30 Psychology Tricks That Will Amaze You

Psychological Tricks

Psychology Tricks!!

We have created robots, computers, satellites, and we reached the moon, we have found a way to reproduce without women having to carry the baby.

We have done so many amazing things with our brains that it amazes us. However, there is no device in the world that can fully understand our psychology or its tricks.

It is not an easy job to understand the nature of human psychology but rather a complex thing even for the so-called “Psychologist.”

The human brain has been a huge maze that we have been trying to understand. The things we do, for example, raising our eyebrows, placing our feet, or scratching our nose, we don’t do without a reason.

Be warned: These psychological tricks will not make your date instantly fall in love with you or make your boss give you a raise.

But once you are familiar with these tricks, you will be able to know people’s behavior, and you can try them on your friends.

So, Shall we…?

Quick Overview

S.N Psychology Tricks
1. Impress someone using your body language
2. Use nouns instead of verbs
3. Get something from them without them realizing it
4. Look into someone’s eyes when you want to know the story a little deeper
5. Stay calm when someone raises their voice to you
6. Make them go easier on you
7. Write down your thoughts to avoid being stressed and anxious
8. Fewer choices can help you make your decision faster
9. Win ‘Rock, paper, scissors
10. Make people feel they are needed when you ask for their help
11. Warm your hand before shaking your hand
12. Learn things with ease
13. Find out who is watching you
14. Little fun experiment
15. Avoid procrastinating
16. Find out who’s into you
17. Appear Friendlier
18. Get their attention in a conversation
19. Stop worrying before an event
20. Forgot your song?
21. Listen to classical music
22. Notice the feet
23. Face the eye contact anxiety
24. Smile to lift your mood
25. Make your kid eat vegetables
26. Pretend to be okay
27. Put a mirror
28. The pattern of asking a favor
29. Ask for a favor
30. Walkthrough the busy street

1. Impress someone using your body language

This trick is very well known and is one of the best psychology tricks. Whether you are at the bar with a girl you like or at a job interview, this trick is the one you should know.

The trick is to mimic their movements, their manner. Doing so will probably make them like you more. Pay attention to how they sit or speak and try to follow.

Thumbsup (Source: The Irish Times)

This trick is known as the “Chameleon Effect.” What’s interesting is this happens without our knowledge that we’re being influenced. Unconsciously, we tend to like those who mimic our body language and facial expressions.

2. Use nouns instead of verbs

This is another one of the scientific psychology tricks that have been experimented with.

The study published in the book “How To Get People To Do Stuff” emphasizes people’s need to feel like they belong or, as we can call it, “The need of belongingness.”

In the study, they asked a group of people the same question in two different ways.

Nouns Power (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“How important is it to you to vote in tomorrow’s election?” and “How important is it to you to be a voter in tomorrow’s election?”

Results showed that individuals who were addressed as a Voter” were more likely to cast their votes.

3. Get something from them without them realizing it

This is one of the coolest psychology tricks on our list, and you can experiment with it on your friends.

Whenever you are in a conversation, and they have something in their hand, just place your hand in front of them.

You will notice that they will hand you whatever they are holding without even realizing it.

Handing Hot Dog
Handing Hot Dog ( Dreamstime.com)

It works in opposite direction as well.

For example, if you have something in your hand and if you try to give it to them in the middle of the conversation, they are much more likely to take it without their knowledge.

4. Look into someone’s eyes when you want to know the story a little deeper

Say you are having a conversation, and you both are talking, but it seems you are not being able to pull out the information you are looking for. Or you are not satisfied with their answer.

Staring in Ones Eyes
Staring in One’s Eyes (Source: Scientific American Blogs)

Don’t repeat the question or ask them to explain, all you have to do is to look into the person’s eyes and stay silent.

This makes the person feel under pressure and concerned, forcing them to reveal more about the story or to elaborate further.

5. Stay calm when someone raises their voice to you

When we see a fight, we can notice it is both parties who are involved in that fight. The fact is that we unconsciously provoke the other person’s behavior.

When someone is yelling at us or is angry as hell, all we have to do is to remain calm.

Man Shouting (Source: Free SVG)

The feeling of anger tends to feed on anger itself, so in order to avoid the blood bath, you should stay polite, and it will make the other person feel guilty and accountable for everything that happened.

6. Make them go easier on you

Are you heading to a meeting? Is the meeting going to be heated? If you are, and if it is, you should know this one is among the best psychology tricks for business people.

If you are going to be in a room with an aggressive personality and if you think you might be subjected to negative criticism, use this trick.

Angry Boss & Employee
Angry Boss & Employee (Source: Max Pixel)

Manage to sit next to the person you think can criticize. Doing so, you might feel uncomfortable and awkward but don’t worry the other person feels the same.

Close proximity is known to make people uncomfortable, which will lessen the level of aggression they plan to execute.

7. Write down your thoughts to avoid being stressed and anxious

We live in a world where feeling anxious and stressed is inevitable. But the difference is we can thrive through it. The trick is to write down your thought which is causing your stress, in a journal and close it up.

Writing Thoughts
Writing Thoughts (Source: Kaodim Malaysia)

Believe it or not, you will be much more likely to focus on your thing because now you have shared your thoughts with someone.

When we write something in a diary, our brain behaves in the same way as we are sharing with someone else.

8. Fewer choices can help you make your decision faster

If you have only one thing to wear, then you won’t take as much time to get ready. The thing is, when we don’t have many options, it is easier to make a choice, whereas; having a lot of alternates can make it harder.

Choices (Source: iStock)

It is a proven fact that if you want to be an effective decision-maker, you should only give yourself a few options at a time.

One of the useful psychology tricks will allow you to spend quality time on each option while saving you from unnecessary thoughts.

9. Win rock, paper, scissors

All right, I’m sure you must have played this famous game at some point in your life. But do you know there’s a trick to win in this? Yes, the trick is to take the person’s mind off the game while playing.

Rock, Paper & Scissors
Rock, Paper & Scissors (Source: Medium)

When you are about to play, ask your partner a random question right before. This will distract them from the game, and more often than not, they will throw up ‘Scissors.’

10. Make people feel they are needed when you ask for their help

If you ask for help and they turn you down, maybe you are not sounding like you need them. Well, these psychology tricks are here to your rescue.

People want to feel like they are needed, and they hate feeling guilty.

May I Help You (Source: Free SVG)

Start off with the phrase “I need your help…” by starting your conversation using this phrase, you are more likely to get the help you need.

But if they are still turning you down, it’s time to start asking questions about them.

11. Warm your hand before shaking your hand

Have you ever shaken hand and felt like you are holding an iron rod in the winter season? Yep, I’ve also been there.

But that’s not the bad part. Did you know cold hands are linked to distrust?

Shaking Hands (Source: Pixabay)

So next time when you are about to shake your hand or touch them, make sure your hands are warm. Warm hands promote a friendly atmosphere.

12. Learn things with ease

I’m sure you have experienced this without even realizing it. If you think you are bad at learning or remembering, use this one.

The best way to remember or learn new things with ease is to try to explain them to someone else.

Learn High (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

If you notice, we always tend to explain things by simplifying them, and that is the reason our brain understands it even better when simplified and tends to remember it.

13. Find out who is watching you

If you are in a group and sense that someone is looking at you, but when you look for them, you can’t find them.

i Am Watching You (Source: Pixabay)

Use this simple psychological trick to locate your admirer (If so). Try to yawn and look at the person you think might be the one if you find them yawning, Bam! You found your stalker.

14. Little fun experiment

A fun little experiment to try with your friends. While having a conversation with someone, pick out a word that they say.

Every time that the person says the word (Or something close to it), just nod or give some other type of positive gesture.

Two Young People Conversation (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Now watch your conversation partner use that word all the time

15. Avoid Procrastinating

Many of us hate to postpone things, but we still do it. I think we want to be done with the task, but the brain somehow doesn’t cooperate with us.

Here’s something we can do to avoid being Procrastinator.

Procrastinating (Source: S4B0T4G3FIRE – Medium)

Think about the task before you go to bed. That’s how your brain will be forced to draw a pathway for you to complete the task.

It has always been said that before doing anything physically, try doing it mentally, and things will be much smoother.

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16. Find out who’s into you

You are in a group of your friends, having fun and laughing. You get a hint that someone likes you, but you are not sure. Or, you want someone to like you but can’t tell whether or not they do.

Happy & Laughing
Happy & Laughing (Source: Highlander)

Well, crack a joke and look around. People tend to look at the person they like while laughing.

If you see someone looking at you when the laughter starts, congratulations. But if no one is looking at you, my heartfelt sympathy.

17. Appear friendlier

Eye contact is the key, they say, but many suffer because they can’t make eye contact. If you are one of these people, we have something that can help you.

If you want to appear friendly and confident while meeting someone new, try to make a note of their eye color.

Confident (Source: StockSnap.io)

Of course, you won’t mention it to them, but the trick is it’s a simple technique to maintain eye contact without having to worry about it.

It is proven that making eye contact in a particular way is a sign of friendliness and confidence. But don’t make it look creepy, though.

18. Get their attention in a conversation

Do you know what we like among many things?

Listening to our own name being called by others.

So why not use this as a trick to make a good impression. If you want to appear charming, if you want to grab their attention, try repeating their name throughout the conversation.

Repeat Their Names
Repeat Their Names (Source: Braingle)

This happens because when we hear our name, we tend to concentrate more, and it makes us feel like we’re being personally addressed and engaged with.

19. Stop worrying before an event

It doesn’t matter how much we practice or rehearse; we always worry and stress about an event or performance.

If you feel nervous or worried before a program, don’t bite your nails or take out a cigarette from the box. Instead of doing all these, try chewing some gum beforehand.

Performance Anxiety
Performance Anxiety (Source: Virtual Speech)

Our brain is wired in such a way that it believes we are safe while we eat something.

20. Forgot your song?

This one’s good. It’s not rare that we are stuck with a song in our head, and it eats up our brain. The problem with this is we can neither remember it nor we can forget it, and it is really annoying.

If you also struggle with this brain-eating worm, use this trick.

Psychology Tricks- Brain Worm
Thinking (Source: McMaster Continuing Education)

If you want to stop the loop of the broken song in your head, think about the ending of it. This is called the “Zeigarnik effect.”

According to this theory, humans remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than the completed tasks.

21. Listen to classical music

It is scientifically proven that rap and hip hop can have a negative effect on GPA, while listening to classical music has a positive effect.

The reason behind this, according to science, is that when we listen to songs that have lyrics in them, we are more likely to get distracted by the words.

Psychology Tricks- Classical Music
Classical Music (Source: WallpaperSafari)

Whereas, when we listen to pure music without any vocal whatsoever, one, it affects us positively, and second, it’s calming and relaxing.

So, play some classical music in the background when you sit to study.

22. Notice the feet

We say a lot with our body language, but we are unaware of it. Whatever we do subconsciously, it is not without a reason.

When we are communicating, we don’t only use our mouth to express how we feel about the conversation but our body as well.

Psychology Tricks Notice The Feet
Notice The Feet (Source: The Indian Express)

For example, if you approach someone and they turn their torso to you but not their feet, it is a bad sign and means they want to be left alone.

23. Face the eye contact anxiety

This is another trick to tackle with eye contact in our list. If you are having a hard time making eye contact with people, try to look the person between the eyes.

Psychology Tricks- Eye Contact
Eye Contact (Source: BetterUp)

It doesn’t look that much of a difference to the observer while making you look way more confident and friendly.

24. Smile to lift your mood

We all have been to the place where we feel down like nothing is going in our way, and we feel upset. If you are also facing these unwanted feelings, trick your brain into thinking that you are in a good mood by faking a smile.

Psychology Tricks- Relaxed Smiling
Relaxed Smiling (Source: Flaticon)

The reason behind this is a fake smile engages similar neural networks as a genuine smile would, according to science.

Simply faking a smile or any kind of expression of joy can lift your mood right up.

25. Make your kid eat vegetables

If you are a parent, you know the struggle of trying to make your kids eat their veggies.

How to make them eat on their own, you ask? Well, the trick is, instead of asking them if they want any carrots at all, ask them whether they’d like three or five pieces of veg.

Psychology Tricks- Kids & Veggies
Kids & Veggies (Source: Max Pixel)

What it does is it’ll make the kids feel as if they’ve made a choice like grown-ups do while they’ll be getting their nutrients.

26. Pretend to be okay

If you are one of those people who don’t like to meet new people or speak in front of a crowd, this will surely help you.

The trick is to pretend you are OK with whatever you are going through. We can trick our brains into thinking that everything is going just fine.

Psychology Tricks- Okay
Okay (Source: CNN)

If you are meeting new people, pretend you know them already, and you will appear more at ease while making them like you with your charming approach.

27. Put a mirror

If you work behind the counter and you have annoying customers coming up to you all the time, try putting a mirror behind you.

This will allow the customer to see themselves and really see themselves.

Psychology Tricks- Mirror Trick
Mirror Trick (Source: Max Pixel)

You will find the changes in their behavior.

Before, they would’ve yelled at you for the things that weren’t your fault, but now, they won’t like the look of their own when they do the same.

As a rest, they will try to behave in a way that would make them look good. These psychology tricks work best for you if you are a salesperson.

28. The Pattern of asking a favor

If you want someone to do you a big favor, you ask them to do a little favor first.

You will be amazed to know that it can be used in reverse too. Here’s how it works.

Psychology Tricks- Can You Do Me A Big Favor
Can You Do Me A Big Favor? (Source: Dr. Ivan Misner)

If you ask a person for a huge favor, more likely they will turn you down, but they will feel bad about it. As a result, they will jump at your next request.

29. Ask for a favor

According to Ben Franklin, “He that has done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged.”

He conducted an experiment where he asked random people to do him a small favor.

Psychology Tricks- Small Favor
Small Favor (Source: Etiquette School of America)

The results showed that people tend to like you because their brains will be tricked into thinking that they must like you already if they’ve done you a favor.

You can try it by asking a simple thing, for example, ask someone the time, or if they could please pass you a napkin, or ask for their opinion about something.

30. Walk through the busy street

Not everyone can walk through the street full of people, and those who can know it is an art.

Alright, so if you are walking down the busy street, all you have to do is keep your eyes on the direction you’re walking towards and don’t get distracted.

Psychology Tricks- Busy Street
Busy Street (Source: Masterfile)

People usually watch other people’s eyes in crowded areas to see which direction they are going so that they can go the opposite direction.

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