Who Is Tom Kerridge Brother Sam Kerridge? Wikipedia And Age

Tom Kerridge Brother

Who Is Tom Kerridge Brother? Tom grew up with his two brothers; his younger brother’s name is Sam Kerridge, and the other’s name is unknown.

Thomas Kerridge is a well-known English chef. He has a fascinating journey that led him to culinary stardom.

Interestingly, before his culinary career took off, the chef ventured into acting during his early years. He featured in a few minor television roles.

At 18, Tom took the bold step of enrolling in culinary school. His culinary journey has seen him grace the kitchens of several renowned British restaurants.

However, his most notable achievement came when he ventured into gastronomy. He opened a quaint pub known as the Hand & Flowers in Marlow.

Moreover, Tom has published his cooking book. Recently, he released his newest cookbook called Pub Kitchen.

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Who Is Tom Kerridge Brother?

Tom Kerridge has two brothers. One of the brothers’ names is Sam Kerridge, and the other is unknown.

Tom Kerridge Brother
Tom Kerridge invited his brother on “Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start “. (Source: Daily Motion)

Tom’s parents separated when he was just 11 years old. His mother, Jackie Kerridge, played the role of both father and mother in his life.

The culinary expert’s mom worked tirelessly. Jackie was the Deputy Chief Education officer at the Gloucestershire County Council.

Tom’s father was mostly absent from his life. Unfortunately, his dad was no longer alive when Tom was 18.

The renowned English chef shares a deep and meaningful connection with his younger brother, Sam Kerridge.

While Tom chose to embark on a career journey in the culinary arts, Sam charted a different path, finding employment at the well-known retail company Mark & Spencer.

These two siblings have notably distinct personalities. Tom is outgoing and adventurous. On the other hand, Sam is more reserved and introverted nature.

Sam is a private person who meticulously shares different aspects of his life. He often comes into the spotlight when associating with his brother, Tom.

Despite these inherent disparities in characters, Tom and Sam are inseparable. They always manage to allocate time for one another.

This unwavering commitment reflects their profound bond. The sibling connection is becoming more vital than ever as time passes.

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Tom Kerridge Brother Wikipedia And Age

Tom Kerridge’s brother, Sam Kerridge, has not attained the same public recognition as his brother.

Tom Kerridge Brother
Tom Kerridge and his brother Sam appeared on the cooking show. (Source: Daily Motion)

However, Mr. Sam is significant in Tom’s life and story. Both brothers grew up together, supporting each other through thick and thin.

Sam Kerridge’s presence in the public domain is relatively limited. He has kept his Instagram account under a private profile.

The Culirian’s brother, Sam, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis early. However, there are not many details available in this context.

Information regarding Sam’s age is notably absent. Nevertheless, Tom was born in 1973. We can reasonably infer that Sam, the youngest, must be 3 or 4 years younger than Tom.

Mr Sam Kerridge is happily married. He has posted his display profile on his Instagram account with his partner in a wedding dress.

The couple looks happy in the picture. Sam is also settled in life with a loving and doting wife like his brother Tom.

Sam works in a retail company called Mark & Spencer. The exact position he held in the company is not disclosed yet.

Tom politely invited his brother Sam to make a special appearance on his popular cooking show, “Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start.”

The show airs on BBC. This gesture highlighted the strong and enduring bond between the two siblings.

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