Tyler West Parents: Father Mark West And Mother Ethnicity

Tyler West Parents

Who are Tyler West parents? The secrecy surrounding the television presenter’s family life has left many wondering, leaving them curious to unveil his upbringing. 

Tyler Mark West is a famous English television and radio presenter. Besides, he has presented himself as a DJ and contestant on the 20th season of Strictly Come Dancing.

West started his entertainment journey on children’s television. Similarly, he presented several shows on CBBC, including Match of the Day Kickabout.

In 2019, Tyler joined the Kiss FM radio network as a presenter. Also, he co-hosted the 2020 EE BAFTA Awards red carpet live show.

However, the struggle of Tyler West parents, his single mother, has intrigued his followers more than his professional career. Let’s unveil the facts. 

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Meet Tyler West Parents: Father Mark West And Mother 

Many recognize Tyler West for his achievements and participation in the 20th series of Strictly Come Dancing.

West was born on April 1, 1996. Likewise, his beloved mother raised him in Sutton, South London.

Tyler West’s parents have significantly shaped his life and career. Similarly, his mother has been a central figure in mentoring his life lessons.

Tyler West’s mother, Debbie, worked as a dedicated NHS worker. Moreover, he attributes this to his mother’s unwavering support and sacrifices.

As a single parent, Debbie raised Tyler and his older brother, Lewis, after her husband, Mark, left the family when they were young.

Tyler and Lewis faced challenges while growing up in Croydon, South London.

Despite financial struggles and exposure to racism and crime in their neighborhood, their mother always nurtured and protected them.

Notwithstanding these adversities, Tyler’s mother’s steadfast commitment to providing a nurturing environment for her sons shaped their character and achievements.

Tyler West Parents ethnicity
Tyler West Parents: The TV presenter with his mother and father, who left him early. (Source: Instagram)

Debbie’s sacrifices have inspired Tyler. Also, the TV presenter has openly expressed his love and gratitude for her on various platforms.

His latest participation in a new mini-series, “Tyler West’s My Mum and Me,” alongside his mother, has showcased their close bond.

While facing health issues, including a recent scare that led to his mother being rushed to the hospital, Tyler showed unwavering love and support for his mother. Their strong bond has been evident.

Unfortunately, Tyler’s father isn’t much linked to his son like his mother. Also, he left the family when he and his brother were too young.

However, he has revealed his father’s name. His father, Mark West, has appeared on Tyler’s KISS show to discuss racism in the UK for Black History Month.

Tyler’s upbringing showcases financial struggles, exposure to racism and crime in his neighborhood, and low support from his dad.

However, Tyler contacts his father despite Mark leaving the family.

Tyler’s resilience and determination have marked his journey in the industry.

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Tyler West Family And Siblings

The story of Tyler West’s dad leaving his family when they were young has drawn people’s attention to his influential story to fame.

Though the presenter’s family split when he and his brother were very young, the brothers were in contact with their dad while their mom raised them with struggles.

As suggested by Daily Mail, Tyler West has an elder brother named Lewis West. Also, the brothers share a close bond despite the early family struggles.

Tyler West parents siblings
Tyler West’s parents and siblings: The TV presenter’s elder brother became his best man on his wedding day. (Source: Daily Mail)

They share a close relationship, with Tyler considering Lewis as his idol.

Tyler and Lewis grew up with their mother, and Tyler acknowledges that Lewis has significantly shaped the person he has become.

His dedication to his brother was evident when he flew 12,000 miles in just over a day to be the best man at Lewis’ wedding in Mauritius.

Despite his commitment to competing in the BBC dance show Strictly Come Dancing, Tyler prioritized fulfilling his promise to Lewis.

The presenter’s brief stay in Mauritius allowed him to witness his brother saying his vows and be part of the wedding preparations alongside the groomsmen.

Tyler West’s openness about his personal life and the profound impact of his mother’s influence has resonated with many, emphasizing the importance of family.

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