Missouri: Javon Taylor Firefighter Video – Why Was He Arrested? Case Update

Internet users are curious about Javon Taylor Firefighter Video. According to the sources, Javon Taylor allegedly killed his father because he was frustrated and wanted to smoke a cigarette.

Javon Taylor, 31, was arrested and charged with criminal homicide, intentional or attempted murder, putting a life at risk of another person, and theft in connection with the stabbing in the Liquor Land convenience store.

He is also accused of killing and stabbing his Father, whose name is not revealed yet. Javon’s Father used a wheelchair. He also attacked his brother at their home in Mount Washington. 

The Police officials of Pittsburgh found out that he did because he felt cold and frustrated and wanted to smoke.

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Why Was Javon Taylor Arrested? His Firefighter Video Revealed

Javon Taylor was arrested because early in the morning, i.e., 7:56 am, the Police received two 911 calls and responded to the 100 block of Southern Avenue, where they discovered two victims with stab wounds.

As for the video, according to the Liquor Land convenience shop owner, the altercation began when Taylor was irritated because the store did not have the cigars he desired. This conflict left Anthony Santi dead. He was only 41.

To elaborate on the case, Taylor is said to have started arguing with a store worker, who later instructed him to leave. Surveillance video showed Taylor and Santi fighting over a gun.

During the struggle, a woman attempted to pull Anthony Santi away. Santi had Taylor in a headlock as the rifle slid to the ground. Later, surveillance video showed the lady taking up the gun and shooting Santi in the back. Taylor and the woman then drove away from the area.

Then, another incident at his home occurred caused by Javon Taylor. According to authorities, one call came from the House and another from the victim’s wife, who indicated that she was not at home and that her husband was paralyzed and had contacted her for assistance.

Later, it was revealed that a man named Vincent Roebuck, who was 72 years old, was killed. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner confirms this information.

The two men (one being Javon’s Father and another his brother) were rushed to UPMC Mercy. Unfortunately, his Father did not make it through and died at 8:38 am. According to the complaint, the second victim (his brother) was in “critical but stable condition” after suffering a laceration to the neck.

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Javon Taylor Case Update

As for Javon Taylor’s case update, Taylor was arrested without incident at an Mt. Washington laundry center at 9 am.

Taylor broke into the House by kicking through a basement door, according to Police in a criminal complaint. According to the complaint, Taylor’s brother was the target of safety from an abuse court order.

Javon Taylor Firefighter Video
Javon Taylor has been arrested and put in jail for countable reasons of homicide and theft. Other updates on the case shall be revealed soon. (Source: iStock)

According to the complaint, he confessed and agreed to a video interview with officers. There, the officers revealed Javon admitted to stabbing because he felt frustrated. Further details are not yet revealed.

As for the update, He was denied bail after being arrested early Thursday. He is currently being held at the Allegheny County Jail.

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