Tristyn Bailey Autopsy Report And Crime Scene Photos, Death Cause And Age Revealed

Tristyn Bailey

The “Tristyn Bailey Autopsy Report” has revealed details of the horrific stabbings she received at the hands of her murderer. People are still saddened by the loss of the teenager in 2021. Continue reading to learn about the most recent developments in the case.

Tristyn Bailey was a cheerleader who died in 2021, shocking the St. Johns County community. She participated in competitive cheerleading and was a positive role model for her teammates.

She was recognized as a compassionate girl who was always prepared to stand up for the team and come in for her injured teammates.

The case has received a substantial update after hundreds of pages of victim impact statements were delivered to Judge Lee Smith on behalf of Bailey’s family.

It sheds new light on the emotional toll Tristyn’s tragedy has taken on the St. Johns County community.

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Tristyn Bailey Autopsy Report And Crime Scene Photos

Bailey, a seventh-grade student at Patriot Oaks Academy in Saint Johns, was discovered dead on Sunday, May 9, 2021, hours after her family reported her missing.

Her body was discovered at a retention pond at the end of the cul-de-sac on Saddlestone Road in the community where she lived on Sunday evening, May 9.

In the case of Aiden Fucci, who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his classmate in Florida in 2021, sentencing hearings started on Tuesday.

Tristyn Bailey’s autopsy report showed she suffered 114 stab wounds on May 9, 2021, as revealed, which brought the case to national attention. He was charged as an adult despite being 14 at the time.

Tristyn Bailey Autopsy Reports
Durbin Crossing Community mourns the death of Tristyn Bailey (Source:

Fucci, 16, will receive a sentence ranging from 40 years to life in prison, according to Judge R. Lee Smith’s decision.

A first-degree guilty plea makes him ineligible for the death penalty because he is a minor. The sentencing hearings might last the following week and involve calling up to a dozen more witnesses.

Documents from the State Attorney’s Office reveal that dozens of emails were sent to the Patriot Oaks Academy principal, deputies with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, and prosecutors. Fucci and Bailey attended the same school there.

The night the cheerleader was last seen alive, the murderer’s friend allegedly asked her out, and they met at his home, according to the email.

He admitted to giving Fucci a sweater and telling the detectives that he thought Fucci might have had a bag of clothes in the forest to change into.

He said that his sweatshirt hadn’t been located and insisted that he wasn’t dressed in what he had on when he departed.

According to the records, the murderer’s acquaintance told the deputy that he thought the murder was “100% premeditated.”

He is charged with repeatedly stabbing Bailey in a forested section of the Durbin Crossing neighborhood in St. Johns.

On Mother’s Day last year, her body was discovered several hours later, less than a half-mile from his house where Bailey also lived.

The following day after the finding, he was taken into custody. His DNA was found on Bailey’s body, according to the detectives.

Tristyn Bailey Death Cause

Predrag Bulic, the chief medical examiner, said that Bailey’s death was caused by “sharp force trauma by stabbing.”

According to an unredacted warrant affidavit made public by the State Attorney on May 27, she had 114 “stab or cutting wounds across her head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and back” as a result of an autopsy.

The article claims that the convicted repeatedly threatened to kill someone in the woods and that Bailey had received a knife threat out of jealousy.

The teenage murderer was detained on suspicion of second-degree murder. The gravity of the crime, including the 114 stabbing wounds to the victim’s torso, increased the charge to first-degree murder, according to R.J. Larizza, state attorney for the circuit.

Aiden Fucci
Aiden Fucci, the teen accused of stabbing cheerleader Tristyn Bailey 114 times, bragged about killing in jail: report (Source: NEW YORK POST)

The 16-year-old child was apprehended after being questioned and being seen on surveillance footage, according to a censored copy of the arrest record made available by the sheriff’s office.

The report states, “the defendant’s story changed several times, but [he] ultimately made several admissions.”

The youngster charged in Bailey’s killing posted a Snapchat selfie on May 9 that showed the culprit in the back of a police car, according to the sheriff’s office.

Hey, folks, has anybody [sic] seen Tristyn lately? asks the photo’s caption, which shows the suspect holding what looks to be a peace sign.

According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect was a witness being questioned in a case involving a missing person when the Snapchat was shared.

On Snapchat, people responded. One message said, “You were with her, Aiden, and you know what happened to her.”

Tristyn Bailey Age Revealed

Bailey was born on January 18, 2008, in Florida, USA. She was 13 years old at the time of her tragic death. Her parents’ names are Stacy and Forrest Bailey.

The tragic death of the teenager has saddened the family, and Stacy has vowed to preserve her daughter’s memory.

In 2021, the cheerleader’s parents conducted a memorial service at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

Tristyn Bailey parents
‘THE BAILEY 7’ Who are Tristyn Bailey’s parents? (Source: The U.S. Sun)

“I was going to make her name shine above all the evil that has happened,” Stacy stated during the ceremony.

The Bailey 7, which comprises Tristyn and her parents Stacy and Forrest, brother Teegan Bailey, sisters Brittney Bailey Russell, Alexis Bailey, Sophia Bailey, and sister Alexis Bailey, wish to preserve her memory. At the same time, they continue to recover from her murder.

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