Payton Shires Family: Payton Arrested Accused Relationship With 13-Year-Old

Payton Shires family

A 24-year-old school counselor allegedly confessed to engaging in a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy after being caught during a three-way phone call involving the police and the boy’s mother. Let’s delve into the Payton Shires family.

In Ohio, investigators discovered a troubling video of Payton Shires involved in a sexual act with the young boy following a report from concerned parents in September.

According to ABC6, Columbus Police officers charged Shires, who resides in Mount Sterling, Ohio, with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

The boy’s mother became suspicious of Shires’ predatory behavior when she found text messages between the licensed counselor and her son on the boy’s phone.

Also, the teenager was receiving counseling from the 24-year-old.

According to the charging documents, the mother contacted the police on September 27 after receiving a message from Shires inquiring whether her son had “deleted the videos” and if anyone had seen them.

The boy informed detectives that they had engaged in sexual activity at least twice at different locations in Columbus.

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Payton Shires Family

The netizens are eager to learn about the Payton Shires family and their background. So here is what they need to know: 

At this time, the identities and backgrounds of Payton Shires family members have not been publicly disclosed by officials, presumably to maintain their privacy.

While details are unknown, it is plausible Payton’s family is facing backlash over her alleged actions, given the high-profile case.

With Payton currently in custody, authorities are focused on the investigation rather than revealing information about her relatives.

Payton Shires family
                                                 Payton Shires has been arrested for her crimes (Source: LAW&CRIME)

Their names, professions, and personal details remain protected as proceedings unfold.

Out of respect for their privacy during this challenging period, officials have not revealed which family members comprise Payton’s immediate or extended household.

As scrutiny surrounds the case, shielding her family’s identities is a priority, though they may weather criticism privately.

Payton Shires Arrested And Accused Of Relationship With 13-Year-Old

Authorities released a mugshot of Payton Shires depicting her as white with blue eyes and dyed blonde hair.

Also, records indicate Shires was licensed on June 12 and June 12, 2023, and previously worked for the National Youth Advocate Programme.

Per state documentation, her counseling license was granted in June 2023, and the National Youth Advocate Program organization employed her.

Payton, a youth counselor in Columbus, Ohio, was arrested Friday for allegedly engaging in illegal sexual conduct with a 13-year-old client.

Payton Shires family
                          Payton was accused of having an affair with a minor who was only 13 years old (Source: Pinterest)

Police records show Shires was charged after a September 27 report that the victim’s mother discovered texts between Shires and her underage son, asking if he deleted videos.

The mother suspected misconduct between Shires and the boy based on messages asking if she saw the videos or texts, indicating potentially inappropriate relations.

So counselor Shires now faces charges for unlawful minor sexual activity after a mother uncovered disturbing communications on her 13-year-old’s phone, implying video evidence.

The social worker is accused of sexual misconduct with an adolescent client.

Authorities looked into the matter and took possession of the teen’s phone for expert analysis.

This phone search discovered a video depicting Shires and the underage victim participating in sexual activity together, court documents revealed.

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