Lucian Brownlee Scandal – What Did He Do? Case Details And Age Revealed

Lucian Brownlee Scandal

Lucian Brownlee Scandal has been a topic of interest for different people and media. Read the article below to learn more about the trending topic.

A former Coppin State University student and men’s basketball player filed a complaint against the school last week.

Accusing that an assistant coach had blackmailed, sexually assaulted, and harassed him and that other university employees had failed to take necessary actions.

Ibn Williams, the former student, is asking for unspecified financial compensation and other remedies, including money for medical expenses.

The New York and New Jersey-based law firm Epstein Ostrove represents Ibn Williams. 

Lucien Brownlee, the former Director of Basketball Operations at Coppin State University, is named in the lawsuit as the person who assaulted and blackmailed Ibn Williams.

Lucian Brownlee Scandal – What Did He Do?

In the case, Brownlee is charged with pressuring Ibn WIlliams into providing obscene texts and images and blackmailing him into recording a sexual encounter.

Ibn Williams initially assumed the pictures were personal and related to a growing romantic relationship.

Lucian Brownlee Scandal
Lucian shot a free throw during his playing days. (Source: CSU)

According to the lawsuit, Lucian allegedly ordered Ibn Williams to record and share a video of the two men having oral intercourse and demanded them to have intercourse.

Ibn Williams agreed, fearing he would lose his scholarship, tuition, room, and board payments.

Juan Dixon, the head basketball coach at Coppin, is also accused in the lawsuit of neglecting to help Ibn Williams.

Coppin State University administrators are charged with taking revenge against Ibn Williams by denying him housing and financial aid.

Ibn Williams and the blackmailer allegedly communicated back and forth until it became clear that Brownlee was the blackmailer.

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Lucian Brownlee Scandal Case Details

Despite having a sexual harassment policy, the lawsuit claims that Coppin State University did nothing to address the matter.

Williams eventually changed universities to finish the degree requirements there. 

Also, the university no longer employs Brownlee.

Brownlee’s first name is spelled “Lucien” in the law firm and written statements, but it is spelled “Lucian” on Coppin State University’s website.

Lucian Brownlee Scandal
Brownlee Display Picture in social media. (Source: CSU)

Ibn William’s lawsuit claims that the blackmailer duped him into delivering sexual images to an internet account that appeared to be a loving suitor.

Williams was warned that the blackmailer would release the images if he disobeyed his requests.

The lawsuit asserts that Brownlee admitted to Ibn Williams at the conclusion of the spring 2019 semester that he “exchanged sexual content with the plaintiff’s tormentor.” 

The blackmailer then gave Ibn Williams to command to “engage in sexual contacts” with Brownlee.

Ibn Williams complied “with Brownlee’s insistence and urging” when the blackmailer made a comparable demand in November.

The lawsuit claims after the November sexual encounter, the blackmailer made more comparable demands, but Williams declined.

Williams felt scared and coerced by the blackmailer’s repeated texts that claimed to know both Ibn Williams’ and Brownlee’s schedules. 

According to the lawsuit, these texts increase Williams’ anxiety about losing his scholarship and spot on the basketball team.

Lucian Brownlee Age

Lucian was born on 1st January 1995 in Lawnside, America. As of 2024, he is 29 years old.

He is six foot two inches tall. He is a shooting guard who most recently played for Coppin State Eagles in NCAA.

Lucian Brownlee Scandal
Brownlee at CSU. (Source: CSU)

In his last game with South Carolina State Bulldogs, he scored 9 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist, maintaining an FG% of 37.5%.

Williams’ lawsuit asserts that in June 2020, head coach Juan Dixon persuaded him to stay at the university after raising concerns about drug use on the squad.

In 2017, Dixon, a former NBA guard and strong performer at Calvert Hall College High School and the University of Maryland, took over Coppin’s program.

According to the lawsuit, Williams allegedly did not bring up the extortion during this conversation.

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