Mallory Beach Lawyer Mark Tinsley Wife, Wikipedia Bio And Age

Mark Tinsley Wife

Attorney Mark Tinsley wife is Stephanie Sawyer Fletcher whom he met through Facebook. Lawyer Mark Tinsley who is famous for Mallory Beach case is an  South Carolina based attorney.

Mallory Beach’s family, who perished in a boating accident on February 24, 2019, is represented by Tinsley. On March 29, 2019, Tinsley filed a wrongful death complaint in Beaufort County on behalf of Mallory Beach’s family. 

Mallory Beach Lawyer, Mark Tinsely wife?

To answer that question, Mark Tinsely is married Stephanie Sawyer Fletcher. The couple tied the knot in 19 March 2022. Though, there is not much information about  Mark’s wife but the couple are happily in love.

Stephanie and Mark met through Facebook with the help of Mark’s sister Kristy. Although, Stephanie was unsure about Mark as her potential date but still decided to give it a shot and the rest is history.

Mark Tinsley
Mark and his wife Stephanie in their wedding at Allendale, South Carolina Source: Styleblueprint

In an interview to Style Blueprint, Stephanie said “It was truly love at first sight. Mark is the most passionate man I’ve ever met in my entire life. Not just about me, but also his family and his work.”

Stephanie is mother to a son named Nathan from her first marriage and has a master’s degree in forestry.

Although, the couple faced a lot of up and downs but that only strengthen their relationship even stronger.

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Mark Tinsley Wikipedia

Mark Tinsley is a lawyer at Gooding & Gooding, South Carolina. He specializes in the area immigration, civil & human rights, general practice. He graduated from University of South Carolina School of Law in 1998.

Mark is passionate about his work and life. But, life is not all about happiness as Mark was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Nonetheless, Mark fought head-on with cancer and now has become cancer-free.

Mark Tinsely
   Mark Tinsley in the court.   Source: FIT news

Mark Tinsely has been practicing law for 25 years. He is most infamous for the Mallory Beach case. Beach was killed in a boating accident in 2019.
Paul Murdaugh, Murdaugh’s youngest son, was said to be piloting the boat after a drinking session.

The tragic boat accident caused an uproar in the internet making the case high profile. Many people in the internet expressed their shock and anger against the Murdaugh family for trying to prevent the victim’s family from getting justice.

Mark Tinsley filed  personal lawsuit against Alec Murdaugh for settlement of the boat accident where the  victim 19-year-old Mallory Beach lost her life.
However in 2023, Mallory’s family  resolved a portion of a wrongful death case with Murdaugh’s surviving son, Buster Murdaugh. 

Though the victim’s family and the Murdaugh family reached to an settlement, Alex Murdaugh the father of the perpetrator case is still ongoing for allegedly committing murder of his wife and his second son Maggie and Paul Murdaugh respectively.

Allegedly, Alex Murdaugh may have committed the murders as a distraction to hide his alleged financial situation which demanded by Tinsley in the court.

However, with the arrest of Alex Murdaugh, it’s possible that new information or developments may emerge in the case in the future.

Mark Tinsely Age

Mark Tinsley has been one of the high profile attorney in South Carolina but the lawyer has been very private about his life. Not many information has been available about him in the internet.

Though, Tinsley may be in between 40-50 years old. He has been in the field of law for many years and was considered one of the best lawyer in 2020.

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