Why Is Nicolas Demorand Absent From France Inter? Is He Sick/Ill Now

Nicolas Demorand

People are searching for why is Nicolas Demorand Absent From France Inter. Read the article to find more information.

Nicolas Demorand, a prominent French journalism and broadcasting figure, has significantly contributed to the media industry throughout his career.

For the past few years, Demorand has co-hosted the morning show of France Inter, one of France’s leading public radio stations, alongside the talented Léa Salamé.

This engaging and informative program has captivated audiences since 2017, showcasing Demorand’s expertise and passion for delivering quality content to listeners.

In addition to his on-air presence, Demorand is a producer, host, and editor at France Inter.

Before his involvement with France Inter, Demorand was appointed Executive editor at the renowned French daily newspaper, Libération from 2011 to 2014.

In March 2011, Demorand succeeded Laurent Joffrin as co-director of Libération, working alongside Nathalie Collin, the co-president of the newspaper since 2009.

Why Is Nicolas Demorand Absent From France Inter?

People are curious to know why Nicolas is absent from France Inter. However, there is not any information available about this incident. 

Intriguing twists and turns have marked Demorand’s journey with France Inter. It all began in August 2006 when Demorand joined France Inter, a major French radio station.

At that time, the station was under the leadership of Frédéric Schlesinger. Demorand’s debut involved taking over the morning news segment from Stéphane Paoli.

However, his talents were not confined solely to radio. In September 2008, he appeared on television by hosting the non-stop news channel I-Télé, sharing the stage with Maya Lauqué.

After that, he hosted a political debate program on France 5. From September 2009 to February 2011, he hosted the talks on “C Politique 7, 8,” which took over for Serge Moati’s popular show “Ripostes.”

Nicolas Demorand Absent
Nicolas Demorand Absent: He has been president and editor of the French newspaper Liberation since March 2011 (Source: Getty Images)

In June 2010, Demorand quit his job as the host of the morning show on France Inter because of the controversy surrounding Philippe Val, the new head of the public station.

Ultimately, Patrick Cohen took his place.

However, the story didn’t end there. Demorand made a surprising return to France Inter at the start of the 2014 school year, even though there had been a change in the station’s management.

Frédéric Schlesinger, previously Demorand’s director at France Inter, was now the delegated director of the antennas and programs at Radio France.

Demorand’s evening show, “Un jour dans le monde,” aired from 6:15 pm to 7 pm and was an international news magazine.

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Nicolas Demorand Is He Sick/Ill Now

Nicolas Demorand, a prominent figure, has recently become the subject of curiosity as news regarding his health remains unavailable on the internet.

Even though he is well-known in the media industry, there is almost no information about his well-being. He is not very active on social media platforms.

Nicolas Demorand
Nicolas Demorand is currently working at France Inter (Source: OZAP)

Rumors about Demorand’s health exist because no official responses or reports from reputable media outlets exist. Since He is 52 years old and still alive, there is no information that he is sick, so he might be fine.

Nicolas Demorand Wikipedia bio explored

Journalist Nicolas Demorand was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on May 5th, 1971. He is of French descent.

His Father is Jacques Demorand, who served as chief of staff to Secretary of State Roland Dumas. His mother is  Jacqueline Bouaniche.

His brother is the late culinary critic Sébastien Demorand, who died at 50 from Cancer in 2020.

Nicolas Demorand
Nicolas Demorand is a French Journalist (Source: Voici)

His spouse is the Journalist Louise Tourret, who works for the French public radio station France Culture. The couple has two children, born in 2007 and 2009.

After working as a gastronomy Journalist and freelancer at Inrockuptibles, he entered France Culture in 1997. He worked on Staccato by Antoine Spire 3, La Suite by Sylvain Bourmeau, and Case School.

Since 2011, Nicolas has served in a continuing capacity on the panel that determines the literary prize winner.

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