Who Is Letecia Stauch Husband? Family Age And Case Details Explored

Letecia Stauch

The general public is intrigued by Letecia Stauch husband, who sustained tremendous loss after his wife savagely murdered his teenage son and is currently awaiting her trial. To find out more about the case’s specifics and updates, keep reading.

The murder trial for Letecia Stauch, the Colorado Springs woman accused of murdering her stepson in January 2020, is set to begin in El Paso County next week.

According to court records, jury selection will begin on Monday and is expected to last two weeks. Opening arguments will then follow on April 3. In February of last year, Stauch changed her plea from not guilty to not guilty because of insanity. Whether the defendant’s sanity expert submitted a final report to the court is unknown.

She is accused of killing her stepson, 11-year-old Gannon Stauch, and several other crimes, including first-degree murder, child abuse that resulted in death, tampering with evidence, and tampering with a dead body.

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Who Is Letecia Stauch Husband?

Letecia Stauch husband filed for divorce in 2020. Albert Stauch has called off his marriage to his former partner, who is facing first-degree murder charges after Gannon disappeared in January.

The filing was confirmed to The Sun on Friday, 2020, by a representative of the Office of the State Court Administrator. The husband said his marriage is “irretrievably broken” to the reports.

Al Stauch, the father of Gannon, claims that finalizing his divorce from his wife feels like “a weight finally lifted.” Once she was taken into custody and accused of the murder of her stepson, the two decided to get a divorce.

Letecia Stauch Husband
Letecia Stauch husband Eugene ‘Al’ Stauch, 38, cited the killing of his son Gannon as the reason for splitting with his wife, who stands accused of murdering her stepson (Source: Mail Online)

The document also reveals that Letecia Stauch husband demanded the immediate return of the family dog, a young Blue French Bulldog named Sadie. The father also said that he would not be paying his spousal support.

Letecia Stauch Family Age

Stauch was a normal American housewife before her conviction. There is not much information available about her parents at the moment. Additionally, her exact date of birth is unknown, but she is in her mid-30s, although, as per some sources, she is 36 years old.

Letecia Stauch
CRIMINAL PAST Stepmother, who abused and murdered Gannon Stauch’ previously arrested in battery, domestic abuse, and theft cases (Sources: The U.S. Sun)

However, her stepson, whom she killed brutally, had a mother named Landen Hiott, who was devastated by the news.

An elder stated, “I cannot stress enough what a difficult time this has been for the Gannon family.”

Letecia Stauch Case Details Explored

According to police reports and prosecutors, the stepmother reported Gannon missing on January 27, 2020—the day she is accused of killing the youngster in his bedroom. She told the authorities that her stepson left to play at a friend’s house and never came back.

She was detained on March 2 for the abduction of her stepson, and his body was found in a suitcase by a construction worker on March 18 near Pace, Florida, underneath a bridge away from a major road.

According to the autopsy results, he died from a gunshot wound and a skull fracture. Prosecutors claim that Letecia Stauch shot and stabbed the young boy, then transported his body to a location off Colorado Highway 105 and South Perry Park Road, dumped it there, and then drove it to Florida.

According to the arrest complaint for Stauch, on the day that the young teenager vanished, Letecia Stauch texted her daughter to go buy baking soda, garbage bags, and carpet cleaning products, all of which were allegedly used to cover up the site of the alleged crime.


Letecia Stauch Case Details
Gannon Stauch Was Shot in the Jaw and Stabbed 18 Times, Detective Reveals (Source: Daily Beast)

Letecia Stauch was unsatisfied with her marriage to the teenager’s father, according to investigators, and “had some degree of hostility towards the family as a stepparent,” the affidavit stated. Days before Gannon was killed, she also seemed to be planning a relocation to an apartment in another state.

Two media representatives, one print and one electronic will only be permitted in the courtroom for jury selection, according to Judge Greg Werner. During this procedure, only audio recording will be permitted. No cameras are currently permitted in the courtroom during the trial.

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