Meet Michael Symon Grandchildren Butch And Emerson: Children And Wife

Michael Symon Grandchildren

As the American chef continues to make a positive impact in his field, Michael Symon grandchildren have been the biggest supporter in his life. Learn more about his children, wife, and family from the article.

Michael Symon is an American chef, restaurateur, television personality, and author. He attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, graduating in 1990.

Afterward, he began his culinary career in the Cleveland restaurant scene, working at various establishments, including Player’s and Piccolo Mondo.

Throughout his career, Symon became a familiar face on Food Network, appearing in shows such as Iron Chef America, The Chew, Cook Like an Iron Chef, and Burgers, Brew, and ‘Que.

Symon has received numerous awards and honors for his culinary skills, including the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for “Best Chef Great Lakes” in 2009.

He is known for his meat-centric cooking style and has been a significant influence on the Cleveland food scene.

Let us get to know more about Michael Symon grandchildren, and the bond he shares with his family.

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Meet Michael Symon Grandchildren Butch And Emerson

Michael Symon, the renowned American chef, restaurateur, and television personality, may not have any biological children of his own, but he is a proud and doting grandfather.

Michael Symon grandchildren, Emerson and Butch Preston are his stepson, Kyle children with his wife, Krista.

Despite not having biological children, Symon has embraced his role as a stepfather and grandparent with enthusiasm and affection.

Michael Symon Grandchildren
Michael Symon granddaughter Emerson is a special guest on his show (Source: Instagram)

He frequently shares heartwarming photos of his grandchildren on his social media platforms, showcasing the joy they bring to his life.

Symon’s successful culinary career and numerous television appearances have made him a household name, but he finds great fulfillment in his family life as well.

As a proud patriarch, Michael Symon grandchildren seem to enjoy spending quality time with him, creating cherished memories that undoubtedly enrich his life in immeasurable ways.

Michael Symon Children

Michael Symon does not have any biological children of his own. However, he is a proud stepfather to Kyle Shanahan, the son of his wife Liz from a previous marriage.

Michael and Liz met while working together at a restaurant, and their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship, eventually leading to marriage in 1998.

They welcomed Kyle into their lives when he was just six years old. Kyle followed in his stepfather’s culinary footsteps and became a successful chef himself.

He opened his own coffee and donut shop called Grindstone Coffee & Donuts, drawing inspiration from his grandparents’ influence.

Michael Symon Grandchildren
Michael Symon wishes his step-son Kyle on his birthday (Source: Instagram)

As a loving stepfather and devoted grandfather, Michael Symon cherishes his role in his extended family.

He often shares heartwarming photos of his grandchildren, Emerson and Butch Preston, on social media, showcasing the strong bond they share.

While Michael doesn’t have biological children, his love and support have played a significant role in shaping Kyle’s successful culinary journey and family life.

Michael Symon Wife: Liz Shanahan

Michael Symon’s wife is Liz Shanahan. The couple has been married since November 1, 1998.

Liz Shanahan has been a significant influence and support in Michael Symon’s culinary career. They first met in the early 1990s while working together at a restaurant called Players.

They formed a friendship that eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Liz Shanahan has been by Michael Symon’s side throughout his journey in the culinary industry, and they have opened several successful restaurants together.

Michael Symon Grandchildren
Michael Symon features his wife on his food show (Source: Instagram)

She has played a crucial role in their joint ventures and has been a source of inspiration and support for Michael.

Liz has also been a loving stepmother to Kyle, Liz’s son from a previous marriage, and has been a proud grandmother to Kyle’s children.

Together, Liz and Michael continue to share a strong bond and navigate both their personal and professional lives with love and dedication.

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