Who Is Craig Maron? Marc Maron Brother, Parents and Wife

Marc Maron

Maron is not the only child of his parents. Marc Maron brother is named Craig. Read to find out more about his Parents and Wife.

He is a stand-up comedian by profession. The comedian is well known for his anchoring skills and excellent comedic timing abilities. He is also an actor, musician, and writer and runs a podcast channel.

 The comedic genius hosted “The Marc Maron” Show from 2004 until 2009. The comedic genius also hosted other shows like Comedy Central’s  Short Attention Span Theater, Morning Sedition, and Breakroom Live throughout his career.

“The Marc Maron” show host made his first solo performance, Jerusalem Syndrome has been published into a book and off-Broadway musical.

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Meet Marc Maron Brother- Craig Maron

Marc’s brother Craig is a Digital Marketing specialist. He is the Vice President of a marketing company, “Eulerit.” 

Craig and Marc Maron
Marc (right) and his brother Craig (left) ( Source: cnn59 )

Craig expertizes in providing sales development strategy and business process improvement procedures across several industries. 

The Marketing Specialist was the owner and the operator of the “Turn-Key Solutions” Consultancy from 2015 until 2021.

He provided companies and people expertise with expanding franchise systems and building relationships for business purposes.

Craig was also the vice president and regional developer for companies like “Saladworks” and “Orion Food” websites, respectively. 

The Craig brothers have always been supportive of each other’s careers. They are seen openly supporting each other’s achievements through social media posts.

Parents Of The Comedic Genius Marc

Marc was born to his mother, Toby, and father, Barry Ralph. He was born on September 27, 1963. His father was an orthopedic surgeon and whereas his mother was a housewife.

Barry served in U.S. Air Force for two years for his medical residency in Alaska. Due to this reason, they had to move from New Jersey to Alaska.

Marc and his father Barry Maron
Marc, with his father, is having a good time. (Source: Twitter)

After completing his medical practice, Barry moved his family to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The writer spent his childhood in Mexico. He completed his studies from third grade to high school there. He attended Highland  High School.

Later, he completed his Bachelor’s from Boston University in English Literature. Talking about the podcaster’s parents have always been supportive of his career choice. 

Marc Maron Wife And Past Relationships

Marc has been married twice. His first wife was Kimberly Reiss, and his second wife was Mishna Wolff. Kimberly’s profession is unknown, but Mishna is a former stand-up comedian. He has divorced them both.

Contrary to his divorce, he was in a few other relationships. He even had a fiancee named Jessica Sanchez.

After breaking his engagement with Jessica, he had a brief relationship with Moon Zappa. In 2019, he broke up with visual artist Sarah Cain after being with her for a few years.

Marc Maron and his late gilfriend  Lynn Shelton
Marc Maron with his deceased girlfriend Lynn Shelton ( Source: MamaMia)

His relationship was with director Lynn Shelton. Lynn was the director of Sword of Trust, where Marc starred. But Lynn’s sudden death caused them separate.

Although the comedic genius has been in several relationships, he has no children. The musician instead prefers to live with his cats.

The movie actor has adopted several stray cats. Due to this, he likes to call his house  “Cat Ranch.” Currently, he lives with his two cats, Sammy and Buster, in Glendale, Los Angeles. 

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