TikTok: Myla Del Rey Ice Fishing Girl Tutorial, Age Height And Instagram

Myla Del Rey Ice Fishing girl

Myla Del Rey Ice Fishing  girl video went viral on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Del Rey is an adult content creator, social media star, and TikToker.

Myla Del Rey is a popular onlyfans creator and is also known for her TikTok videos and Instagram post. She became more popular after one of her videos went viral on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. The video was posted on TikTok. She is counted as one of the emerging onlyfans creators with a huge fan following on Instagram.

More than 100k followers are following her on multiple accounts. Also, her followers are more than 300k on her Twitter account. Besides her social media, she has an active onlyfans account where she posts exclusive pictures and videos to her subscribers. There are more than 1.5k images and videos on her onlyfans.

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Myla Del Rey Ice Fishing Girl Tutorials

Myla is a Russian girl most popularly known for her viral ice fishing video. The video was initially posted on Twitter and TikTok, but later on, the video got more attention on other social media. In the video, she seems to be ice fishing in a cold temperature without her bottoms, and she is testing a St. Croix brand fishing rod very uncommonly.

Myla Del Rey's Ice Fishing
Myla Del Rey fishing in spring river with her fishing rod. (Source: Instagram)

The video was posted on the 10th of June 2022 and slowly got more views daily. For sure, we can assume she has got a lot of engagement on her socials as every post of hers gets immediate response and sharing. Her charm attracts not only the known ones but also those who have never known about her.

Even though she is pretty popular on social media, there is no accurate, detailed information about her personal life, like her background, education level, net worth, and other details.

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Myla Del Rey Ice Fishing Girl Age and Height

The actual age of Myla Del Rey is not mentioned anywhere, but most reports claim that she might be 23 years old.

Multiple reports claim Myla Del Rey has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. However, these claims were supposedly false as she posted a reel video of her trying a white dress and captioned the video with 5 feet 5 inches girl trying a viral white dress.

The dress is also known as the viral skims dress. So, it is for sure that her height is 5’5’ or 165cm. And the post also mentioned her weight. It is 140 lbs. or 63.5 kilograms. Although she looks taller in her video and reels, the height is shorter, and she uses camera angles to make her appear taller in those videos.

Meet Myla Del Rey On Instagram

The viral Ice fishing girl Myla De Rey is a social media influencer with more than 100k followers in her combined accounts. She has multiple accounts; the primary account is @myladelreyx which has 111k followers. This account has the most followers, followed by another Instagram id, @outdoorsy.myladelrey, with about 98k followers.

Myla Del Rey fishing
Myla Del Rey’s Ice Fishing. (Source: Instagram)

She has other accounts, like @missdelreyafterdark and @missdelreynextdoor, with thousands of followers. On the main account, she posts about her life in general; likewise, on her second account, she posts about her outdoor life. All her accounts of her are helping build audience and engagement.

Like Instagram, there are about 380k followers on her Twitter account. Twitter was one of the reasons she got viral. She promotes mainly about her onlyfans and fansly accounts through it as Twitter is sensitive content friendly.

On her onlyfans account, she has posted about 1700 exclusive photos and 98 private videos of herself entertaining her fans.

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