Melissa Caddick Jewellery Auction Details Net Worth Family Death Cause

Melissa jewellery was auctioned for over $800,000. Read to find out more about Melissa Caddick Jewellery auction details.

Melissa Louise Caddick,  Known as “Melissa Caddick,” was an Australian financial advisor. Louise is well-known for her Ponzi scheme, in which she enticed several investors to invest in her company.

Caddick was under investigation by ASIC for running financial services businesses illegally. In addition, she was also suspected of committing fraud totaling roughly $30 million. The Australian Federal Police officers and ASIC agents, under the same suspicion, raided her house.

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Melissa Caddick Jewellery Auction Details

Mellisa had accumulated many expensive items through a fraudulent scheme. Allegedly, she had spent all the money from her investors on buying branded clothing, luxury jewellery, and expensive artworks.

Moreover, the court ordered all her possessions sold at an auction. The highest bid was for an 18-karat white gold necklace with 13 black sapphires surrounded by diamonds called “Stella,” which sold for $130,000.The matching Stella ring and earrings were sold for $14,000 and $7500, respectively.

Melissa Caddick Jewellery
18-karat white gold necklace with 13 black sapphires surrounded by diamonds called “Stella, (Source: NY Breaking )

Other notable items were sold for a high price, including; a pair of white gold Canturi “Cubism” earrings sold for $8500, a matching bracelet for $24,000, and a collection of twelve purses went for an estimated price of $35,000. 18-carat gold, diamond, and emerald “Geometric Lace” earrings went for $10,000. Burcak Bingol, a Turkish fashion designer, sold a limited edition white fur Lady Dior bag for $7364.The auction of missing fraudster Melissa Caddick’s belongings cost  $806,000.

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Total Net Worth Of Melissa Caddick

The CEO of Maliver Pty Limited (Maliver) was Melisa. Maliver was run without the legal permits required by the Australian Financial Services license. Through  Maliver, she allegedly stole $40 million from the investors. The fraudster would convince her investors to invest using a Ponzi scheme.

Melissa Caddick home
Melissa Caddick’s former home in Wallangra Rd, Dover Heights (Source: realestate )

Later, The Conartist would transfer this cash into thirty-seven of her bank accounts. Among Melisa’s assets are a $6 million mansion, a penthouse apartment, her Gucci wedding gown, $7 million shares, $2 million worth of jewelry, and a few high-end vehicles.

As of the latest report, she was worth $5 million approximately.

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Family Of Melissa Caddick, Second Marriage

Melissa was born on April 21, 1971, in Australia. Her given name was “Grimley.” Barb Grimely and Ted Grimely are her parents. She grew up in Lugarno, Sydney. Grimley gets her surname Caddick from her first husband, Tony Caddick. They married on April 20, 2000. From her first marriage, she has a sixteen-year-old son.

Melissa Caddick husband
Melissa with her second husband Anthony Koletti (Source; The Daily Mail )

Louise divorced Tony in 2012, following her cheating accusations with her now husband Anthony Koletti. Anthony used to be her hairdresser. After her divorce from her former husband, she tied the knot with Anthony later that year. They were together up until Melissa was missing.

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Cause of Death of the Melisa Caddick

Melissa vanished from her home on November 12, 2020, following a raid in her home in Dover Heights. Her son was the last person to hear from her. He thought she had gone for her daily walks, but Caddick had left all her belongings, even her mobile phone. Later, The authorities filed her a missing person case.

Melissa Caddick in her luxurious house. (Source: The Daily Mail )

On February 21, 2022, a decomposed human foot within a shoe was discovered washed ashore on Bournda Beach on the state’s south coast. Nonetheless, The police concluded through DNA that the decomposed shoe was of Melissa.

According to the forensic experts, there might be possibilities that she might be alive. But the police announced Melisa’s death on December 2022. However, they are open to any possibilities.

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