Keith Morrison Kids: Meet Son Willy And Daughter Caitlin & Emily & Madeline Morrison

Keith Morrison Kids

Who are Keith Morrison kids? His children are Willy Morrison, Caitlin Morrison, Emily Morrison, and Madeline Morrison, along with his adopted son, the renowned actor Matthew Perry.

Keith Morrison is a Canadian broadcast journalist with a colorful career. He started in the 1960s, working as a reporter and anchor at local TV stations in Canada.

In 1973, Keith joined CTV’s “Canada AM” where he read the news. Moreover, he reported and even produced content.

Mr. Keith gained recognition for his reporting during teh Yom Kippur War. Morrison went on to work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1982.

Also, Morrison was a substitute anchor and chief political correspondent for “The Journal.” He co-hosted a show called “Midday” and eventually moved to Los Angeles.

In 1988, Keith joined NBC News. He covered events like the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

In addition to his journalistic career, Keith made a cameo appearance as a newscaster in an episode of “Seinfeld.” He reported on the arrest of Kramer as a serial killer.

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Keith Morrison Kids

Keith Morrison kids have led relatively private lives away from the media spotlight. He has a loving and close-knit family.

Keith Morrison kids
Keith Morrison kids include his stepson, Matthew Perry. (Source: Nicki Swift)

The journalist and his wife have four children together. They are Willy Morrison, Caitlin Morrison, Emily Morrison, and Madeline Morrison.

Willy is 35, Caitlin is 40, Emily is 36, and Madeline is 32. While details of Keith Morrison kids are kept private, it is clear that he has a strong family foundation.

What adds an exciting twist to the anchor’s family is his adoption of actor Matthew Perry when Matthew was just  12 years old.

The touching gesture occurred when the renowned Canadian journalist married the “Friends” actor’s mother, Suzzane.

Consequently, Keith is not only the father to his four biological children but also to Matthew. He is teh proud patriarch of a family of six.

The newscaster has always been proof of his stepson. He regarded him as his blood and cherished him for his outstanding acting skills and talents.

Regardless of being a Stepdad, Morrison was able to be a father figure in Matthew’s life. He supported him throughout his career.

While Morrison is widely recognized for his work in journalism, he equally treasures his role as a devoted family man.

Moreover, Mr. Morrison emphasizes the importance of both his professional and personal life. Before his marriage to Suzzane, he was married to Barabara Morrison.

From the union with Barbara Morrison, they had a son named Michael Morrison. Nonetheless, there are not many details about his previous marriage.

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Who Is Keith Morrison Wife?

Keith Morrison’s wife is Suzzane Perry Morrison. Mrs. Morrison is a notable Canadian journalist, consultant, and writer.

Keith Morrison kids
Keith Morrison is happily married to Suzzane Perry. (Source: Daily Mail)

Also, Mrs. Suzzane had a career as a model and served as a press secretary to the former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

The Canadian anchor’s partner is most recognized for being the mother of teh well-known Canadian American actor Matthew Perry.

The couple have been married since 1981, forming a solid and enduring partnership. Together, they have created a beautiful family.

Before Mrs. Suzzane’s journalism career, she gained recognition for her political fundraising and consulting work.

The pair shared similar professional fields. Additionally, They got close to each other in no time and decided to take their relationship forward by exchanging wedding vowels.

Mr. Keith is a devoted and family person. He played a crucial role in making his family and wife happy and cherished.

Also, Mrs. Suzzane has been a doting and affectionate wife to Keith. She is a significant person who has been with him in his tough times.

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