Was Wrestler MJF Injured In A Car Accident? Crash Details, Dead Or Alive


Did MJF get into a car accident and get injured? MJF is a wrestler from AEW Dynamite. On today’s show, after beating Konosuke Takeshita, he did a cut promo where he narrated a story from his teenage days when he got into an accident. 

MJF, whose full name is Maxwell T. Friedman, is an American professional wrestler. He is working for All Elite Wrestling Dynamite, where he is currently AEW World Champion in his very first reign.

He also holds the AEW World Championship and the AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring, which he has won for four years straight.

Before joining AEW, Maxwell worked for Major League Wrestling, where he was a former MLW World Tag Team Champion and has also been a one-time MLW World Middleweight Champion.

Friedman has also worked for the American independent circuit, where he mostly appeared for Combat Zone Wrestling. While there, he won CZW World Heavyweight Champion and was a former two-time CZW-Wired Champion.

Former CZW World Heavyweight Champion trained with Brian Myers and Pat Buck and made his first in-ring debut for Create A Pro Wrestling Academy in Hicksville, New York.

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Was Wrestler MJF Injured In A Car Accident?

MJF, on Feb 9th, AEW Dynamite episode, shared a story about how he got into an accident during his teenage.

While giving a cut promo, his hands were blood-soaked. MJF narrated his story by calling himself a scumbag. Before starting the story, Maxwell says, “A man does not know what he is truly made of until he’s met with adversity.”

Current AEW World Champion, recalled him driving with a girl named Liv, his prom partner.

They hopped inside Maxwell’s blue cameo, gave nan an infectious smile, and described her as perfect.

After getting into the car, the former two-time CZW-Wired Champion put the pedal to the medal. He described it was raining like cats and dogs when they hydroplaned and went off spinning.

After hydroplaning, he said, “I panicked and hit the accelerator instead of the brake.” According to the champ, they were 90 miles per hour when they hit a telephone pole.

AEW Champion continued by saying when he woke up, he was covered in blood, and his sweet Liv’s head had cracked the car windshield again. Put his finger on her nose and thanked god as she was still breathing.

Current AEW World Champion Crash Update

T. Friedman recalled a car accident he got into while injured on the 9th February AEW episode. According to the promo, he was with his junior Liv, his promo partner.

When they got into the accident, they drove a blue cameo at 90 miles per hour.  They hydroplaned, and the wrestler panicked. Instead of hitting the brake, he pressed the accelerator.

MJF Car Crash
MJF was not seriously injured in the car accident while he was a teenager. (Source: The Ticker)

They hit a telephone pole and were severely injured. MJF fainted for a while and woke up, whereas his junior girl Liv hit the windshield and was unconscious.

After Maxwell gained consciousness, the police arrived at the site. Before police arrived, he swapped the seat with his prom partner to look like she was driving the car.

Former CZW World Heavyweight Champion – Is He Dead Or Alive?

As of 2023, MJF is alive and doing great in AEW. He is currently the World Champion of AEW. Recently he did not get into a car accident but got into a car accident when he was a teenager.

He is enjoying his AEW’s first title reign and recently beating Konosuke Takeshita. He is famous for his skills with microphones.

MJF survived Car Accident as a teenager
MJF appearing on AEW Dynamite with his AEW World Championship. (Source: Instagram)

Maxwell is one of the best superstars who can utilize the microphone well and turn the crowd wild.

He will appear in next week’s AEW Dynamite episode with more mic-dropping promo cuts and performance.

Friedman has had a career full of ups and downs and has fought against the biggest names in the wrestling industry like John Moxley, CM Punk, Chirs Jericho and many more.

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