Macy Peebles Obituary, Baton Rouge Woman Age Death Cause And Case Details

Macy Peebles

The term Macy Peebles Obituary has been gaining media attention lately as Macy’s corpse was discovered abandoned and is the subject of a current homicide investigation.

EBRSO deputies were called to 8838 GSRI Avenue on February 23 at 8:32 a.m. for a non-responsive subject.

Fire department employees informed deputies that Peebles had passed away outside a 4-plex housing complex still being built.

According to authorities, the woman’s body was discovered within a fenced-in pathway on the property, and she was spread out on her back with arms and legs out.

As per the arrest records, Peebles’ remains may have been facing down for some time after she passed away, which was not how they were discovered.

Detectives believe her corpse was dragged to the scene because of the body’s positioning and the state of her clothes.

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Macy Peebles Obituary, Baton Rouge Woman death cause 

Macy Peebles Obituary has become one of the most searched topics on the internet lately, and everybody wants to know about her cause of death.

According to sources, Macy Peebles died from a drug overdose, and officials claim no foul play.

Investigators corroborated that Matthews and Peebles departed the casino together at around 2:34 am after obtaining video security footage from the casino.
Macy Peebles Obituary
New details released on two women found dead in East Baton Rouge Parish Thursday (Source: Unfiltered with Kiran)
Matthew and Peebles were seen leaving the casino in a silver Malibu by the casino’s CCTV camera, and Matthew was wearing the same clothes when he was arrested and on the video surveillance tape.
Matthew is imprisoned in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. After Macy Peebles’ passing, Damion Matthews, 38, is accused of moving her remains and is charged with obstruction of justice and improper disposal of remains.

Macy Peebles age revealed

On February 23, 2023, Macy Jane Peebles, a New Roads, Louisiana resident, was found dead at twenty-seven.

In addition to Nathan Millard’s body, two deaths, including Macy Peebles, were discovered on the same day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In a deserted parking lot, Millard’s body was discovered wrapped in plastic and rolled up on the carpet, frightening all Louisiana’s people.

The autopsy of Macy is yet to be revealed, and there were not any bruises on the victim’s body that were suspicious to authorities.

Further information related to Macy Peebles Obituary is unavailable at the time, but if there are any updates in her case, we will include that information in this article.

Macy Peebles case details 

According to officials, murder detectives discovered video surveillance footage from a nearby home that showed the location of the victim’s remains.

The detectives noticed after watching the video that Peebles’ corpse wasn’t at the murder site at 7:30 am. The next video, taken at 8:51 am, showed the deputies who responded first and were already on the scene conducting the investigation.
Macy Peebles
East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s detectives arrested a man accused of moving Macy Peebles’s remains (Source: Unfiltered with Kiran)
During a study of the video, investigators spotted a silver Chevy Malibu drive into the 4-complex’s parking area, which is where Peebles was discovered in the morning.


The automobile drove out of the parking lot and into Gardere Lane around 8:02 in the morning, and between that moment and the time the victim’s corpse was found, no other cars entered or left the parking area.
The Malibu was seen on many cameras passing through Gardere Ln., the area between when the victim’s remains were dumped and when the original deputies were guarding the murder scene.

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