Sarah Dreyer Missing Or Found? Case Details Age And Bio

Sarah Dreyer

The Riverview, Florida, community has been searching for Sarah since Sarah Dreyer missing.  Despite their best efforts, Sarah has not been found yet, and no information is available regarding her whereabouts. 

Sarah Dreyer, a 38-year-old woman, has been missing since April 10, 2023, causing her family and friends great distress.

Despite the efforts of the Police and her loved ones, there is still no news of her whereabouts. The situation is getting worse daily, and people are getting more worried about her safety and health.

Sarah’s family and friends have been searching tirelessly for her since the day she disappeared. The community has supported Sarah’s family during this difficult time.

Sarah Dreyer Missing Or Found? Case Details

Sarah Dreyer went missing on the morning of April 10, 2023, after dropping her kids off at a private school and returning home.

According to a Facebook post created to search for her, Sarah departed her home and went to the back entrance of Bell Creek Nature Preserve in Riverview, Florida.

She was captured on a Ring camera at 2:01 pm, walking alone and only carrying her phone.

Sarah Dreyer Missing
Sarah Dreyer Missing since April 10 and has not been found yet (Source: scontent )

When her husband got home from work around 4:00, the House was empty, and the dogs were outside.

He found a note from her on the fridge and immediately called the Sheriff’s department and neighbors to begin searching for her in the Preserve.

Since then, people have been looking for her in the Preserve and Dam areas. Police and volunteers have been using air and ground resources to look for her.

Despite these efforts, Sarah has not been found as of yet. Anyone with information about Sarah’s whereabouts is urged to contact the local authorities.

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Sarah Dreyer Age

Sarah Dreyer, a 38-year-old woman, has been reported missing since April 10th.

She was last seen at her home in the 11000 block of Donneymoor Drive in Riverview.

After a family member reported her missing, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office started a search effort for Sarah.

We Are the Essentials, a non-profit search organization, also joined the search efforts and helped coordinate community volunteers to assist with the search.

Sarah Dreyer
Local authorities and family are searching for Sarah Dreyer (Source: Facebook)

Since she went missing, volunteers from the community have been searching the preserve and the areas around it, following up on tips, camera footage, search sites, and speculations.

The search efforts have continued over the weekend, with We Are the Essentials coordinating search efforts with community volunteers on Saturday.

The search efforts are ongoing, and media coverage is being pursued to spread awareness about Sarah’s disappearance.

Sarah Dreyer Bio

Sarah, a 5’3″ tall and 120 lb white woman, is missing. Her husband, Bryan Dreyer, and her family are concerned and worried.

She has brown eyes and brown hair, making her easily identifiable.

Sarah wore a black tank top, blue shorts, and black tennis shoes when she was last seen.

Despite extensive searches and efforts, no information has been found on her whereabouts, leaving her loved ones in panic and anxiety.

In light of the ongoing search for Sarah, a Go Fund Me Campaign has been launched by Shay V.

The primary goal of this Campaign is to raise funds to support the short-term and long-term needs of the Dreyer family during this difficult time.

Additionally, the funds raised will be used to boost the rescue efforts for Sarah.

No definite information has been made available by authorities regarding Sarah’s disappearance.

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