20 Beautiful Women Over 40

Most Beautiful Women Above 40

The beautiful women over 40!!

Society often keeps beauty and age in the same box with a dominant idea that beauty fades with age or one is beautiful when they are young.

And, it is known to all that this “age and beauty” stigma is predominantly related to women. But, how does one define young? How can we measure beauty?

The fact is we can’t, and likewise, beauty has nothing to do with age range.

Beautiful Women Above 40
Beautiful Women Above 40 (Source: Women Fitness)

There are millions of women out there who are drop-dead gorgeous irrespective of any age group they are in.

Having said so, we are here to present to you those 20 stunning actresses who are over 40 and have proved that age is just a number. Let us begin with a quick overview!

Quick Overview

The following names are not in rank or order, and you are definitely free to choose your favorite diva from this slot or even outside!

S.No Most Beautiful Women Over 40 Date of Birth
1. Sofia Vergara July 10, 1972
2. Monica Belluci September 30, 1964
3. Halle Berry August 14, 1966
4. Catherine Zeta-Jones September 25, 1969
5. Kate Beckinsale July 26, 1973
6. Salma Hayek September 2, 1966
7. Elle Macpherson March 29, 1964
8. Yasmeen Ghauri March 23, 1971
9. Cindy Crawford February 20, 1966
10. Elizabeth Hurley June 10, 1965
11. Leslie Mann March 26, 1972
12. Eva Longoria March 15, 1975
13. Penelope Cruz April 28, 1974
14. Jennifer Aniston February 11, 1969
15. Sandra Bullock July 26, 1964
16. Julia Roberts October 28, 1967
17. Michelle Pfeiffer April 29, 1958
18. Padma Lakshmi September 1, 1970
19. Courtney Cox June 15, 1964
20. Cameron Diaz August 30, 1972

Most Beautiful Women Over 40

Let’s look at these gorgeous divas who have aged like a fine wine!

#20. Cameron Diaz

The California-born actress and model Cameron Diaz had given two decades of her life to Hollywood, during which she appeared in more than 40 films.

Currently, Diaz is a retired actress as she announced her retirement from the film sector back in 2014.

Cameron Diaz (Source: Pinterest)
Cameron Diaz (Source: Pinterest)

Likewise, the gorgeous actress/model has a staggering net worth of $140 million.

The most well-known films from her include There’s Something About Mary (1998) and Charlie’s Angels (2000). 

To add more, Diaz began her career with modeling at the age of 16 and eventually transitioned herself into acting. The stunning blonde has worked with almost all major fashion brands.

#19. Courtney Cox

The globally popular “Monica Geller!” Yes, we all know her by the name of Monica, the character she played in the famous NBC sitcom FRIENDS (1994-2004).

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Cox has appeared in more than twenty movies and series, but she probably will always be remembered for the iconic portrayal of Monica Geller she played in the aforementioned TV series.

Courtney Cox (Source: Pinterest)
Courtney Cox (Source: Pinterest)

And about her beauty, she is young and evergreen like always. Despite the fact that she is in her fifties, the stunning actress is in excellent form and takes care of her health.

Courtney is married to Johnny Mcdaid, the Irish singer, lead of the band Snow Patrol.

#18. Padma Lakshmi

The fit and fabulous Padma Parvati Lakshmi is known for being a host of the food competition show Top Chef. Furthermore, Lakshmi is an author, activist, and model.

Born in 1970, Padma Lakshmi has also been nominated for a Primetime Emmy for her outstanding performance as the reality show host.

Padma Lakshmi (Source: Pinterest)
Padma Lakshmi (Source: Pinterest)

Likewise, the writer/host is also known for her stunning physique, for which she heavily focuses on fruits and vegetables.

#17. Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is the name every 90s person knows by heart. Pfeiffer is one of the most sought-after prolific actresses who already has contributed more than four decades to the acting industry.

Furthermore, she has made her appearance in more than 50 films of diverse genres. She is best known for her starring role as Selina Kyle or Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992).

Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer (Source: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki – Fandom)

And, how can we forget the 1983 film Scarface where Michelle portrayed the role of Elvira Hancock? She won the heart of every single person with her acting brilliance and beauty.

In 2020, Michelle was featured in the list of 21 Most Beautiful American Actresses. The actress is almost in her mid-sixties but still is equally sexy and gorgeous.

#16. Julia Roberts

As in the context of beautiful women, nobody should miss the name of Julia Roberts- the American actress and model who has often made her name on the list of the world’s most beautiful.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts (Source: www.more.com)

To illustrate, Roberts has been titled the World’s Beautiful Woman by the People’s Magazine five times!

Additionally, Julia is also one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars who has worked in several movies ranging from rom-com and dramas to mystery, thrillers, and actions.

Moreover, the actress has a total net worth of $250 million.

#15. Sandra Bullock

Now, who does not like her? The poised lady who debuted in Bionic Showdown (1989) and found her big break in the 1994 movie Speed, Sandra Bullock is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses Hollywood has to offer.

Sandra Bullock (Source: Pinterest)
Sandra Bullock (Source: Pinterest)

Born in Virginia, Bullock has been interested in theatre since her childhood.

Furthermore, the real and radiant actress was named People’s 2015 World’s Most Beautiful Woman.

#14. Jennifer Aniston

One of Hollywood’s most famous and wealthiest faces, Jennifer Aniston, has delivered way too many box office blockbusters over her career.

You’re probably familiar with her as Rachel Green from the hit American sitcom FRIENDS. It was through this part that she became a global sensation and garnered international acclaim.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston (Source: People)

Likewise, Aniston is remembered as one of the sexiest or most attractive women in this world.

Furthermore, the 53-year-old actress was married to Brad Pitt from the year 2000 to 2005.

#13. Penelope Cruz

Unquestionably, Penelope Cruz is one of the most gorgeous women we can find in the Hollywood film industry. As a very successful personnel, Cruz has worked in more than 60 movies throughout her career.

In addition, she is also a model and has worked with brands like Chanel, L’Oreal, and Ralph Lauren.

Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz (Source: POPSUGAR)

The Spanish-born actress is also a recipient of several respected awards, including Golden Globe and SAG.

In 2014, the actress was titled the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine.

#12. Eva Longoria

Texas-born Eva Longoria is best known for portraying the role of Gabrielle Solis in ABC’s sitcom Desperate Housewives.

Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria (Source: Vogue)

Furthermore, she is also famous for her role in another TV series, The Young and the Restless (2001-2003).

The actress/producer is often considered a being a beauty inspiration as even in her late forties, she turns the heads of several people.

#11. Leslie Mann

Leslie Jean Mann is an actress and producer from the United States who is known for her versatile qualities.

Mann the beautiful actress with great comic timing, a distinctive squeaky voice, and ethereal beauty. She has a total net worth of $150 million.

Leslie Mann (Source: Pinterest)
Leslie Mann (Source: Pinterest)

Talking about some of her great works, her notable performance can be observed in the films like Big Daddy, This Is 40, The Cable Guy, Croods: A New Age, and so on.

#10. Elizabeth Hurley

The English actress, model, and businesswoman Elizabeth Hurley is regarded as one of the most beautiful faces for women over 40 years old.

The 56-year-old gorgeous lady often ignites social media with her bikini body snaps, showcasing her incredible figure.

Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley (Source: Women’s Health)

Talking about her acting career, Hurley is most known for appearing in Mike Myer’s superhit spy comedy Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997).

Additionally, Elizabeth was engaged to Shane Warne, the late Australian cricket legend, in 2011.

#09. Cindy Crawford

One of the very first supermodels, Cindy Crawford, was and is adored by the whole world for the beauty and grace she carries within herself.

The high-profile supermodel is always remembered for the fact that she revolutionized the fashion industry.

Beautiful Women Over Forty- Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford (Source: People)

Did you know? Crawford appeared on over 400 magazine covers!

Not only that, but, she has collaborated with numerous high-stake fashion brands as every fashion campaign, runaway, media house was after her during the 1980s and 1990s.

Last but not the least, the stunning actress/model has a staggering net worth of $400 million.

#08. Yasmeen Ghauri

The former Canadian supermodel Yasmeen Ghauri is currently 51 years old.

Born in 1971, Ghauri, however, retired from the modeling field in 1997 to settle as a mother and live a private life.

Beautiful Women Over Forty- Yasmeen Ghauri
Yasmeen Ghauri (Source: Vogue)

Ghauri is still remembered for the impact she brought on the modeling sector, and for that, she will always stand out as a pioneer.

#07. Elle Macpherson

The hot Australian supermodel is one name that never gets left out while talking about beautiful women, and there is no doubt that this fine lady is on the list of beautiful women over 40.

You may also remember her from the role of dancer girl “Janine” she played in FRIENDS, where she appeared as Matt LeBlanc “Joey’s” roommate.

Beautiful Women Over Forty- Elle Macpherson
Elle Macpherson (Source: The Sun)

Elle began her modeling career in 1982 with a Coca-Cola commercial which catapulted her to popularity.

Furthermore, the model holds the record for having appeared on the most covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, with five.

#06. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is a Mexican-American actress. The 55-year-old actress/producer is one of the most prominent Mexican faces in the Hollywood film industry.

Beautiful Women Over Forty- Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek (Source: Encyclopedia Britannica)

Picking her one best work, it has got to be the 2002 picture Frida which garnered her a nomination for Oscars in the category of Best Actress.

She is married to Francois-Henri Pinault, the French billionaire and CEO of the luxury fashion group, Kering.

#05. Kate Beckinsale

While we talk about beautiful women, it will be an injustice if we miss the popular English actress and model, Kate Beckinsale.

Beautiful Women Over Forty- Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale (Source: IMDb)

Kate made her debut with a 1993 rom-com, Much Ado About Nothing.

Beckinsale has long been regarded as one of the most alluring ladies, thanks to her sunkissed skin and captivating eyes. 

#04. Catherine Zeta-Jones

The prolific beauty can dance, she can sing, and she most definitely can act. On top of all these three, she keeps aging like a fine wine.

Beautiful Women Over Forty- Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones Looking Drop Dead in Red Dress

Catherine is also recognized as one of the most gorgeous actors, both in general and above 40!

The 52-year-old Academy-Award winner is blessed with pristine skin, excellent physique, and timeless grace.

#03. Halle Berry

Back in the 2000s, Halle Berry was one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses.

The beautiful actress with her incredible talent led her to become the only black woman to win an Oscar in the category of Best Actress.

Beautiful Women Over Forty- Halle Berry
Halle Berry (Source: USA Today)

Born to an African-American father and a white mother, she began her career as a model.

Moreover, she was also the first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant and sixth in the Miss World pageant (1986).

#02. Monica Belluci

The Italian actress is currently 57 years. Unbelievable aye?

The evergreen beauty is unquestionably one of the most beautiful women of all time. To illustrate, she is just as gorgeous now as she was when she began modeling.

Beautiful Women Over Forty- Monica Bellucci (Source: Pinterest)
Monica Bellucci (Source: Pinterest)

Everyone is just crazy about her curvy physique and sleek-sharp features, which she has maintained even in her late fifties.

Belluci has worked for brands like Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more. Likewise, she recently became the brand ambassador for the skincare label Nivea.

#01. Sofia Vergara

The one last spot in this list belongs to this Columbian beauty; Sofia Vergara, 49, is one of the sexiest women. And it is very hard to disagree with this fact!

Beautiful Women Over Forty- Sofia Vergera
Sofia Vergara (Source: New York Post)

Vergara, with her stunning physique and exotic accent, has won the number one position of the most prominent Latinas in Hollywood.

Moreover, she is a wife to equally sexy American actor Joe Manganiello. Without a single doubt, they are one of the most beautiful couples in the world.

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