Rochelle Nolan Wikipedia – How Did She Die? Family And Case Details

Rochelle Nolan Wikipedia

The topic of Rochelle Nolan’s death has increased curiosity among the public. People are anxious to know the real reason for the case. Please read the article below to know more about Rochelle Nolan Wikipedia, family, and her case details.

Rochelle Nolan was a television producer before she died. She was in a relationship with Russell Gilbert from 1996, who is an Australian Comedian and actor.

They were together for 19 years until Rochelle Nolan committed suicide. She was found dead at Crown Casino in 2015 on the day the nation was campaigning for the sufferers of mental illness.

Following this case, Nolan’s Fiance Mr. Gilbert gave his tribute and urged others to “look out for someone close, when you see the signs” and tagged his Instagram post with hashtags #suicide, #beyondblue, #lifeline and included Lifeline’s contact details.

Rochelle Nolan Wikipedia

Rochelle Nolan was a television producer who worked on several Australian TV productions, including Lowdown, Letters and Numbers and Taken Out.

R U OK Day is a day that was established to build community awareness for individuals contemplating suicide.

Nolan was regarded as a shining light by her shattered friends who affectionately called her “Rush” as she preferred to work behind the cameras flashing bulbs. Her friends remembered her as a loyal, generous, and sensitive soul after she passed away.

 Rochelle Nolan Wikipedia
Rochelle Nolan with her friend Jennifer Hansen. (source: jenniferhansen)

She was the Fiance of the famous Comedian Russell Gilbert, he was shattered after the death of his love. Gilbert was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm just two weeks after Nolan’s death.

He later suffered a stroke while undergoing surgery to treat an aneurysm which impacted his ability to speak and left him unable to work.

However, Russell Gibert has apologized in a heartfelt message for not attending the funeral of his long-time love Rochelle Nolan. He said he was not at the funeral due to his sadness and not having the strength to be there for her final goodbye.

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Rochelle Nolan Case Details How Did She Die

Rochelle Nolan, the Hey Hey It’s Saturday regular’s longtime fiancee and defacto wife, was found dead in the Crown Casino hotel room on Thursday, September 10, 2015 afternoon after booking the room for a short stay.

On the day that the country was promoting support for people with mental health issues, the police reported the body of a woman in her 40s has been found, and her death was not considered to be suspicious.

The police and the investigators have not disclosed any other information rather than stating that she had committed suicide. Nonetheless, it is known that before her suicide, Nolan was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease of the central nervous system. 

There is limited information available about her case on the internet, as there is no concrete evidence of details that have been found. However, her fiance had mentioned that she was struggling with mental issues which could have been a contributing factor to her decision to take her own life.

Last but not the least, it is worth noting that mental illness can impact individuals from all ages of life and can be a significant factor in suicide. It is important to prioritize and help people who are struggling with necessary health resources and mental support.

Rochelle Nolan family 

As mentioned above Rochelle Nolan was the fiance of the famous comedian Russell Gilbert. They were together for 19 years. 

In the late 90s, Nolan was working as a booking agent when she met Gilbert at a comedy club. They instantly fell in love and moved together within days. After 3 years Gilbert proposed to Nolan to be his wife.

 Rochelle Nolan Wikipedia
Rochelle Nolan with Russell Gilbert at the 2000 Logies. (source:

Nolan told her best friend Jen Hensen that she had no plans to marry an interview four years ago saying “life has been very busy and unpredictable and now I’m past the idea of it. I think because we don’t want children it doesn’t seem important anymore”.

Nolan and Gilbert do not have any children together, however, they had two Burmese cats, Derek and Clive whom they took care of as their children. 

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