Ako Si Dogie Girlfriend April Joy – His Height Real Name And Age 

People are curious about Ako Si Dogie girlfriend, April joy, as the couple has dated for over a year. 

Naser Akosi Dogie is a Filipino gaming YouTuber, professional gamer, vlogger, live streamer, tech reviewer, social media influencer, musician, and content creator.

Dogie is most known as a professional MLBB Esports player and for his humorous demeanor, which has helped him become one of the Philippines’ most popular content creators.

Ignacio is a YouTube video creator that also broadcasts on Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and YouTube.

Ignacio is presently a member of Nexplay Evos’ current Mobile Legends lineup.

Throughout his career, Ignacio has received numerous honors. At the SuperGamerFest Awards in December 2020, he has crowned SEA Content Creator of the Year.

Ignacio is also a sponsored content developer for Nexplay and a member of his music group Aether Music.

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Meet Ako Si Dogie Girlfriend April Joy

April Joy Barrueso, often known as “AJ Gaming,” is Akosi Dogie’s newest girlfriend. Recently, Dogie went viral following a statement to ex-girlfriend Chixmiss “Dogie insulting Chixmiss comparing present Girlfriend Went Viral.

Ako Si Dogie Girlfriend
Ako Si Dogie Girlfriend And Their Child (Source: Instagram)

Chixmiss explains why she broke up with Akosi Dogie a second time. She broke down and cried in a YouTube video recounting those painful occasions. “Ilang beses di akong napagod,” he admitted to her audience. Sobra. I haven’t seen Dogie in a long time.”

They have been dating each other since July 2021. They have a child, but there are rumors that the father of that child is not Si Dogie. The rumors have not been cleared in the air, as Dogie and Joy have not given a piece of accurate information. 

Ako Si Dogie Height And Real Name Revealed 

According to his Facebook profile, Akosi Dogie’s real name is Setsuna Ignacio. Ako is a average-height person, as he stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. 

Akosi is a professional MLBB Esports player, streamer, and influencer from the Philippines. He is well-known for his amusing attitude and good nature. 

The well-known content producer has over 10 million followers on his social media channels. He currently streams on Facebook and creates stuff for his YouTube channel “AKOSI DOGIE.” 

According to twitchtracker.com, he has approximately 17,384 Twitch followers. According to his Facebook profile, he is from Antipolo, Philippines, and currently resides in Brussels, Belgium. 

In December 2020, Dogie received the SEA Content Creator of the Year award at the SuperGamerFest Awards.

At the SuperGamerFest event, numerous awards were given out, including those for social media, VOD creation, and streaming.

Akosi Dogie took home the event’s top honor after being selected as the SEA Content Creator of the Year winner from the other category winners. Akosi just joined Nexplay’s streaming firm as a professional performer, and his team Aether Rift.

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Ako Si Dogie Age Details To Know 

Ako Si Dogie was born on February 8, 1991, making him 33 years old. The Akosi Dogie YouTube channel is presently ranked as the Philippines’ 21st most popular gaming YouTube channel.

Ignacio’s family is originally from Antipolo, Philippines. Ignacio was born in Lyon, France, and as a result, he is fluent in Tagalog and French.

Ako Si Dogie Girlfried
Ako Si Dogie With His Gaming Team (Source: Instagram)

Ignacio created his YouTube channel, Akosi Dogie, on October 23, 2005. 

Before Ignacio published his debut video on March 7, 2017, the channel had been inactive for over 12 years. The video, titled “OP CLINT BUILD!” showed Ignacio playing Mobile Legends while being a V-Tuber, replacing himself with a virtual dog. 

The video received over 175,015 views and featured a unique build for ML champion Clint.

Ignacio and his Akosi Dogie YouTube channel initially primarily concentrated on Mobile Legends footage, with over 287 videos uploaded. He gained a large following mainly through his Mobile Legends programming, but seeing the potential of his channel, Ignacio started to expand his content.

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