30 Things Holding You Back From Achieving Success


Things Holding You Back!!

I won’t say all, but the majority of people want to be successful in their lives.

Yes, success can mean different things to different people, but they all want it. It is very rare that we see someone happy with where they are and with what they have.

But, can all of us succeed?

I don’t think so because there are so many things holding us back.

Although many of us are in the race to be the most successful person, it is only fewer who actually do things it takes.

Winning this race is not as simple as winning the game of ‘How many fingers am I holding behind my back. No, it takes so much more than you can imagine.

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Let’s lose the break…

Quick Overview

S.N Titles
1. Lack of self-investment
2. Negative nature
3. Lack of ‘Can-Do’ attitude
4. Focus on the wrong thing
5. Not accepting the problem
6. Lack of self-analysis
7. Stuck in the comfort zone
8. You don’t believe in yourself
9. Lack of clarity
10. Lying to yourself
11. Rigid nature
12. Giving your remote control to someone else
13. Not keeping track of your progress/action
14. Procrastination
15. Lack of focus/ Distraction
16. Fear of losing
17. Not realizing own strength
18. Giving up easily
19. Blaming others
20. Lack of leadership skills
21. Trying to do it alone
22. No idea when to let go
23. Lack of planning
24. Trying to be someone else
25. Listening to others
26. Waiting for the right time
27. Comparing yourself to others
28. You seek pleasure all the time
29. Wrong circle
30. Lack of strong will

1. Lack of self-investment

While many of us spend so much on buying things to make our lives comfortable, we often forget to invest in ourselves.

Yes, there is a difference between them both. On one hand, we purchase fancy clothes; eat delicious foods, and go on dream vacations.

Man With Money
Man With Money (Source: Free SVG)

On the other, we forget to invest in order to improve ourselves, to learn new things, to prepare ourselves for any challenge that might befall in front of us.

We should understand that unless we invest in ourselves, we cannot earn any profit. When’s the last time you paid to learn something?

2. Negative nature

One of the very important things that keep us on the right track is avoiding negativity.

No, we are not talking about negative talks from others, but the negativity inside of us. Many people don’t believe in positive energy or the power of being positive, but it is the most important factor.

Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking (Source: Growth Evolution Development)

Staying positive helps us create a strong will of achieving things that we want.

It doesn’t let the feeling of ‘It is impossible’ come to us. – Try to avoid negative thoughts and build a habit of thinking positive.

3. Lack of ‘Can-Do’ attitude

Attitude determines whether or not we will reach our goal. Sometimes you might have all the right things, equipment, and everything, but if you don’t have the right attitude, it will be impossible to be successful.

Can Do Attitude
Can-Do Attitude (Source: EnkiVillage.org)

There will be many things you might have to do in order to succeed, and if you don’t have what it takes to do all those things, you might as well forget about being a successful person.

4. Focus on the wrong thing

There’s a saying which goes like ‘winner focuses on winning, loser focuses on the winner.’

If you have your focus on the wrong thing, it will be unlikely to reach your dream. Out of all the problems, this one stands out because it is the right focus that determines your achievements.

Right Focus
Right Focus (Source: Mark Sanborn)

There are plenty of people who start off alright, have all the things it takes, but without the right focus, they don’t make it.

5. Not accepting the problem

This sounds very simple, yet it is a very difficult thing to do.

The very first step to solving any problem is to realize that there is one. However, most of us fail to do that.

It is like a disease that stays hidden and has no noticeable symptoms at first, so we ignore it. But later, when it turns out to be life-threatening issues, we regret our decisions.

Problems (Source: Imgur)

Only when we realize that we have problems we move forward to rectify them, which saves us from being a failure in the end.

6. Lack of self-analysis

Some people never do this in their entire life but would ask, ‘What is wrong with everything?’

You must understand that before you think about the problems outside, you need to take a look inside. Until you analyze yourself, there is no way you can improve.

Self Analysis
Self Analysis (Source: Medium)

People who analyze themselves are the ones who work on the real issue. Everyone wants to improve but do you really look at yourself and ask, ‘what is wrong with me and what can be improved?’

7. Stuck in the comfort zone

Everyone wants to stay where they feel comfortable. Are you one of them? If yes, then you need to rethink your habit.

One of the biggest problems that hold you from being a successful person is that you do not want to step out of your comfort zone.

Comfort Zone
Comfort Zone (Source: Walden University)

To put that into perspective, if you want to

live as you do today, then do the exact same things you did yesterday. But if you want to change how you live today, you have to start doing things you have never done before.

8. You don’t believe in yourself

The only way everyone will eventually believe in you is if you believe in yourself first. We hear so many inspirational stories pick any one of them, and you will find that one of the greatest tools they had was self-belief.

If you don’t believe you can do it, you will never be able to.

Believe in Yourself
Believe in Yourself (Source: Amazon.in)

Believing in ourselves, we encourage, we give hope and strength to do whatever it takes to be successful.  Always believe that you can do it, and if anyone tells you that you can’t, prove them wrong.

9. Lack of clarity

Alright, let’s imagine we go to a train station and ask for a ticket. The counter guy will ask you ‘to where?’

What if we use ‘near, beside, opposite, in front of’ to tell the location, would we get the ticket? Will we be able to reach the destination? NO.

Clarity (Source: Marlene Chism)

It is quite similar in the real life. We need to be clear on where we are going.

10. Lying to yourself

Yes, we do that. Like lying to others is not enough we lie to ourselves.

People lie to themselves because they are afraid to face the reality; they want their weakness to be hidden. In order to make ourselves feel good and safe, we do that.

Lying Yourself
Lying Yourself (Source: Discover Magazine)

Just ask yourself this, ‘how can you expect others to be truthful to you when you lie to yourself?’

And it is not only a moral reason not to lie to yourself, but it is also to save you from falling in shadow. Be true, and don’t keep yourself in darkness.

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11. Rigid nature

Some people want to achieve everything in life but wouldn’t even think about changing.

If you are one of them, reconsider yourself. Being successful takes a lot. You need to mold yourself according to the situation, and having a rigid nature definitely won’t let you.

Dancing (Source: Max Pixel)

Sometimes, you need to change your whole idea, perception, plan, action, and many more.

And not only that, there are people who had to do more than that, like letting go of people you like, in order to get to the goal.

So ask yourself, ‘can you change when needed?’

12. Giving your remote control to someone else

You are a unique device, and only you can operate it at its optimum level. People often fail in their plans because they let others navigate them.

Yes, sometimes we need guidance, suggestions but you must know the boundary between genuine advice and manipulation.

Controlling Others (Source: INLP Center)

Taking control of ourselves is very important not only to be successful but to live properly.

There are people who don’t want to see you succeed. Just think, if they get the chance to tell you what you should do, what will happen?

Take charge of yourself because you are in charge of your body and mind.

13. Not keeping track of your progress/action

Small things can have a bigger impact on us. There’s a saying which goes, ‘A dull pen is better than a sharp mind.’

I don’t know whether it fits here or not, but if we observe closely, keeping track of our progress is like drawing a blueprint of our actions.

Progress (Source: Justinmind)

People who don’t keep track always miss out on their actions and results.

Sometimes when we try something, it doesn’t go as planned, but if we use it to determine our next move, the chances of being successful will increase by many folds.

14. Procrastination

I know it takes a bit to do things at the given time. We all enjoy procrastinating our plans but do you know how much it impacts us?

Procrastination has always been a major problem that holds people back. It is much easier to say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ than actually to do it now.

Procrastination (Source: Flaticon)

You decide when you want to do your tasks because the more you postpone your work, the later you will reach your goal; it is as simple as that.

15. Lack of focus/ distraction

So you focused on the right thing, you are pumped and all, but are you able to sustain it?

Told you it takes a lot to be successful. Just by focusing on the right thing, people think they can now achieve their goal.

Distraction is a very easy thing to have because we live in a world where there is uniqueness everywhere, and we are curious little creatures.

Distraction (Source: Medium)

Remember, there is only one road that will lead you to your success. If you divert your steps, you might reach but not where you want to.

16. Fear of losing

When we try new things, we are not sure we will succeed or not.

But does that mean we should not try at all? Let me tell you, everyone fears losing, but the question is ‘how much?’

Are you afraid to let go of your dream to fear of failing? Some don’t even try because they are unsure how it will end.

Fear Of Loss
Fear of Loss (Source: Motivating Factors)

All the successful people you see, I’m damn sure they were not sure either, they were scared took risks but didn’t let that fear consume them.

17. Not realizing own strength

There are many who don’t even know what they are capable of.

If you don’t know what you can do, there is no way you will do your best at things you will do.

Self Strength
Self Strength (Source: Sources of Insight)

Many spend their whole life doing something they don’t like when they could’ve been so much more if they knew their worth.

So dig deeper and find out what you really want and what your strength is.

18. Giving up easily

We see many people become successful overnight. But is that what usually happens?

No, it doesn’t. Getting there takes a lot of time, hard work, and patience. If you think something miraculous is going to happen and if you’re counting on it, that’s not how it works.

I Give Up
I Give Up (Source: Pinterest)

Most of us don’t reach the goal because we give up too soon. Even if we are on the right track, even if we have everything, it would still take time, and you are going to have to work along with it.

19. Blaming others

The easiest job in the world is to shift blame.

While it is a simple act, the consequence is not as good. When we blame others for our mistakes, we tell ourselves we haven’t done anything wrong, which means there is nothing to improve.

Blaming Others
Blaming Others (Source: Dorset Eye)

It does a little more than that; it will make people lose faith in you once they learn the truth. By pointing fingers at others, we are not doing good to ourselves.

20. Lack of leadership skills

Well, this is one skill you must have if you want to succeed. You might have seen that a well-built career or business crumbles to the ground; do you know the reason?

It is because of the lack of leadership. It doesn’t have one scope, it doesn’t matter how and in which field you aim to be successful, you should be a leader.

Leadership (Source: City University of Seattle)

The list of ‘things that hold people from achieving success’ includes this because working your way up to the top requires a lot from you.

And leadership quality has all the skills it takes to move forward no matter what.

So without this, you will probably sit in a cubical reading someone else’s success story.

21. Trying to do it alone

Another thing that holds you from achieving success is you try to do it alone. Doing alone is ok, it shows your confidence, but in order to thrive, you need others’ hands.

It is like if you ask a person to do something, he/she will do it in one way.

But if you ask the same problem to ten people, you might learn ten different ways of solving that problem.

Things Holding You Back- Alone
Alone (Source: Pexels)

There is a saying that goes by ‘If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.

22. No idea when to let go

Sometimes people would invest so much in something that it becomes almost impossible for them to let it go even when it proves bad for them.

As a result, they suffer the consequences. That is the reason one should always know when to let go of things that are toxic for their goal.

Things Holding You Back- Learn To Let Go
Learn To Let Go (Source: iStock)

Sometimes letting go of something is the best thing we can do.

23. Lack of planning

When we build a house, we plan every aspect of it. We plan where the window would be, where we will keep the bed and lights and all.

Do people plan with the same effort about their goal? Not all the time, and that is one thing that holds people from being successful.

Things Holding You Back- Lack Of Planning
Lack Of Planning (Source: Inside Small Business)

Not having a plan is like driving a bus without knowing the destination or the route. So plan things first before you jump right into it.

24. Trying to be someone else

This is a bitter truth of our world. We always try to be someone, and that someone is not us. People forget that we have our own story, our own character to play.

Things Holding You Back- Trying To Be Someone Else
Trying To Be Someone Else (Source: Success Consciousness)

Trust me, if you try to be someone else, you will fail miserably.

Just be yourself.

25. Listening to others

How often do you do things based on what you’ve heard? Do you assess the reliability before you act on it? People who can do great fail sometimes when they start to listen to others.

They don’t know you; they don’t know your strength.

Things Holding You Back- Listening Others
Listening Others (Source: Redwood Bark)

The only person, who can bring the best out of you, is you. So those who listen to others and act without thinking about it twice stay back on the path to success.

26. Waiting for the right time

I remember a dialogue from a very famous movie that says, “Don’t wait for the god to do it, who knows, he might be waiting for you to do it.”

So waiting for the right time will never turn out to be good because that right time, my dear, might never come.

Those who wait for the perfect timing to act might go on waiting forever.

Things Holding You Back- Right Time
Right Time (Source: Edward Mungai)

So wake up, go on, and make it happen!

“Stop waiting for the things to happen; March on and make it happen.”

27. Comparing yourself to others

One of the biggest mistakes we make is comparing ourselves to others.

Why can’t people accept the fact that they can’t be like us and we can’t be like them?

When they compare themselves, they de-motivate or make themselves feel superior, and both of these are not good for us.

Things Holding You Back- Stop Comparing Yourself
Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (Source: Prolifiko)

It doesn’t matter if you are at a better spot or struggling to reach there; you need to understand that they are going according to their timeline, and you are according to yours.

28. You seek pleasure all the time

Yes, it sounds a little lifeless, but in order to succeed, and if you are really looking forward to being a successful person, this is one thing you should stop doing.

One of the biggest problems of our generation is we can’t keep ourselves from all the comfort and pleasure we receive.

Things Holding You Back- Stop Seeking Pleasure
Stop Seeking Pleasure (Source: Reddit)

Every successful person has worked their sweats off to be where they are right now. So what’s your excuse?

29. Wrong circle

You know the group we live in determines what we can and can’t do in our lives?

Yes, it is true. It is said that ‘if you want to be a businessman, stick to a group where there is at least one person who is a businessman.’

Things Holding You Back- Wrong Circle
Wrong Circle (Source: Parents’ Universal Resource Experts and Sue Scheff – WordPress.com)

The circle plays an important role in our decision-making, thinking, and investing habits.

So try to be in a circle that motivates you to do stuff.

30. Lack of strong will

With everything in the right place and you lack the strong will to succeed, it’s not happening.

Things Holding You Back- Strong Will
Strong Will (Source: CM Church Sermons)

As we know, life is never fair and always knocks us down, and not everyone can stand up every time. But we can reach the goal if we have the courage to get up and move forward.

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