Taylor Frankie Paul Mugshot – Why Was She Arrested? Case Details And Boyfriend

Taylor Frankie Paul Mugshot

Taylor Frankie Paul Mugshot who gained fame in 2017 after discussing ‘soft swinging’ with her Mormon mom friends was arrested earlier this month on charges of domestic assault. 

Following an argument with an anonymous guy, the TikTok star was taken into custody in Utah on February 17 on suspicion of three minor charges including assault, criminal mischief, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

The Herriman City Police Department issued an announcement declaring that following her jail booking, detectives received additional video evidence related to this case that resulted in the case being referred to the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office for screening of felony assault charges against Taylor.

This evidence further shows that Taylor’s small child suffered harm as a result of one of her actions during the event, according to the police.

With her ex-husband Tate Paul, Taylor has a 5-year-old daughter named Indy and a 2-year-old son named Ocean, which the youngster allegedly hurt is unknown.

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Taylor Frankie Paul Mugshot – Why Was She Arrested?

Taylor’s mugshot has not been released by the authorities as of yet. As soon as it is updated we will be the first to post it, so please keep following the article to know more about her arrest news.

Taylor is a twenty-eight years old woman who got famous in 2017 after discussing ‘soft swinging’ with her Mormon mom friends through TikTok.
At midnight on February 17, police in Herriman, Utah, responded to a report of domestic violence at a residence.
Taylor Frankie
Viral ‘Soft-Swinging’ Mormon TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested for Alleged Domestic Violence on Her Child ( Source: PopCrush)
Taylor Frankie Paul Mugshot was detained on suspicion of misdemeanor assault, criminal mischief, and domestic violence in the presence of a kid.
The information about the name of the victim and the main cause of violating the rules are not revealed by the authorities in order to protect their privacy.
If the details are available in the future we will include them in our next article. So look out!

Taylor Frankie Paul case details

According to reports, a worried neighbor called the police after hearing screaming coming from a house.

Taylor and the claimed victim were both present when the assigned officer arrived, and when the officer was doing inquires about the current situation, Frankie began to start pushing and hitting the victim.

Taylor Frankie Paul
TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges ( Source: Eonline.com)
The two were separated by the police, who then determined through interviews that Taylor was drunk or high. She was accused of hitting the victim repeatedly and throwing things household objects at him, including metal chairs and a wooden child playset, injuring the man’s elbow and damaging his truck.
One of Taylor’s children was on the couch in the living room throughout the incident and the statement further claims that video footage suggests she may have been hurt as a result of the conflict.

Paul was arrested and taken to the Salt Lake County Prison before being freed the next day.

Who Is Taylor Frankie Paul boyfriend? 

Following her ‘soft swinging’ ‘partner swapping controversy’, the mom TikToker influencer, who frequently makes dancing videos and parenting vlogs, announced her new boyfriend.

On July 29, her new lover Dakota Mortensen made his appearance on her channel. He didn’t show up again until a video from September 7 in which the two jokingly debated whether to date or not.

Taylor Frankie Paul Mugshot
‘Swinging’ Mormon TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul arrested for domestic violence as BF defends her ( Source: MEAWW)

As per sources, on February 23, the influencer’s boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen, told that she ‘never damaged anyone intentionally’.

When Taylor was in prison Dakota says about Taylor’s current struggles in her life including her soft-swinging controversies and battling with health issues, depression, and anxiety.

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