Taylor Schabusiness Husband Warren Is Also In Jail – Her Age Children And Crime Explored

Taylor Schabusiness Husband

Taylor Schabusiness husband Warren is also in jail, as he is also charged with the murder of Shad Thyrion. 

Green Bay, Wisconsin, has seen a tragic incident that has everyone in awe. The evisceration and gaging of 25-year-old Thyrion were horrifying and devasting simultaneously.

Thyrion’s head was left in a container after Taylor Schabusiness chopped up his body and choked him during intercourse. His mother discovered a towel by the steps in the storm cellar and used it to cover his head. Currently, she is being held at the Brown County Jail on a $2 million bail.

According to WLUK, Schabusiness unexpectedly attacked her lawyer, Quinn Jolly, in court on February 14, 2023, while they were there for a pre-trial hearing. 

In Brown County Judge Thomas Walsh’s courtroom, Schabusiness is shown on video lunging towards Jolly while the two were seated at the defense table. Following that, deputies helped her to the ground.

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Taylor Schabusiness Husband Warren Is Also In Jail

Warren Schabusiness is Tylor Schabusiness’s husband. He was in charge at the time of the murder of Shad Rock Thyrion and is currently incarcerated in Wisconsin. The two also have a recently born child, as the reports say.

A Facebook post claims that Taylor and Warren have been dating since roughly 2017. Unfortunately, because no data is available, we could not notice many intricacies in their interaction. The charges against 24-year-old Taylor Schabusiness include first-degree felony, third-degree rape, and mangling a body.

Taylor Schabusiness Husband
Taylor Schabusiness Husband Warren (Source: New York Times)

The “Queen Taylor Schabusiness” of Schabusiness’ husband’s Facebook page reads, “I Do Trust My Beautiful Wife, I Will Do Anything To Protect Her, Stay Strong Baby Boo, I Love You!” 

She insisted that they had used narcotics earlier in the day, including smoking methamphetamine. She claimed to have also given herself and Thyrion doses of the potent sedative Trazadone.

Taylor Schabusiness Age And Children Details To Know

Taylor Schabusiness, a Wisconsin native, is [calculate years datestring=”00/00/1998″] years old. As per some news portals, she gave birth to her son in 2022. 

She allegedly said she spent the day consuming meth with the victim during her interview with the police.

She stated that they engaged in chained consensual sex.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim was being choked during intercourse, but she had no intention of killing him.

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Taylor Schabusiness Crime Explored 

On February 23, 2022, a mother from Green Bay found her 25-year-old son’s head in a bucket in her basement and called the police.

She claimed that a slamming door woke her up, and she walked downstairs to see if a light had been left on.

Taylor Schabusiness Husband
Taylor Schabusiness Entering In The Courtroom For Her Hearing (Source: Sky News)

According to the police, Taylor Schabusiness was arrested after their investigation rapidly brought them to her residence.

When the detectives arrived, Schabusiness had blood on her clothes had dried.

According to WBAY, Schabusiness allegedly suggested that the search for the 25-year-old man’s organs would be “exciting” for the cops.

A large box in her car was filled with “more human body parts, including legs,” according to the criminal complaint.

Schabusiness is accused of third-degree sexual assault and deliberate killing and mutilating a corpse.

First-degree intentional homicide in Wisconsin is punishable by a life sentence in prison.

In the state, mutilating a corpse is a class F felony.

A $25,000 fine, a 12-year-and-six-month state jail term, or both imprisonment and a fine are available as penalties for this crime.

Further charges could be added to her sentence for the assault she committed on her defense lawyer on February 14, 2023, in court.

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