Shivi Ramoutar Wikipedia Bio Age Parents And Ethnicity Explored

Shivi Ramoutar Wikipedia

People are curious to learn more about Trinidad-born chef Shivi Ramoutar’s personal information. Dive in and learn everything she has shared about her personal life.

Shivi Ramoutar is a well-renowned chef and culinary critic. Ramoutar is renowned for combining traditional Caribbean dishes and ingredients into her modern pleasures with traveling.

She has received great praise and recognition for her remarkable culinary abilities. She appears on ITV every Saturday at 8.30 am with Martin and Roman Kemp.

Furthermore, Shivi is the author of three books; Caribbean Modern: Rum Island Receips, The Ice Kitchen, and The Ice Kitchen: Quick Fresh Food to Feed Your Family and Your Freezer.

Moreover, The Sunday Times, Delicious magazine, Good Things magazine, The Metro, and The Guardian, to name a few, are just a handful of the magazines that have highlighted her.

Shivi Ramoutar Wikipedia Bio And Age

Shivi was brought into this world on 17 June 1988, and as of 2024, she is 36 years old, so according to her birthdate, her zodiac sign is Gemini, and as she was born in Trinidad, her nationality is British. 

When Trinidad-born was six years old, her family relocated to New York, then later to the UK, where her Father practiced medicine. She was born and raised in Leicester before moving to London. 

Likewise, she went to elementary School before graduating from Emory University with a bachelor’s degree. Shivi set out to create contemporary treats using the traditional Caribbean recipes and ingredients of her youth.

Shivi Ramoutar Wikipedia
Shivi Ramoutar has written the three best cookbooks. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, she has written three books about Caribbean food and cuisine and has had remarkable success as a chef. Significant publications, including the BBC and The Guardian, have written about the chef.

Talking about her personal life, Ben Ramoutar is the name of Shivi’s husband. However, they haven’t made their wedding date public. Ben worked in finance, according to sources, and there is nothing else online about him.

In addition, they reside in a basement apartment in Earl’s Court, a charming Edwardian square, plus the couple has two children, and as of the time this article is published, their names and information haven’t been shared.

Shivi Ramoutar Parents

The celebrity chef has not yet released any information about her parents, including their names. Despite her openness to other aspects of her life, including her career and personal experience, she has not shared any information about her parents. 

Regarding their personal life, famous people frequently uphold a certain level of secrecy, particularly regarding their families. To maintain a sense of normalcy and shield their loved ones from unwanted attention or scrutiny, many celebrities, including Shivi in the entertainment business, opt to keep their personal lives apart from their public personas.

Shivi Ramoutar Wikipedia
Shivi Ramoutar with Phil and Holly. (Source: Instagram)

Ramoutar may have other motives for withholding information about her parents, though, so it’s likely that there are still undisclosed ones. She might desire to separate her personal and work lives, or her interaction with them may be complex.

Whatever the cause, it is crucial to keep Shivi’s privacy and refrain from inferring anything about her life without her permission. We may celebrity her abilities and triumphs in the culinary world as her supporters and love without interfering in her private life.

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Shivi Ramoutar ethnicity

As it is already known that the chef is private regarding her personal life, so she has not revealed any information about her ethnicity.

It is crucial to respect her decision to remain silent about her race because it is a highly personal aspect of one’s identity; some people may choose to keep their ethnicity a secret for various reasons.

Shivi Ramoutar Wikipedia
Shivi Ramoutar at the Garraway’s Good Stuff. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, it is also critical to acknowledge how cuisine and food can break down boundaries between cultures and unite people. Despite having a Caribbean heritage, Shivi’s cooking style and receipts are admired by people from many backgrounds.

Last but not least, it is essential to note that Shivi’s accomplishments and culinary knowledge have established her as a well-known and reputable personality in the food sector. We can still support and honor her achievements as fans of her work without worrying about her race.

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