Tanvi Marupally Parents Roy And Sridevi, Missing Case Update And Age

Tanvi Marupally

Tanvi Marupally has been missing since January 17 and has been discovered safe in Florida. Tanvi Marupally parents were in shock as she had been missing for weeks.

Marupally was located unharmed following a Tampa resident’s provision of information through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

According to officials from the Tampa Police Department, they were informed by the Conway Police Department at 1 p.m. CDT, after which they proceeded to the John F. Germany library and located Marupally there.

The officers who found Marupally observed that she appeared in good health and unharmed.

Marupally’s parents have been informed, and the Conway police are collaborating with the Tampa officers and the U.S. Marshals Service to return the teenager home.

Since her disappearance on January 17 near Conway Junior High School, her family and the community have been making efforts to locate her.

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Tanvi Marupally Parents Roy And Sridevi

Everyone wonders about Tanvi Marupally Parents details and guesses that she might run away from home due to family issues.

According to the Conway Police Department, Tanvi was last spotted in her neighborhood on January 17 while heading to school on the bus.

It is believed that one of the reasons she may have absconded is her family’s potential deportation, given the fear that her father could lose his job due to the recent layoffs in the tech industry.

Tanvi Marupally parents
Loved ones, community members continue search for missing Arkansas teen Tanvi Marupally (Source: ABC News)

Roy, the father of Tanvi, updated the Conway Police Department that his job is no longer in jeopardy and the possibility of leaving the country is currently not a concern.

Tanvi Marupally parents assume that their daughter fled due to their precarious immigration status despite having legally resided and worked in the US for an extended period, attempting to obtain citizenship but being left out in the cold by the immigration system.

According to the reports, Sridevi, Tanvi’s mother, was laid off from her job. Sridevi had to return to India independently and apply for a visa as a dependent of Pavan, which took a year before she could return to be with her family.

Tanvi Marupally missing case update

As per Tanvi’s parents, she vanished in January and was spotted walking past her junior high bus stop.

Tanvi, who disappeared in January after leaving Conway Jr. High School, was found safe in Florida, bringing happiness to her family and the people.

Now, almost six weeks later, her parents are apprehensive and worried about her well-being, and they confirmed that deportation is no longer a concern.

According to CPD, Tanvi was last seen walking past her usual bus pickup area at Conway Junior High School on Jan. 17, 2023. (Source: ABC News)
According to CPD, Tanvi was last seen walking past her usual bus pickup area at Conway Junior High School on Jan. 17, 2023. (Source: ABC News)

The Indian couple Roy and Sridevi also made a YouTube video imploring their only daughter to return home.

The parents of Tanvi searched for surveillance footage from the nearby businesses while the police pursued local and out-of-town leads.

They conducted several searches, created a reward fund, and distributed flyers throughout the town to obtain information on the teenager’s whereabouts.

Tanvi Marupally age – How old is she?

The parents of Tanvi also stated that she was an excellent student who excelled academically and was anxious about her father’s job security as he worked in the tech industry.

The talented Conway Jr.High School student, Marupally, was only fourteen years old when she went missing.

Tanvi Marupally
Tanvi Marupally, 14, disappeared in January (Source: Inside Edition)

According to the sources, parents and the community even held a celebration for the girl’s 15th birthday despite her absence.

We still don’t know the exact reason behind the disappearance of Tanvi Marupally, an excellent student who excelled academically.

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