Viral Soldier Poet Or King Test On TikTok, Trend Explained

Viral Soldier Poet Or King Test On TikTok

Internet users have been occupied with deciding and finding out whether they are a Soldier Poet or King Test TikTok. It has widely gone viral, and the test is initially inspired by the song “Soldier, Poet, King.”

The music is of The Oh Hellos and quickly caught up to the TikTok Trends. TikTok is a platform for making a song a worldwide trend in only a couple of hours. So far, it has already been used in over 150 thousand videos with its original music, remixes, and even edits.

It initially sparked the attention of the TikTok users when they realized that they had to answer over twenty questions about what duty is for them if they were to carry a crown or what a throne looked like. These three questions get followed up with other questions, requiring answers for each accordingly.

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Trend Explained: What Is The Soldier Poet Or King Test On TikTok?

The Soldier Poet or King Test on Tiktok is a personality test that has recently gained popularity on social media. People enjoy and come out with humor after sharing their results.

The TikTokers take the famous quiz through a website named Uquiz. Once the quiz is finished, the users are eager to share their results after taking the personality test, which has recently acquired popularity on social media.

Soldier Poet Or King Test TikTok
Soldier Poet Or King Test TikTok has amused TikTok users as many claimed the fun quiz test resonated with their personalities. (Source: Lily Higgs)

Nour created the funny quiz in response to the song of the same name by The Oh Hellos.

Social media users have started expressing their responses on Twitter and other venues. One user stated that he took the TikTok solder poet king quiz and did not anticipate being so violently called out at 2 am on a Tuesday.

Another user mentioned: “Is anyone else on the solider, poet, or kingside of TikTok right now because of the new quiz? I’ve got it all over my for you page of TikTok, and I LOVE IT!! I’m the solider, by the way.”

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How To Take The Soldier Poet Or King Test On TikTok? 

Once you answer the questions, the quiz returns one of three outcomes: soldier, poet, or monarch. Each outcome includes a description of how the taker perceives the world: as a war, poetry, or something to manage.

The soldier, as the quiz defines, is a person who attempts to “forget that there is only one rule and that it is war. You’re sick of battling.” When you get military, you see every day as a war to be won.

Soldier Poet Or King Test TikTok
Soldier Poet Or King Test TikTok has gone viral, and the users love it. You can search for the title, and TikTok will show you the trend. Try it today. (Source of the picture: Quiz Expo)

Moreover, the poet has stronger artistic tendencies and looks for art in the everyday. Finally, the king is defined as viewing the world as a burden to bear and govern. The monarch may not be someone who seeks power but accepts responsibility because, if not them, who? 

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