Youtuber: Miles Routledge Wikipedia Bio Age Wife And Net Worth

Miles Routledge

Miles Routledge is a British YouTuber who has posted videos about his dangerous travels. People are curious to know more about Miles Routledge Wikipedia bio, Age, wife and net worth. 

Behold James Routledge, the audacious individual who boldly traverses dangerous regions of the globe, heralding himself as a “danger tourist” and enjoying the electrifying rush that happens.

The online persona of this dauntless explorer has garnered astonishingly impressive fellow digital devotees, with a staggering 150,000 followers on Twitter and over 59,000 avid subscribers to his YouTube channel. 

From war-torn Ukraine to the radiation-laden Chernobyl, from Brazil’s notorious Snake Island to the volatile regions of Afghanistan, Routledge has left no stone unturned in his quest for danger.

But his exploits dramatically stopped in August 2021 when the British Armed Forces forced him to be evacuated from Afghanistan amidst the Taliban’s takeover.

Miles Routledge Wikipedia Bio and Age

Miles Routledge took his first breath on September 14, 1999. As of 2024, he is 24 years old.

His latest trip to Afghanistan, where he was arrested by the Taliban and two other British men in January 2023, has brought his stardom to a new level.

Despite the risks, Routledge had returned to Afghanistan, allegedly to film footage for his social media accounts.

Miles Routledge Wikipedia
Miles Routledge is among three Brits held hostage by the Taliban’s ruthless secret Police (source: thesun)

Routledge’s controversial travels have been characterized by reckless behavior, including sneaking into Afghanistan under false documents, as he revealed in a video on his YouTube channel.

However, his daring exploits have also allowed him to see things that few others have, such as witnessing the Taliban takeover firsthand and documenting his experiences for his followers.

Furthermore, his Patreon account allows subscribers to pay between  £3-19 to help fund his dangerous travels.

Ultimately, Miles Routledge remains a polarizing figure, a modern-day adventurer willing to push the boundaries of danger-seeking to the limit.

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Miles Routledge Wife

Miles Routledge has kept his personal life private despite his adventurous and controversial lifestyle. The fearless explorer has not publicly stated about romantic relationships or posted photos of a significant other on his social media accounts.

It appears that Routledge is entirely focused on his career as a “danger tourist,” frequently traveling to some of the most dangerous places on earth to document his experiences for his followers.

While some might speculate about his personal life, Miles Routledge has clarified that his travels take priority above all else.

In the end, Miles Routledge’s travels and daring exploits continue to capture the imagination of audiences worldwide, even as his personal life remains wrapped in secrecy.

Miles Routledge Net Worth

Miles Routledge’s net worth remains a mystery to the public, but his daring exploits and social media presence suggests he may have a sizable following and income.

As an investment banking intern and University student, he likely has a solid foundation of financial resources to support his travels.

Miles Routledge
The 23-year-old travels to the most dangerous places just to entertain his fans. (source: thesun)

In addition to his internship and studies, Routledge’s Patreon account provides another source of income, with 33 patrons paying $260 per month to help fund his trips to dangerous destinations.

While this may not be enough to make him a millionaire, it suggests that his travels are well-supported by a dedicated group of followers.

Despite the lack of information about his net worth, his fearless approach to travel and his willingness to document his experiences in some of the world’s most dangerous places have earned him a growing fanbase, which may contribute to his overall net worth.

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