Betty Boothroyd Death Cause And Obituary: House of Commons First Female Speaker Dies At 93

Betty Broothroyd

Betty was a politician from United Kingdom, where she served as a Labour Member of Parliament for West Bromwich and West Bromwich West from 1973 to 1992. Let’s learn about Betty Boothroyd death cause.

From 1992 to 2000, she served as the Speaker of the House of Commons. Betty was the first female Speaker of the House of Commons, who sat by tradition as a Crossbench peer in the House of Lords.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, a current Speaker, described her as “an inspirational woman” who was known for her “no-nonesense style.”

The current Speaker, also added to be the first woman Speaker, was groundbreaking and certainly that glass ceiling with panache. The former Speaker, Betty, was one of a kind. A sharp, witty and formidable – and will miss her.

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Betty Boothroyd Death Cause And Obituary

Betty, the first female Speaker of the House of Commons, passed away at 93 on February 26, 2023, at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. The Speaker Betty Boothroyd death cause has not been released yet.

Boothroyd was born on October 8, 1929 in Dewbury, West Yokshire, the only daughter of her family.

However, many people say she died naturally because of old age. When the concerned authorities make the autopsy report public, it will be clear the reason behind her death.

Brotty Boothroyd Death cause
Sir Lindsay twitted a picture about Betty Boothroyd following her death. (Source: Twitter)

Her death has left many people close to her, who idolize her, heartbroken. She was one of a kind as Betty was unique and had earned the respect and admiration of all MPs during her time as a Speaker.

On Tuesday, all the MPs will have a chance to pay formal tribute in memory of the first female Speaker, Betty. 

We will be the first to inform you of the reason behind her death as soon as we get details on the cause, so stay in touch.

Betty Boothroyd Partner – Is She Married?

Boothroyd was single and had never married during her lifetime. As she was not married, she also had no children. 

The first female Speaker, Betty, always prioritized her work in front of her personal and love life. She always gave her all to contribute to the field she worked in, not giving a moment to think about creating a happy family.

Betty Boothryd
Betty Boothroyd staning near her own portrait. (Source: The Guardian)

She has always been quiet and did not share any information regarding her personal and love life in the media. Even if she was pretty, she has worked in politics and with public figures in the United Kingdom for several years. 

Her love for her country and work was excellent; she has made many contributions that people will never forget. 

Betty was a fantastic person loved and admired by everyone around her; maybe that is why she did not get married, as she thought it would distract her from working.

House of Speaker Betty Career Earnings – Net Worth

According to vimbuzz, the net worth of Betty during the time of death is estimated to be around ten million dollars.

She is one of the wealthiest female politicians listed on then the most popular list of politicians. 

During her early age and twenties, she was a dancer who traveled with a famous troupe named Tiller Girls.

She started her career as a political by helping several British and American parliament representatives in any way possible. 

Boothroyd did not enter parliament in ease. After several attempts made, she secured her seat of West Bromwich in May 1973.

While working for nearly two decades, Betty was elected to the postion Speaker of the House by her fellow MPs. She stepped down from the post of Speaker in 2000, but did not stop from being active in politic. 

Betty was passiobatiley involved in the campaign to keep the United Kingdon in the EU.

Unsurprisingly, her net worth is around ten million dollars as she was one of the hardworking personnel who changed many things during her time, making her a renowned politician.

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