Kady Mcdermott Surgery: Did She Get Boobs Job Done? Before And After Pics

Kady Mcdermott

The English TV personality has become a subject of interest among viewers, and there is currently a lot of buzz on the internet about searches like “Kady McDermott Surgery.”

Kady McDermott is an English make-up artist, reality television star, and Instagram celebrity known for her appearance on the British dating show ‘Love Island.’

She gained national fame as a personality on the ITV2 reality series and specializes in eyebrows as a makeup artist.

The makeup artist featured in the second season of ‘Love Island’ and teamed up with Scott Thomas, finishing in third place.

Known for her outspoken nature, she has made headlines for her controversial comments on the show and social media.

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Kady McDermott Surgery: Did She Get Boob Job Done?

McDermott has been open about her cosmetic surgeries, particularly her breast augmentation procedure.

In 2019, she candidly revealed that she had previously undergone a breast job in Turkey, but the results were unsatisfactory, with “wonky” implants.

She decided to have those implants removed and replaced with smaller ones to correct the condition.

The initial implants were 365 ccs, making her a 30E bra size. However, Kady felt that the implants looked overly large for her petite frame.

After careful consideration, she opted for 275 ccs implants, resulting in a more proportionate 30C/D bra size.

The Internet star openly admitted that she had not done proper research before the initial breast augmentation procedure and instead chose a cheaper and quicker option abroad.

Kady McDermott Surgery
Kady McDermott has undergone breast augmentation surgery. (Source: The Sun)

Reflecting on her experience, she emphasized that plastic surgery is a personal choice and can boost confidence in certain contexts, such as bikini modeling.

Despite the initial setback, the television personality expressed her belief that individuals should be free to make their own decisions regarding plastic surgery.

By sharing her experiences and being open about her cosmetic enhancements, McDermott encourages conversations around personal choices and body image.

Kady Mcdermott Before and After Pics

McDermott’s appearance has greatly changed since she first appeared on ‘Love Island.’ When she joined the show in 2016, she was a young and fresh-faced twenty-year-old looking for love.

However, over the years, she has made some changes to her looks.

One of the noticeable changes is her breast augmentation. The TV star has been open about getting surgery to enhance her breasts.

She also regularly gets lip fillers, which make her lips look plumper and more rounded.

In addition, she got porcelain veneers on her top teeth, giving her a perfect smile.

Despite rumors of other procedures like nose jobs and cheek fillers, she has denied having any other surgeries.

She says the changes in her appearance are mostly due to getting older and improving her makeup skills.

Kady Mcdermott Before and After Pics
Then and now: The huge transformation Kady McDermott’s had since Love Island season two (Source: The Tab)

Besides her physical changes, the makeup artist has grown personally and professionally. She is now a social media influencer and works with companies like JD Women.

She also hosts a podcast with another ‘Love Island’ contestant, Joanna Chimonides.

Despite facing criticism, she remains a popular figure on reality TV and social media. Her bold personality and transformed appearance have made a lasting impression on her fans.

Kady Mcdermott Instagram

Kady McDermott has built a significant presence on Instagram, with an impressive following of 1.2 million followers.

She is highly active on the popular photo and video-sharing platform and regularly posts updates.

She joined Instagram in January 2012 and has remained active ever since, sharing over 2,237 posts to date.

Her Instagram profile showcases her love for travel, as she often shares pictures from her adventures.

Kady Mcdermott Instagram
Kady Mcdermott enjoyed her vacation in Paris. (Source: Instagram)

It indicates that she leads an active lifestyle and enjoys embracing life to the fullest. Her travel destinations have included places like Ibiza, Paris, Lake Como, Milan, the Maldives, and many more.

Through her Instagram account, the TV star allows her followers to get a glimpse into her life and experiences.

Her engaging content and passion for exploration have contributed to her large and dedicated Instagram following.

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