Doris Bigornia Educational Background – Heart Attack And Health Update

Doris Bigornia

Doris Bigornia educational background has been searched, as the Filipino journalist had a heart attack in 2021.  She is a field reporter, news presenter, and journalist from the Philippines.

At the moment, Bigornia works for ABS-CBN, one of the country’s most prominent media organizations. She is renowned for her honest reporting and unwavering support for the well-being of her fellow Filipinos.

Bigornia was referred to as the devil by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago after receiving incorrect information about the reopening of the Dario Bridge in Quezon City on December 19, 2020.

In the past, journalists have faced off against numerous organizations. Doris Bigornia is a prime example.

Even American government representatives have defended Rappler CEO Maria Ressa since she was “found guilty” of online slander. 

She continued by stating that any attack on press freedom also targets democracy. Madeleine Albright, chair of the National Democratic Institute, also endorsed the Rappler CEO.

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Doris Bigornia Educational Background 

Doris Bigornia educational background is pretty apparent, as she is a journalist. However, the university and other educational experiences have been in the limelight anywhere. 

For ABS-CBN News, Bigornia works as a journalist and field reporter. She was a freelance reporter after she left in 2007. She returned to television in 2013 with ABS-CBN. On her personal Twitter account, Bigornia announced her return. 

Doris Bigornia Educational Background
Doris Bigornia With Her News Channel Team (Source: Instagram)

She was hurt in a car accident on December 21, 2017, along with her coworker and four other people, when a Montero Sport slammed into her new vehicle, along with a motorcycle and five different cars, in the EDSA-Shaw underpass.

Bigornia’s two cats, Bella and Nala, began fighting during an interview with Ayala Malls president Jennylle Tupaz on TeleRadyo’s SRO: Suhestyon, Reaksyon at Opinyon on May 15, 2020.

Nikki Bigornia, Bigornia’s daughter, provided context for the incident by posting the video to social media with the caption: “MY CATS HAVE NO CHILL.”

The video went viral and was picked up by several news and entertainment outlets worldwide.

Doris Bigornia Heart Attack News In 2021

Bigornia suffered a heart attack and underwent heart surgery on February 23, 2021.

Doris Bigornia, an ABS-CBN veteran presenter, suffered a heart attack on Sunday and died on Monday. Her partner in Teleradyo’s show SRO announced this on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.

Alvin Elchico stated that many people had inquired about Doris, which is why he requested permission from her family before making the announcement.

Doris, also known as the Mutya ng Masa, is in the intensive care unit and will require open heart surgery.

Alvin also mentioned that Doris was awake and that he was able to speak with her on the phone. Alvin and the members of DZMM join Doris’s family in requesting prayers for her.

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Doris Bigornia Health Update 

Doris Bigornia, a journalist, has returned to work at TV Patrol, ABS-flagship CBN’s news program, after a three-month hiatus due to a heart attack that required her to have open-heart surgery in late February.

“I’m working from home. I desperately need to read a story. But, at the very least, babalik na akó tomorrow “On SRO on ABS-TeleRadyo, CBN’s which she co-anchors with Alvin Elchico, the ‘Mutya ng Masa’ stated.

Bigornia had triple heart bypass surgery and needs dialysis regularly due to kidney failure.

Doris Bigornia Education Background
Doris Bigordina At Magandang Buhay TV Show (Source: Instagram)

She came on SRO a little more than a month after having surgery, thanking her family, physicians, colleagues, and everyone who prayed and supported her in whatever way.

Bigornia commended the doctors for preserving her life and the Lord for providing her with a second opportunity.

Bigornia also stated that she has diabetes, a cardiac condition, and kidney failure. On April 19, she began returning to her SRO program regularly.

Bigornia has garnered several accolades for her work in broadcast journalism, including Best Female Field Reporter at the 10th Comguild Media Awards in 2015 and Best Female Field Reporter at the 5th Paragala: Central Luzon Media Awards in 2018.

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