you experience varieties of emotions and realize your own true self and the world around you. Beyond the diversity, music makes every mankind one.

Moreover, music enhances one’s idea, imagination, creativity, expressiveness, and changes perception personally. Furthermore, music boosts your mood and heals your aching soul.

Motivational Songs
Motivational Songs (Source: Wallpaper Flare)

According to the genre of the music you are listening to, it creates a sensation in your neurological system and influences your well-being.

So, in this article, I present you with the top 30 motivating songs of all time for entrepreneurs.

Well, everybody’s fighting, hustling, and going through their own tough journey, shout out to all of the living warriors in this universe who are giving their best to survive in a peaceful manner.

This song lists sure may help you be even stronger and go-getter for everything that you ever want in this life.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the article and don’t forget to check them out for real.

It’s a precious gift from your writer friend.

Quick Overview

Songs for Entrepreneurs  Artist
 Sparkle  Maya Isacowitz
 Fight Back NEEFEX 
 Nate  NF
 Wake Up Madison Reyes 
 Just Like You NF 
 Grateful  NEEFEX
 Destiny NEEFEX
 Believer Imagine Dragons 
 The Nights Avicii 
 Dream It Possible  Delacey
 Never Give Up Sia 
 Hall of Fame  The Script
 Champion Chipmunk ft. Chris Brown 
 Greatest Sia 
 Titanium  Sia
 We Own It Wiz Khalifa ft. 2 Chainz 
 I’m Ready  NF
 Fractures Illenium 
 When I Grow Up  NF
 Hold On Be Strong Tupac Shakur 
 Fly Away The FatRat 
 Firework Katy Perry 
 Rise Up  The FatRat
 No Excuses NF 
 Best of Me  NEEFEX
 So Ambitious Jay-Z 
 Work Hard, Play Hard  Wiz Khalifa
 On My Way Alan Walker ft. Sabrina Carpenter 
 Congratulations Post Malone ft. Quavo
 Remember the Name  Fort Minor

Entrepreneur Motivational Songs 

So, here are the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs worldwide. Let’s just check them out and do give your ears a blessing later!!

1. Maya Isacowitz- Sparkle

Sparkle is an electronic, pop, indie song written and performed by Israeli singer Maya Isacowitz.

Similarly, the single was released in February 2019 on the album entitled Sparkle. Besides, the EP was produced by Tomer Yosef.

Moreover, Sparkle is Isacowitz’s third album after Safe and Sound, and All of the Miles.

Maya Isacowitz- Sparkle
Maya Isacowitz- Sparkle (Source: SoundCloud)

In general, the song depicts the sparkle that is thriving within ourselves and is searching to bloom like a flower and rise and shine too bright as the sun.

With its enchanting lyrics and soul-soothing, energy-boosting melodies, Sparkle managed to secure the top list among 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs, as of 2021.

2. NEFFEX- Fight Back

Fight Back is a song composed and produced by a renowned American electronic rap band, NEFFEX.

Likewise, the song was dropped on November 30, 2018.

Similarly, the single falls under NEFFEX’s first compilation album Fight Back: The Collection.

Besides, all of the NEFFEX’s songs are signed under Burning Boat 12Tone Music.

Moreover, the collection comprises of twelve most powerful motivating songs.

NEFFEX- Fight Back
NEFFEX- Fight Back (Source: SoundCloud)

The song is accessible on several sites such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, and many more.

Further, all of NEFFEX’s song is royalty-free.

Overall, Fight Back depicts to prove and fight back against all of the judgers in this world who are against your driven goal and say that you’re never going to make it.

Thus, Fight Back managed to secure the second position among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs, as of 2021.

3. NF- Nate

On the third rank of top 30 entrepreneur motivational songs in 2021 comes none other than my all-time favorite, the rawest and coolest rapper NF’s single Nate.

Nate is a song written by an American rapper, singer, and songwriter NF, Nathan John Feuerstein.

Similarly, the single falls under NF’s hit fourth studio album The Search which was dropped on July 26, 2019. Besides, it was released by NF Real Music and Caroline.

Moreover, the album debuted No.1 on the US Billboard 200 leaving behind Chance Rapper’s album The Big Day.

Here, in this song, NF emphasizes his hardships till now and is talking to his six-year-old self telling him what he is going to experience throughout his life. Overall, he depicts the dark truth of life and suggests how to move ahead in one’s life through his jaw-dropping rap verses.

Nate is one of the most vulnerable songs in his entire album.

Also, NF fans worldwide label him as Nate.

4. Madison Reyes- Wake Up

Wake Up is a motivational song written and performed by Puerto Rican singer and actress Madison Reyes.

Wake Up was aired on September 10, 2020, on the Netflix musical series Julie and the Phantoms. Besides, Reyes debuted as the main cast Julie and sang the song on the first episode of the starting season of the series.

The song was released by the collaboration of Columbia Records and Netflix. Similarly, it is the second track on the album of the series.

Moreover, the song is available on various sites such as Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, etc.

In the series, a high schooler Julie’s (Madison Reyes) mother died a year ago. After that, she lost her passion for music.

But, one day when she goes to her mother’s old studio, she suddenly sees three ghost musicians of 1995 (Charlie Gillespie, Owen Patrick Joyner, and Jeremy Shada).

Then, she goes through awakening and begins her journey on singing, songwriting. Later, they form a band Julie and the Phantoms.

Thus, Wake Up managed to add its name on the fourth place among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs, as of 2021.

5. NF- Just Like You

Just Like You is a song by an American Christian rapper, NF. On March 26, 2021, the single was officially debuted on Youtube.

Besides, Broadcast Music, Capitol CMG Publishing, ASCAP, and other several musical rights societies licensed the official music video of Just Like You. Moreover, the single has amassed 10 million views on Youtube as of 2024.

Furthermore, the song emphasizes NF’s saying that there are millions of people just like us who are struggling throughout their journey in life. Everyone has their own story, battles, and hardships to endure and survive throughout their life. Also, the song suggests not to be hopeless and think that you are the only one suffering throughout this journey, everybody is on the same road together.

It’s normal that we fall and fail in our life, but we should never give up.

My favorite line from this song is:

It’s the rainy days that give us love for the sun
And if it isn’t, I guess I’ll be fine believing it does.
Everybody falls sometimes
Just remember that that’s alright
It’s the lows in life that make you cherish the highs
And if isn’t, I guess I’ll be fine believing a lie!!

Hence, Just Like You managed to add its name as the fifth most motivational song for entrepreneurs universally, as of 2024.

6. NEEFEX- Grateful

On December 27, 2017, an American band NEFFEX dropped a song entitled Grateful on Youtube. Later, the song grossed more than 100 million views.

Apart from that, the song is accessible on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, and many more.

Likewise, the motivating verses with electronic and rap combinations make the song a popular one.

Moreover, the song emphasizes the thirst for being one of the greatest individuals and proving to the world what they’re made of.

Thus, Grateful managed to add its name to the sixth place among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs, as of 2021.

7. NEEFEX- Destiny

On March 29, 2017, an American musical group NEFFEX produced a song entitled Destiny.

Likewise, the song is a single from NEFFEX’s album Destiny: The Collection.

Moreover, Destiny has surpassed more than 50 million views on Youtube.

In general, the song illustrates the singer’s life experiences on how they have undergone bruises, rejection, failures, and judgments.

Also, they depict life’s hardships and to never give up how harsh the journey is and in the end to get where one desires to be with patience.

Hence, Destiny managed to add its name as the seventh motivational song among the top 30 uplifting songs for entrepreneurs, as of 2021.

8. Imagine Dragons- Believer

Believer is one of the most lively pop-rock songs ever created by the renowned American band Imagine Dragons.

Besides, the song is the leading single from the band’s third studio album Evolve. Also, the single was debuted by Interscope Records and Kidinakorner on February 1, 2017.

Likewise, the songwriters of the song are Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Justin Tranter, Ben McKee, and Daniel Platzman.

Later, the song ranked at No.4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Similarly, the single also won several titles such as Hot Rock Songs chart, Alternative Songs chart, Top TV Commercial charts, and so on.

Apart from that, Believer was used in the finale episodes of the first season of mega-hit American teen series Riverdale.

On March 7, 2017, the official music video of Believer was premiered on the band’s official youtube account.

As of 2024, the music video has grossed over 1.9 billion views and 17 million likes on Youtube. Moreover, the music video of the song is illuminating.

In the music video, Reynolds and Dolph Lundgren are boxing with each other and Reynold is trying to give up in the fight. But, Dolph tells him we can’t end it. Also, the younger version of Reynold is sketching something in his notebook.

Finally, Reynold wins the match and the sketch seems similar to Dan’s tattoo on his chest which says Evolve.

Furthermore, Reynold declared that the song is mainly based on his painful life experiences such as anxiety, dealing with crowds, bands success, depression, and the disease of ankylosing spondylitis.

Thereby, he advises that embracing the struggle and pain in one’s life and evolving as a human being is a must, growth is a must in this journey.

Hence, Believer with its alerting message is the eighth-most motivational song for entrepreneurs, as of 2021.

9. Avicii- The Nights

On the ninth place of the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs in 2021 comes one of the internationally beloved songs The Nights.

The Nights is the most celebrated song of a renowned Swedish DJ, record producer, and songwriter Avicii.

Also, the song was written by multiple artists such as Nicholas Furlong, Gabriel Benjamin, Jordan Suecof, John Feldmann, and Avicii.

Besides, the song was recorded at Foxy Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Firstly, the single was signed by PRMD Music and Universal Island Records on December 1, 2014. Similarly, the song was officially debuted on Avicii’s The Day/ The Nights EP.

Later, it peaked No. 1 on UK’s Dance Chart and No. 6 on UK’s single Chart.

On December 15, 2014,  Avicii dropped the official music video of The Nights on Youtube.

Moreover, the song was directed by an American actor Rory Kramer.

Likewise, the music video shows the story of living one’s life to be worth- remembering through Kramer’s euphoric compilation of adventures such as surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and so on.

Further, The song’s original idea was inspired as an ode to Nicholas Furlong’s father. As well, the song grossed over 741 million views globally.

10. Delacey- Dream It Possible

On September 8, 2015, American singer and songwriter Delacey released a song entitled Dream It Possible.

Also, the single is one of the greatest uplifting songs ever written and produced in the world’s history.

Besides, the song was officially debuted as Huwaei’s ringtone.

Similarly, Delacey performed the song on Huwaei’s opening show.

Moreover, the song emphasizes dreaming of your goals as possible and trying to achieve them no matter what it takes.

Furthermore, the song with its ethereal melodies makes you feel at home at your deepest core making you realize your burning passion in this life.

Thus, Dream it Possible has managed to add its name in tenth place among the list of top 30 motivational songs of all time for every thriving entrepreneur out there, as of 2021.

11. Sia- Never Give Up

On the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs,  Sia’s single Never Give Up has managed to secure the eleventh place on the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs, as of 2021.

On 18 November 2016, one of the most celebrated Australian singers and songwriters Sia debuted a song entitled Never Give Up.

Besides, it was the soundtrack of the biographical film Lion directed by Garth Davis in 2016.

Similarly, the track is a combination of Indian and Middle Eastern music with an electropop ballad.

Likewise,  the single won a Grammy Award for Best Song written for visual media.

Moreover, the song emphasizes how Sia’s fate has abandoned her, how she battled with her inner demons, and how her past haunts her. Yet, she won’t fall down and never give up until she hits the ground and paves her own desired path through her hard work.

12. The Script- Hall of Fame

On the top 30 list of motivating songs for the entrepreneurs, The Script’s Hall of Fame managed to add up its name with its uplifting lyrics and rhythms at the twelfth place, as of 2021.

On 23 July 2014, An Irish pop-rock band The Script released their first play of Hall of Fame on Capital FM.

Besides, the song features  Black-Eyed Pea’s most renowned artist, will.

Similarly, the track is the most leading singles from the band’s third album entitled  3.

Also, the single ranked No. 1 on the Irish Singles Chart.

Whereas, the track debuted No.2 on the UK Singles Chart.

Moreover, The Australian Recording Industry Association(ARIA) certified the song with platinum ten times.

Overall, the song emphasizes chasing one’s dream and making positive impacts in the world.

Furthermore, since its debut, the song was used in several media.

13. Chipmunk ft. Chris Brown- Champion

Among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs in 2021, the influential rapper Chipmunk and legendary pop icon Chris Brown’s debut Champion also managed to add up its name to the thirteenth place.

Besides, Champion is one of the universal motivational songs ever made in history.

Also, the songwriters of the single are Chipmunk and Chris Brown.

Likewise, the song was produced by Samuels.

On February 6, 2011, Chipmunk released Champion as the second single from his second studio album Transition.

Later, the single peaked at No.2 on UK’s Singles Chart. At that time, Chipmunk won himself the second-highest charting singles internationally.

Similarly, Chris Brown also added the song as his single on his fourth album F.A.M.E.

Moreover, the song was certified Gold by the British Phonographic Industry. The sales were 400,000 certified units globally.

Overall, the song depicts the realization of every individual that they were born as the greatest champions in their own unique way and they can conquer everything they want in this world.

14. Sia- Greatest

Among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs in 2021, Sia’s Greatest managed to add its name at the fourteenth place.

Besides, the songwriters of the electro-pop song are Sia Furler and Greg Kurstin.

Mainly, the song is a single from Sia’s deluxe edition 2016 album, This Is Acting.

On September 6, 2016, Sia released the official music video of The Greatest.

Also, the record was labeled by Monkey Puzzle and RCA Records.

Likewise, the music video features an American dancer Maddie Ziegler and other 48 different young people.

Mostly several media outlets predict that the music video was a tribute to the 49 victims at the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Similarly, the music video was nominated for the Best Choreography by MTV music video award in 2017.

Moreover, the song grossed 732 million views as of 2021 on youtube.

Later, The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) certified the single with double platinum.

Overall, the song depicts Sia’s undestroyable stamina to be the greatest of all alive in this world and never give up on it.

15. Sia- Titanium

Among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs in 2021, Sia’s mega-hit single Titanium managed to add its name at the fifteenth place.

One of the most influential French DJs globally, David Guetta produced the song Titanium.

Besides, the song embraces the vocals of an astonishing Australian singer Sia.

Similarly, EMI (Electric and Music Industries) labeled the song.

Mainly, the song falls into the category of pop-house music.

On November 26, 2011, Titanium was officially released as the single from Guetta’s renowned album Nothing but the Beat.

Likewise, the song ranked No.1 in the UK, top five in Canada, and top ten in the US.

Later, Titanium was certified with Gold and Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

On December 21, 2011, the song was officially released on the Youtube channel of Guetta.

Moreover, Titanium grossed about 1.4 billion views as of 2021.

Furthermore, the song depicts not falling and rising as much as one can even though anybody tries to pull oneself down.

Overall, Sia is like titanium who won’t fall down even if she’s shot. And, one must learn to be like her in this case.

16. Wiz Khalifa ft. 2 Chainz- We Own It

Among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs in 2021, We Own It managed to add its name at sixteenth place.

We Own It is a song performed by renowned American rappers Wiz Khalifa and 2Chainz.

Besides, the song was released on May 23, 2013, on Youtube signed under The Island Def Jam Music Group.

Likewise, it was used as the official soundtrack for the mega-hit movie Fast and Furious 6.

Mainly, the opening and end sections of the movie are accompanied by the song.

Apart from that, 2 Chainz introduced the song as a global bounty track in his second studio album B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time.

Thereby, the Recording Industry of Association certified the single with double platinum.

As well, the song sold over 13,70,000 copies in the USA.

Overall, the song emphasizes trying hard and giving every shot to make your life at its best.

17.  NF- I’m Ready

Among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs in 2021, I’m Ready managed to add its name to the seventeenth place.

On May 9, 2016, NF’s single I’m Ready was produced by a Michigan music producer, Tommee Profitt.

Mainly, the song was debuted on a martial arts fighting digital game EA Sports UFC 2.

Besides, the song was signed under the Capitol CMG Label Group.

Moreover, I’m Ready has grossed 3.5 million views on Youtube till now.

Overall, the song foretells the story of how the negative critics of NF are trying to pull him down in his rap journey. But, he isn’t backing down, he is more than what they think him to be.

Indeed, NF is never giving up on his rapping journey which he is truly passionate about, and is carefree on what else somebody has to say about his art.

18. Illenium- Fractures

Among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs in 2021, Fractures managed to add its name to the eighteenth place.

An American DJ and music producer Nicholas D. Miller, officially known as Illenium produced one of the most intriguing tracks entitled Fractures.

Besides, the single was released in February 2017 featuring Nevve.

Moreover, the song is a track from Illenium’s hit album Awake.

Mainly, the song has an ecstatic dubstep or trap sound and feel to it.

Likewise, the soundtrack is accessible on various musical sites such as SoundCloud, Shazam, and Spotify.

Overall, the song emphasizes the hunger within humans for striving for what they want in their life. Even though, suffering from fractures, one must be hopeful in their journey and march towards their goal.

19. NF- When I Grow Up

Among the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs in 2021, When I Grow Up managed to add its name to the nineteenth place.

When I Grow Up is the third single from NF’s fourth studio album The Search. Besides, the song was dropped on June 27, 2019.

Similarly, it was directed and produced by Patrick Tohill and Tommee Profitt respectively.

Likewise, the track was certified with platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America with  10,00,000 units sales.

Mainly, the official video of the music foretells the narration with a bunch of kids including NF where everyone shares their dream to succeed as they grow up.

Moreover, NF shares his goal of being a rapper in the future.

Furthermore, the video also depicts all of the incoming life events of NF where he works like a garbage disposal man, a janitor, and an employee at fast food restaurant until he finally follows his burning ambition.

20. 2 Pac- Hold On Be Strong

Hold On Be Strong is a song written and performed by one of the world’s most legendary hip-hop artists, rappers, 2 Pac popular as Tupac Shakur from the US.

Besides, the song is a single from his album R U Still Down? (Remember Me).

Moreover, the album was dropped on November 25, 1997.

Furthermore, Hold On Be Strong depicts 2Pac’s life story when he was young, about his thug life, and violence in the black society. Also, he adds to never give up, just to hold on and be strong and to rise higher in one’s life.

21. The Fatrat- Fly Away

Among the top 30 motivating songs for entrepreneurs, Fly Away also managed to add up its name to the list.

In June 2017, The Fat rat produced a song entitled Fly Away with a vocalist Anjulie.

Besides, the track’s glitch-hop melody adds a unique feel to the listeners.

Moreover, the song mainly emphasizes failing, climbing, and rising in life’s journey and not giving up.

22. Katy Perry- Firework

On the top 30 motivating songs for entrepreneurs, Firework also managed to add up its name.

Besides, the song is sung by renowned American singer Katy Perry. Also, the single belongs to her third studio album Teenage Dream.

Katy Perry- Firework
Katy Perry- Firework (Source: SoundCloud)

Similarly, Capitol Records released the song on October 26, 2010.

The song is a combination of inspiring lyrics with pop dance melodies on it.

Likewise, Firework topped Billboard Hot 100. Also, the song was certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America with sales grossing over 10 million copies in the US.

Moreover, Firework was nominated two times in the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance and Record of the Year.

23. The Fat Rat- Rise Up

Christian Friedrich Johannes Büttner officially known as The FatRat produced one of the most inspirational songs entitled Rise Up.

Besides, the song was released on Youtube as copyright-free music on October 25, 2019.

Similarly, Rise Up is signed under The Arcadium via LabelRadar.

Mainly, it is used as a gaming soundtrack globally.

Also, the music is available on various sites such as The SoundCloud, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify, and many more.

Since, the release of Rise Up, there are 23 million views totally grossed till now.

Moreover, this glitch-hop music motivates one to never back down on their life and claim what they want from this life no matter how hard the situation they are going through.

Furthermore, the song adds up to rise up from the dust and claim one’s throne.

24. NF- No Excuses

Among the top 30 motivating songs for the entrepreneurs, NF’s No Excuses also managed to add up its name to the list.

On July 26, 2019, NF debuted the most powerful and intense singles No Excuses from his mega-hit album The Search.

Besides, the album consists of songs that depict the hustle that NF faced and endured throughout his journey.

NF- No Excuses
NF- No Excuses (Source: YouTube)

Likewise, the album ranked No.1 in Billboard 200 in 2019.

Moreover, the album was certified with Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. The song’s sales grossed at 1,000,000 certified units.

Furthermore, No Excuses emphasize NF’s story on how he learned to do what he is doing as the finest rapper. He exclaims it is all due to his self-taught lesson on life which is No Excuses.

25. NEEFEX- Best of Me

On the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs, Best of Me also managed to add up its name.

Besides, the songwriter of the singles is Bryce Savage.

Likewise, the instrumentalist of the song is the former member of NEEFEX, Cameron Wales.

Similarly, Best of Me is copy-right-free music.

On November 17, 2017, NEEFEX  released Best of Me on their official youtube channel.

Moreover, the song emphasizes proving the artist’s best on how much they can achieve in life.

Despite, of mistakes and failures they may suffer, they will make it to the top by hustling day and night and show their best to the world.

26. Jay- Z- So Ambitious

On the top 30 motivational songs for entrepreneurs, So Ambitious also managed to add its name.

On September 8, 2009, one of the most legendary hip-hop artists Jay-Z released his eleventh studio album, The Blueprint 3

Besides, So Ambitious is a single from his mega-hit album The Blueprint 3.

Likewise, Pharrel Williams wrote the song and The Neptunes produced it.

Similarly, Roc Nation, Asylum, and Atlantic Records labeled the song.

On the first week from the release, the album topped Billboard 200 Charts.

Moreover, the song suggests one must be highly ambitious and hustle to achieve it at all costs no matter how much the world tries to pull them down or how much they have to endure in life.

27. Wiz Khalifa- Work Hard, Play Hard

On the top 30 motivational songs of all time, Work Hard, Play Hard also managed to add its name.

Work Hard, Play Hard is a song by a renowned American rapper Wiz Khalifa

Besides, the song is a lead single from his fourth studio album O.N.I.F.C.

Likewise, the songwriters of the world’s most celebrated songs are Wiz Khalifa, Benny Blanco, and Stargate.

On April 25, 2012, Atlantic Records released Work Hard, Play Hard.

Later, the single was certified with double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

On May 24, 2012, the official video of the beloved hip-hop song was released on Youtube.

As of 2021, the song has amassed 205 million views on Youtube.

Moreover, the song mainly emphasizes the profound reality: the harder you work, the luckier you get.

28. Alan Walker ft. Sabrina Carpenter- On My Way

On My Way is a song produced by the most renowned British DJ Alan Walker.

Besides, the song features Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko as the lead vocalists.

On March 21, 2019, MER and Sony Music labeled the song for its official release on Youtube.

Similarly, the song was debuted as a theme song for the first anniversary of PUBG’s Mobile Gaming.

As of 2021, On My Way has amassed 406 million views on Walker’s official youtube channel.

Also, the song was certified with Platinum by Mexico and Gold by Sweden, Canada, and Poland.

From the creator’s point of view, the song depicts getting out of a bad relationship.

But, according to me, the song uplifts as moving forward in one’s life by protecting oneself and one’s inner peace despite any personal issues or whatever hurdles one may encounter in their life.

Thus, On My Way has managed to add its name to the list of top 30 motivating songs for entrepreneurs, as of 2021.

29 . Post Malone ft. Quavo- Congratulations

Congratulation is a song by one of my favorite celebrated American rappers Post Malone featuring other hip-hop artists Quavo and Migos.

Similarly, the producers of the single are Metro Boomin, Frank Dukes, and Louis Bell.

Mainly, the writers of the song were inspired to create a triumphant song after watching the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Besides, Malone’s manager Dre London introduced Congratulations as the chorus of the song.

On November 4, 2016, the song was officially released from Malone’s debut studio album, Stoney.

Similarly, Republic Records labeled the song Congratulations.

Later, the single ranked at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Also, Congratulations became Malone’s highest-peaking singles from all of his charts.

On January 23, 2017, the single was officially released on Youtube.

Likewise, Congratulations has amassed 1.3 billion views on Youtube as of 2021.

Moreover, the Recording Industry Association of America certified the song with Diamond.

Overall, the song emphasizes how Malone worked so damn hard and got where he is right now. People used to tell him he would do nothing in life. But, now as they see his success, they always preach Congratulations to him.

Thus, this song will surely motivate you to prove the world wrong and beat them to the dust.

30. Fort Minor- Remember The Name

Remember the Name is one of the most motivational songs ever produced by Fort Minor.

Besides, Fort Minor is a hip-hop side project of rock band Linkin Park’s co-lead vocalist Mike Shinoda.

Similarly, the song is a single from his 2005 debut studio album The Rising Tied.

Likewise, the song features an underground hip-hop band Styles of Beyond.

In 2006, Remember the name was used in several media, mainly at sports events like UFC 129, EA Sports video game NBA Live 06, and many more.

In 2018, the Recording Industry Association of America certified the single with platinum four times.

Overall, Remember the Name emphasizes the artist’s willpower to keep on moving forward in their life with their reason of vision and remembrance of their identity by embracing pain and hustles throughout the journey.

Hence, the song with its uplifting lyrics has managed to add its name to the thirtieth most motivational song of all time for global entrepreneurs, as of 2021.

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