Is Maya Brady Adopted? Parents Boyfriend And Instagram

Maya Brady Adopted

Maya Brady adopted by her uncle Tom Brady. Rumors were all over the news after she started playing for UCLA in 2020. Maya’s softball career is full of highlights and awards already.

Maya Ann Brady-Timmons is an emerging American College softball player for the UCLA Bruins. She was even named the Softball American Freshman of the Year in 2020.

Maya Ann was born on 1st June 2001 in San Mateo, California. She went to Oaks Christian High School in California. She had already started playing Softball by that time.

She led her team to three Marmonte titles and was the league MVP two times. Her college and high school career is full of awards and titles, and we can expect a glorious career like her Uncle, Tom Brady.

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Is Maya Brady Adopted?

Despite being a wonderful softball player, the first thing people notice about her is her last name Brady. She is the niece of the legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

Tom started 381 games in 23 seasons of the NFL, the most by any quarterback in NFL history.

He was already regarded as a prospect coming out of college, and his performance reinforced this reputation.

Maya Brady Adopted
Tom Brady tweeted about Maya Brady on his Twitter (Source: Twitter)

Maya being, Tom’s cousin, is also expected to walk in her uncle’s footsteps of success. Tom Brady is a role model to his young niece.

There was a rumor that Tom had adopted Maya, but there was no concrete proof, just speculation.

Perhaps the rumor started after Maya showed her immense talent and people started connecting the Two Bradys.

Meet Maya Brady parents – Maureen Brady and Brian Timmons

Maya was born to Maureen Brady and Brian Timmons. She was born into a mixed-Christian family. Maya comes from a famous sports family. Maya is 22 years old and also has a young sister Hannah.

Although Maya Brady is often named after Tom Brady, he is not the only prospect in the family. Maya’s mother, Maureen Brady, was also an outstanding athlete.

She was a fantastic All-American pitcher at Fresno State in 1994.

Maya Brady with Mother and Sister
Maya Brady is having a great day with her mother and Sister. (Source: Briefly)

Maureen is the oldest of four Brady siblings named Nancy, Juila, and Tom. Currently, she is working as Nurse and a softball instructor in Bakersfield, California.

Maya’s father, Brian, is a lawyer known for being the Global Head of Complex Litigation for  Quinn Emanuel.

There are not so many pictures of Maya’s parents together as they are not together anymore.

Maya Brady Boyfriend Revealed

Maya is currently in a romantic relationship with Garth White. The couple met in high school and instantly fell in love. They have been dating for four years now.

Maya Brady Boyfriend Garth White
Maya Brady is having a good time with her boyfriend, Garth White (Source: ABTC)

The couple often shares cute pictures together. The love they have shared over these years, from high school till now, knows no bounds.

The couple is unfazed by the amount of attention they get and hasn’t let it affect their relationship.

They must have had several highs and lows in their relationship, but their love has survived till now.

Maya Brady Instagram

Maya Brady also has a huge Instagram following, which is justifiable for her talent. She joined Instagram in February 2013, and her account was verified in July 2021.

She currently has a following of 81.6k as of February 2023, which we can expect to increase more in the coming years.

Maya is still young and has a long way ahead of her, and her social media presence will increase with her growing career.

Maya Brady Instagram
Maya Brady’s Instagram profile is named mayabrady_ (Source: Instagram)

She follows around 2290 people, including her family, high school and college friends, fellow team players, and even a few of her passionate fans.

She regularly posts about her team and her matches. She also promotes other young and talented prospects like her.

She is proud of being a member of the UCLA Bruins, as is displayed on her Instagram.

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