Calgary Deerfoot Accident: Video Gone Viral On Reddit

Calgary Deerfoot Accident

Netizens across the world are actively seeking information about the recent Calgary Deerfoot accident, showing their curiosity and concern about the incident. Following the occurrence, law enforcement officials initiated an extensive investigation to determine its cause.

Recently, a serious injury was sustained by an individual involved in a vehicle crash that happened in Southeast Calgary.

In a report to Global News, an RCMP spokesperson confirmed that an adult individual had lost his life and was pronounced dead. 

Following the collision, which happened around 4:52 p.m., the Calgary Police Service (CPS) tweeted that the northbound lanes of Deerfoot Trail Southeast at Dunbow Road were closed, leading to considerable traffic delays.

After many hours of diligent work by emergency teams and maintenance employees, both lanes were finally reopened at around 8:07 p.m., providing relief to stranded travelers and restoring regular traffic flow.

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Calgary Deerfoot Accident: Video Gone Viral On Reddit

The Calgary Deerfoot accident video has recently gone viral on Reddit, capturing the attention of many people.

In like manner, some images depicting the aftermath of the accident site have appeared online, adding to the impact of the incident.

Following the post, a large number of users jumped into the comment section, expressing their opinions and worries about the occurrence and its consequences.

Calgary Deerfoot Accident
Calgary Deerfoot Accident became a topic of discussion on Reddit. (Image source: Reddit)

One user wrote, “A relatively straight stretch of road with no sight impediments, yet 3–4 vehicles play bumper cars.”

Replying to the comment, another Reddit user wrote, “I love this spot. I often hear vehicles and motorbikes’ engines rev up around the overpass of 212 Ave.”

One user commented that he assumed someone was dead.

What Has Happened: Calgary Deerfoot Accident Details

A collision occurred in southeast Calgary, resulting in one victim sustaining life-altering injuries, as per law enforcement officials.

The catastrophe happened on the 15th of August, a Tuesday afternoon, and left a lasting impact on everyone who was involved.

As reported by the Calgary Police Service spokesperson, the accident happened at around 4 p.m.

The eyewitness saw a vehicle roll 4-5 times before ending up in the median on Deerfoot Train near Cranston Gate.

When the emergency response team arrived on the site shortly after 5:30 p.m. one individual was dead. 

Calgary Deerfoot Accident
CPS reported on Twitter the northbound lanes of Deerfoot Trail Southeast at Dunbow Road were back in operation. (Image source: Twitter)

So far, no information about the victims’ identities has been disclosed as of yet.

The collision scene was chaotic; however, paramedics say they didn’t treat any other patients. 

Moreover, the RCMP said that the incident involved two vehicles. 

At the time of the collision, about 4:52 p.m., it was reported on Twitter that traffic was being disrupted since the northbound lanes of Deerfoot Trail Southeast at Dunbow Road were closed, leaving only one southbound lane open.

By 8:07 p.m., both lanes were back in operation, bringing an end to the traffic standstill.

Law enforcement is seeking information from prospective witnesses and anyone with dashcam footage as part of their investigation.

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