Artur Segarra Wikipedia Age: Is He Arrested? Family Ethnicity

Artur Segarra Wikipedia

People are actively searching for Artur Segarra Wikipedia page, driven by their curiosity to delve into the details of the kidnapping and murder he was involved in.

Artur Segarra is a Catalan businessman who was convicted and sentenced to death in Thailand for the murder of David Bernat, another Catalan, in 2016.

He kidnapped Bernat, held him captive for 7 days, and then killed him in his Bangkok apartment before dismembering his body and dumping it in a river.

The murderer was arrested in Cambodia and extradited back to Thailand.

Segarra lost his final appeal against the death penalty in November 2019 but was granted a royal pardon in July 2022, commuting his sentence to life imprisonment.

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Artur Segarra Wikipedia Age: Is He Arrested?

Artur was born in 1980 in Terrassa, Spain, making him around 42 years old currently. After being arrested in Cambodia in February 2016, he was extradited to Thailand and has remained in custody since then.

The murderer was formally charged and convicted of the premeditated murder and kidnapping of David Bernat. The royal pardon commuted his death sentence to life imprisonment, but he remains behind bars in Thailand.

He is approximately 42 years old, having been born in 1980 in the Spanish city of Terrassa.

Artur Segarra Wikipedia
The official Artur Segarra Wikipedia page has uet to be created. (Source: Daily Mail)

In February 2016, he was arrested in Cambodia and extradited to Thailand, where he has been in custody continuously since then.

The businessman was convicted by Thai courts for the premeditated murder and kidnapping of fellow Catalan citizen David Bernat in Bangkok in 2016.

Despite having his initial death sentence commuted to life imprisonment through a royal pardon in 2022, Segarra remains imprisoned in Thailand for his crimes against Bernat.

He is currently serving his life sentence behind bars and has not been released.

Artur Segarra Family

Not much is publicly known about Artur’s family and background. He was born in the Catalan city of Terrassa but later moved to Thailand and was living in Bangkok at the time of David Bernat’s murder.

Some Spanish media reports indicate he came from a working-class family in Terrassa. His parents and any siblings have avoided the public spotlight surrounding his high-profile criminal case. It’s unclear if he was married or had children.

The convict was born in Terrassa, Catalonia, but relocated to Bangkok, Thailand, as an adult. Details about his family are scarce in media reports.

Some outlets suggest he came from a working-class background in Terrassa.

Artur Segarra Wikipedia
Artur Segarra tortured Bernat, forced him to transfer money, and then killed him, attempting to conceal the crime.(Source: Daily Mail)

His parents and potential siblings have stayed out of the public eye regarding his murder conviction. It is unknown whether Segarra was married or had children at the time of his crimes.

The businessman moved to Thailand on his own and was living in Bangkok when he killed David Bernat in 2016. His family members have chosen privacy during his internationally covered trial and incarceration.

Their identities, professions, and personal relationships with him remain unclear.

Artur Segarra Ethnicity

Segarra is ethnically Catalan. Catalonia is an autonomous region in northeastern Spain, with Barcelona as its capital. Catalan is spoken as the main language there. He was born and raised in the Catalan city of Terrassa by Catalan parents.

His Catalan heritage was noted in the Spanish and Thai media covering his case. However, some reports listed his nationality as Spanish, since Catalonia is still part of Spain.

The businessman moved to Thailand later in life but retained his Catalan ethnic roots. Both he and his victim, David Bernat, were Catalan, though Bernat was from another Catalan town.

Artur Segarra Wikipedia
Artur Segarra was charged with the premediated murder of 40-year old David Bernat. (Source: elespanol)

In summary, Artur Segarra is a 42-year-old Catalan man who murdered a fellow Catalan in Thailand in 2016.

The murderer was sentenced to death but had his sentence commuted to life in prison through a royal pardon in 2022.

His family background is relatively unknown, but he is ethnically Catalan and originally came from the town of Terrassa before relocating to Thailand.

Artur remains imprisoned for his premeditated kidnapping and murder of David Bernat.

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