Kryz Uy Before Surgery Pictures, Plastic Surgery Wikipedia Bio And Age Details

Kryz Uy Before Surgery

Filipino celebrity Kryz Uy did surgery in 2017, and she isn’t afraid to show it to the world. She looks absolutely stunning after getting her Monolids done; however, it doesn’t mean Kryz Uy before surgery was bad. She was beautiful with a charming personality and loved herself for who she was. 

Kryz Uy is a popular youtube, and she also informed her viewers in one of her youtube videos about her having Monolids and getting eye surgery in 2019.

Kryz Uy, before surgery, watched the video of a famous Korean YouTuber named Poney, where she found out about her doing the surgery and instantly could relate to her story.

Kryz said getting eyes lids folded in Asia is quite normal. The main reason she did it was because of her insecurities. If you want to know more about Kryz Uy Before Surgery and her amazing lifestyle, read more about her.

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More about Kryz Uy Before Surgery – Pictures, Plastic Surgery, and more

In 2019, Kryz opened up about her lifelong insecurity, which was her eyes and her getting plastic surgery for it. 

Kryz, in her school days, would get teased for her eyes by the popular girls. They called her names Chinese and more. I hope they regret it now as she is well-known all over the Philippines.

However, Uy’s insecurities continued in her blogging career too. Her makeup artist would comment on her eyes, such as, “Oh, your eyes are so small,” “Oh, you need to put eyelid tape,” “You need to put eyelid glue,” “It’s so hard to do your eyes.”

Kryz Uy Before Surgery
picture of Kryz Uy before surgery. (Source: Instagram)

After all these comments surged through her head, she finally decided to get her eyes done. Two years before her video about the surgery, Kryz did two surgeries because the first one didn’t turn out as she had hoped. But the second surgery definitely gave her a natural look.

However, after Kryz’s blepharoplasty process, she loved her looks in the past and loved herself before the surgery too. She also added this was also something that she felt bad about herself.

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Kryz Uy Wikipedia Bio And Age Details

Born on January 10, 1990, in Cebu City, Philippines to Johnny and Irene Uy in Cebu. She is a well-known Youtube star with 1.27 million subscribers as of today’s date.

Apart from vlogging, Kryz loves to travel and is a Travel Junkei. She is also a writer who founded the lifestyle blog Thristythought. She writes down everything from her daily travel and adventures, inspiration, beauty finds, and many more. Her contributions to publications such as Philippine Daily Inquirer, Candy, and Preview are quite popular.

Kryz Uy is a 33-year-old married woman and a mother of 2 beautiful children. Uy is married to a 35-year-old Model-Entrepreneur Slater Young. They started dating in 2015, became engaged in February 2018, and married in February 2019.

Kryz Uy Before Surgery
Kryz’s family enjoying their time together on the beach. (Source: Instagram)

The lovely couple had their first child on June 2, 2020, named Scott Knoa Young, and the second one, Kai Young, on May 26, 2022.

Before Kryz Uy became a vlogger, Uy and her husband made their own names in multiple industries as heirs in the family business in Cebu’s Mandaue City. However, there is little to know about their family status, but their family is quite big in the money game.

Both the couple received top-tier education from top Universities in the Philippines. Kruz went to Ateneo de Manila University and graduated with a degree in communications technology. She studied luxury brand management at Paris’ Mod’Art International for a semester. 

Slater Young attended the University of San Carlos in Cebu City and earned a civil engineering degree.

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