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Michelle Pfeiffer

One of the most sought-after and prolific actresses of the 1980s and 1990s, Michelle Marie Pfeiffer, in short, Michelle Pfeiffer’s net worth is an eye-watering $250 million.

Frankly speaking, the actress literally needs no introduction; her more than four years of career in the industry speaks for itself.

She has one of the most paramount acting portfolios in the industry, enough to put some of the legendary actors to shame.

Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer (Source: The New York Times)

She has been in more than 50 films to date and all in a variety of genres, and I am no director, but that’s a pretty hard job to do and hence the legend!

I mean to pull off that many characters in that many numbers of films, come on!!

Probably best known for her role as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Batman Returns, Pfeiffer became one of the decade’s highest-paid actresses.

In addition, Pfeiffer has been cited as the world’s most beautiful woman and a sex symbol frequently.

Michelle Pfeiffer | Quick Facts

Before jumping right into the astounding details about Michelle, let’s look at her details.

Birth Name Michelle Marie Pfeiffer
Known As Michelle Pfeiffer
Birth Date April 29, 1958
Birth Place Santa Ana, California, United States
Current Residency Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, United States
Age 65 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed (German, Dutch, Irish, Swiss, and Swedish)
Religion Not Known
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Father’s Name Richard Pfeiffer
Mother’s Name Donna (née Taverna)
Siblings Rick Pfeiffer (Brother), Dedee Pfeiffer, Lori Pfeiffer (Sisters)
Marital Status Married
Spouse David E. Kelley (1993-Present)
Children John Henry Kelley (Son), Claudia Rose Pfeiffer (Daughter)
Weight 54 Kg/119 lbs.
Height 171cm/1.71 m/5’7″
Body Measurement 33-24-35
Figure Hourglass
Dress Size 2 (US) or 34 (EU) or 6 (UK)
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Education Fountain Valley High School, Golden West College
Profession Actress, Signer, Model, Producer, Stage Actor, and Fashion Designer
First Film The Hollywood Knights (1980)
First TV Show Fantasy Island (1978)
Awards/Nomination An Academy Award (1988, 1989, 1992), a Golden Globe Award (1988, 1989, 1990,1991, 1992, 2017, 2020), a Screen Actors Guild Award (2002, 2007), British Academy Film Award, Primetime Emmy Award
Social Media Instagram
Favorite Food Mexican Food
Net Worth $250 Million
Merchandise Signed Photo, Signed Script Scarface, Signed Catwoman Photo
Last Update December 2023

Michelle Pfeiffer | Net Worth & Income

Actress, singer, and producer Michelle Pfeiffer’s net worth as of December 2023 is a staggering $250 million.

Well, strictly speaking, that’s a combined net worth with her husband, David E. Kelley.

As one of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses, Pfeiffer has amassed a sizable fortune over the course of her career.

Similarly, as mentioned before, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, which has enabled her to garner considerable riches from brand endorsements.

Aside from that, Pfeiffer has traded several pieces of real estate in some of the posh neighborhoods across the United States along with her husband, ultimately solidifying the family fortune.

Film Earnings

The breakthrough for the actress came in 1983 when she starred alongside Al Pacino in the crime drama film Scarface. From that point onwards, it was all uphill for the actress.

In 1988, she starred in the comedy crime film Married With the Mob as Angela de Marco, for which she was paid a mere $750,000.

The amount seems surprisingly low but let’s not forget the fact that it was more than 34 years ago, and the dollar was still above inflation.

If converted, that’s like earning a little north of $2 million in today’s money.

Similarly, her portrayal of Frankie in the 1991 rom-com Frankie and Johnny, which co-starred Al Pacino, earned her $3 million.

Well, that’s still not even close enough to what she made from her future acting pursuits.

Her one of the most admired roles as Cat Woman in the 1992 film Batman Returns made her another $3 million.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman
Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman (Source: Bloody Disgusting)

The figure seems astonishingly low as the film itself grossed $266.89 million at the global box office.

The film stars legendary Michael Keaton as the protagonist, and other famous casts include Christopher Waken and Danny DeVito.

Moreover, her role, which garnered her Academy Award nomination for Louanne Johnson from the film Dangerous Minds, earned her $6 million.

Pfeiffer as Beth Cappadora in the 1999 drama film The Deep End of the Ocean made a career-high $12 million.

Without going into much detail, it’s about $19 million in today’s money.

Aside from that, Pfeiffer earned $10 million for the supernatural horror-thriller film What Lies Beneath.

Net Worth of Michelle Pfeiffer in Different Currencies

Let’s look at Michelle Pfeiffer’s net worth in different currencies, including Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 224.97 Million
Pound Sterling £ 190.31 Million
Australian Dollar A$ 333.03 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 312.85 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 18,901,325,000
BitCoin ฿ 5,257.98

Michelle Pfeiffer | Houses & Cars


Michelle and her husband David own impressive real estate that spans the globe.

The couple owns 340 acres of coastal property in remote areas of British Colombia, Canada, which they purchased for $35 million and later built a cabin retreat.

In 2017 the couple listed it for sale for $28 million.

Similarly, they owned 8.7-acre property with 6,300 square feet home in the San Francisco suburbs of Woodside, which they bought back in 2008 for $20.6 million.

The home was listed for $29 million in 2018, but with the shortage of interested buyers, it fetched just $22 million in 2020 to the couple.

Moreover, the power couple purchased a home in Pacific Palisades for $8.15 million and added the house next door for $7.7 million.

They sold the first bought house for $9.1 million in 2020 and listed the second for $8.35 million.

The price was chopped to $7.3 million in 2021.

Furthermore, David and Michelle splashed $22.25 million on a luxurious mansion in 2020 in the same neighborhood of Pacific Palisades.

Yet again, they listed the property in 2021 and sold it within two weeks.


Michelle has been spotted in several luxurious cars over the years.

The actress has owned a black Ranger Rover and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Michelle Pfeiffer in her Tesla
Michelle Pfeiffer in her Tesla (Source: CelebMafia)

Similarly, in 2020 she was seen driving her black Tesla Model X.

Moreover, a BMW sedan and Mercedes Benz SUV are some other wheels in her garage.

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Michelle Pfeiffer | Lifestyle

Michelle Pfeiffer has been regularly revered as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Well, being called the most beautiful woman at career peak is one thing, but it’s totally astonishing being called sexy and beautiful in your sixties.

Vogue Paris named Michelle one of the 21 most beautiful American actresses of all time in 2020.

The actress has to have some kind of supernatural thing going on with her skin.

In her sixties, Michelle still looks what most people look in their late 20s.

Another interesting thing worth mentioning is that she unexpectedly became a pop-music muse in 2014.

She was mentioned in the most popular song of the year Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, featuring Mark Ronson.

Uptown Funk
Uptown Funk & Michelle Pfeiffer (Source: The Mirror)

Let’s put aside the fact that Michelle was one of the highest-paid actresses in the past, but how much of a famous star you have to be that a singer from next-generation mentions your name in one of their songs.

It’s beyond my comprehension!

Well, that’s why she is Michelle Pfeiffer, folks!

Pfeiffer’s name has also been mentioned in Eminem’s Academy Award-winning song “Lose Yourself.”

Nevertheless, it has not always been easy for Pfeiffer.

She once got involved in a cult, struggled with drugs, alcohol, and lost a chunk of her money.

Michelle, at a point in her career, befriended a couple who ran a vegetarian cult and metaphysics.

They drove her to all the addictions and reportedly took control of her life, brainwashing and feeding her ill ideas.

On top of that, she gave them an enormous amount of money.

It’s all better now.

She is sober and has been happily married to TV producer David E. Kelley since 1993.

Michelle Pfeiffer | Charity

Michelle Pfeiffer primarily supports the American Cancer Society and Humane Society.

In 2016, she joined the board of directors for an advocacy group based in Washington DC called Environmental Working Group.

Similarly, the same year she attended the Healthy Child World’s LA Gala.

Michelle and her husband donated $50,000 to the It Takes Our Village to #SupportOurCrews GoFundMe campaign.

The donations supported film and television crew members amid the COVID pandemic.

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Michelle Pfeiffer | Movies & TV Shows, Endorsements

Movies & TV Shows

In 1997, Pfeiffer acted as The Bombshell in the TV series Delta House.

And after appearing in a few other TV series and TV films, her big break came in 1980 with The Hollywood Knights.

However, it was not until 1983, when she starred in the crime drama film Scarface that she gained mainstream attention.

 "Elvira Hancock" and Al Pacino as "Tony Montana" in Scarface
Michele Pfeiffer as “Elvira Hancock” and Al Pacino as “Tony Montana” in Scarface (Source: Page Six)

After the film’s massive success, she then starred in several other projects, including 1988 Dangerous Liaisons, which garnered her Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress.

Similarly, her next role in The Fabulous Baker Boys in 1989 garnered her Academy Award nominations for Best Actress.

Likewise, her role as a Cat Woman in Batman Returns further cemented her name in the industry.

Michelle is one of the most bankable actresses of all time, with more than $2 billion gross in global box office collection.

Some of her other successful films include A Thousand Acres, I Am Sam, I Could Never Be Your Woman, Murder on the Orient Express, and Avengers: Endgame.

Similarly, he has appeared in tons of TV shows, including Picket Fences, ABC Afterschool Specials, and B.A.D. Cats.


Evidently, Michelle Pfeiffer has one of the most gorgeous faces on the planet, which has attracted several brands for promotions over the years.

She became the face of Giorgio Armani’s spring campaign in 2005.

Similarly, she announced her intention to launch her own line of fragrances called Henry Rose in March of 2019.

She did it one month later.

Aside from that, she often engages in brand promotions and product shoutouts via her official Instagram handle, where she has 2.2 million followers.

And we are sure that she earns decent from her social media sponsor pursuits.

Michelle Pfeiffer | Career

Actress and model Michelle Pfeiffer was born in California, United States, on 20th April 1958.

She was born to an air conditioning contractor, Richard Pfeiffer, and a housewife Donna Jean.

Pfeiffer graduated in 1976 from Fountain Valley High School.

 Then and Now
Michelle Pfeiffer Then and Now (Source: Snakkle.com)

In 1978, Michelle won the Miss Orange County beauty pageant. Similarly, she participated in Miss California, where she finished in sixth place.

Michelle trained to be a court reporter before making an entrance into acting.

She got one of the first parts on-screen on the TV show Fantasy Island.

Unknown Facts About Michelle Pfeiffer

  • Pfeiffer trained in martial arts and kickboxing for the role of Cat Woman in the film Batman Returns.
  • Michelle accidentally cut Al Pacino with broken glass while auditioning for the crime drama film Scarface in 1983.
  • American broadcast journalist Barbara Walters called Julia Roberts and Michelle Pfeiffer the most beautiful people she has ever interviewed.
  • Pfeiffer is vegan.


What movies did Michelle Pfeiffer sing in?

The Children Nobody Wanted (1981), Grease 2 (1982), The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989), Up Close & Personal (1996), and The Prince of Egypt (1998), among others.

Why is Michelle Pfeiffer’s daughter black?

Michelle’s daughter Claudia is of mixed ethnicity. Pfeiffer adopted Claudia as a kid in 1993 and was single when she started the process of adoption.

Why is Michelle Pfeiffer called white gold?

It all started when she starred in Scarface.

She snorted the prep coke in the film, which was once rumored to be real. “white gold” is a slang term for coke.

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