Isabella Guzman Mental Health 2023: Was She Suffering From Depression?

Isabella Guzman Mental Health

Isabella Guzman mental health status in 2023 has been a topic of discussion as she asks for release from a mental hospital in Colorado.

In 2013, Isabella Guzman stabbed her mother, Yun Mi Hoy, to death in their Aurora, Colorado, home when she was just 18 years old.

She pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity due to schizophrenia and delusions. The judge accepted her plea and sent her to a mental health institution until she was no longer a threat.

In 2020, TikTok videos of the young woman’s 2013 courtroom appearance went viral, gaining her a fanbase.

Guzman is still confined in the mental health facility but has petitioned for release, claiming she is mentally stable.

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Isabella Guzman Mental Health 2023

Guzman asserts that she is not the same person who killed her mother and is ready to rejoin society. In November 2020, she told CBS4 Denver that she had been restored to full mental health and was no longer a danger.

In June 2021, she was allowed temporary leave from the facility for therapy. Despite years in the institution, the murderer maintains she was not in a sane state of mind during the murder and would take it back if possible.

However, the court ruled she must stay confined until she is no longer a threat, which could mean life.

Isabella Guzman Mental Health
Isabella Guzman Mental Health has become the topic of debate among the general public. (Source: YouTube)

The young woman believes she has regained her mental stability after years of treatment and is prepared to live a productive life outside the mental health institution.

She expressed in a November 2020 interview that her schizophrenia is under control and she does not pose a danger to herself or others anymore.

The court has not yet set a release date for her. She will need to show through professional evaluations that she understands the gravity of her crime and will not be a threat if discharged.

Isabella Guzman: Was She Suffering From Depression?

While Isabella claims she was suffering from schizophrenia and delusions in 2013, some wonder if underlying depression or trauma influenced her mental state.

She alleges enduring years of abuse from her Jehovah’s Witness parents after leaving the religion at 14.

In 2015, she reported being assaulted by a staff member at the facility, indicating ongoing trauma.

While details are unknown due to privacy laws, the stabber’s history points to possible depression that professionals did not address.

Though she was diagnosed with schizophrenia by court doctors in 2013, her history of alleged parental abuse and trauma at the mental facility raises questions.

Isabella Guzman Mental  Health
Isabella Guzman diagnosed her with schizophrenia and delusions. (Source: mythgyaan)

Guzman says she endured years of mistreatment by her religious parents after renouncing their faith as a teenager.

Later, in the facility intended to treat her, she suffered an assault by a staff member.

Her experiences suggest she may have had untreated depression that impacted her mental state during the murder.

However, the privacy surrounding her case makes it impossible to know all the influences on her mental health and actions.

Guzman’s complicated history indicates professionals may not have fully addressed depression alongside her schizophrenia.

Isabella Guzman Release Date

Guzman continues to seek permanent discharge from the mental facility, believing she has regained stability. However, the Colorado courts have not set a release date.

She will need to demonstrate through evaluations that she no longer poses a threat and understands the gravity of killing her mother. She may transfer to a transitional facility before full release.

Given the violent nature of her crime, the court will likely take a very cautious approach regarding her discharge.

Isabella faces an uphill battle to prove she deserves freedom after years of institutionalisation.

Isabella Guzman Mental  Health
Isabella Guzman smirked at the camera during her September 5, 2013 court hearing. (Source: allthatsinteresting)

While she wants to be released from the mental health institution soon, the court has not scheduled a discharge date.

The young woman will undergo professional evaluations to show she is not a danger and grasps the seriousness of murdering her mother.

She may go to a transitional facility first before completing her release. Considering the brutal crime, the court will be very careful in assessing her readiness.

After years confined, Guzman has difficult work ahead convincing officials she merits freedom.

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