Who Are Justina Miles Parents – Is She Deaf In Real Life? Age And Boyfriend

Justina Miles

Justina is an American athlete, social media star and ASL interpreter who went viral after interpreting Rihana’s performance at Super Bowl 2023. Let’s explore Justina Miles parents, age and boyfriend

Miles, a sign language interpreter at the 2023 super bowl, took the phrase “say it with your chest” to a new level.

Her super bowl performance is going viral on TikTok, and other social media platforms, Miles’s video interpreting “B—h Better Have My Money” has already gained 11 million views.

During the 2023 super bowl halftime, Rihanna’s performance, she said many things with her chest.

It is slang for anyone saying with courage. Miles did that more than 100 times without interrupting Rihanna’s performance.

Rihanna sang some of her hit songs like “Umbrella” and ” Work” Justina matched her energy and beat, which looked like a choreographed dance performance.

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Who Are Justina Miles Parents?

Justina was born in 2002 in Philadelphia, PA, USA, where she grew up. Her full date of birth is not known.

The mother of Justina is deaf, and a few members of her family also have a hearing issue.

Justina Miles parent’s information is not available as she loves to keep her private life secret as she loves her parents and wants to keep them far from the spotlight and paparazzi.

Even though there is no information about her parents, we can say that Mr. and Mrs. Miles was very supportive and loving.

One of the reasons behind Justina’s success is because of the love, support and motivation she received from her family.

The young talented ASL interpreter comes from the Black ethnic group, whereas her nationality is American.

Justina Is She Deaf In Real Life?

Yes, Miles is deaf in real life, as she started having hearing problems growing up which led her to become deaf.

Despite becoming deaf, it did not stop her from pursuing her dream and becoming famous.

Becoming deaf, she started learning American Sign Language, and eventually, as time went by, she became an interpreter.

Justina Miles
Justina Miles posted a video on her TikTok account. (Source: TikTok)

Justina rose to fame in 2020 when she took a shot in the TikTok challenge crush on you which she shared on her TikTok account phillyqt12.

The video went viral and gained hundreds of thousands of views quickly. She is a role model and idol to many deaf people who takes her as an example.

She is the first deaf woman to interpret and perform in the Super Bowl halftime show.

Internet Sensation Justina Age And Boyfriend – Revealed

As of 2024, the young role model for many deaf people is 22 years old.

At a young age, she has proved that everyone worldwide can achieve what they want, even if they are disabled.

Miles, at the age of 22,  became the first ever ASL interpreter to be featured in Super Bowl halftime show.

Justina Miles Parents are not known as she has kept it private
Deaf performers Colin Denny, Troy Kotsur and Justina Miles (left to right) speak during a press conference Thursday about the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show. (Source: CNN)

According to many sources, she is single as of 2024 and is not dating anyone.

Despite not having the information, we cannot rule out her being in a relationship and dating some, as celebrities love to keep their personal life private.

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