Paul Murdaugh Autopsy And Forensic Report – What Happened? Case Details Explored

Paul Murdaugh Autopsy

Paul Murdaugh Autopsy and forensic report say he was shot from behind, and the head exploded. Paul Murdaugh was a victim of the Murdaugh Murders in South Carolina.

The father of Paul, Alex Mudaugh, a former lawyer, is currently under trial in charge of murdering his son and wife after his economic status and legal career fell.

The recent investigation showed that after the murder of mother and son, millions of dollars were stolen and there was a fatal boat crash, and a housekeeper got a deadly fall.

The tragic incident in the family of Mudaugh that is swirling around the Alex and this family is becoming more perplexing with time, leading to multiple arrests and twists. The case is one of the most closely watched incidents in the country.

The victim’s father and husband, Alex Murdaugh, is a 54-year-old ex-lawyer. The family ruled the legal scenario for a century. However, now he is facing the trial of two murders.

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Paul Murdaugh Autopsy And Forensic Report – What Happened?

On the night of June 2021, Alex Murdaugh, whose parents the great-grandfather to this generation, served as the top prosecutor around the vast area of the state. Alex called the police to report the death of his wife and son, who were shot to death.

Paul Murdaugh Autopsy
The family of Paul Murdaugh. (Source: Independent UK)

There was a sense of mystery in the case for more than a year, and no suspect or motive existed behind the murder. On July 14th 2022, The authorities said that Alex Murdaugh was indicated for the murders and that he used a rifle to kill his wife and son with a shotgun.

Murdaugh has been in jail since October 2021, before he was also charged with stealing from his client. After that, he got a massive amount of charges against him. The costs were near about $8.8 million.

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Murdaugh has maintained his innocence regarding the murders, and his lawyer also said he is looking for an opportunity to wipe his name from the case. The case trial started on January 23rd and was expected to end by the following week.

Paul Murdaugh Autopsy
Crime scene photos show shell casings on the floor of the dog feed house. (Source: Independent UK)

The scenario has created more investigations about the three previous deaths close to family members. He has also been charged with concocting a bizarre scheme where he staged his suicide to look like it was a murderer who pushed him to do so. The case is about to go to a trial near future.

Paul Murdaugh Case Details Explored

The crucial shooting case of the wife of Alex Murdaugh, Maggie Murdaugh, 52 and a son Paul Murdaugh 22 years old, in South Carolina, rocked the Lowcountry region, as the family of Murdaugh had ruled over the legal dynasty for over a century. The killing incident became famous as the Murdaugh murders.

Paul Murdaugh Autopsy
Father of Paul Murdaugh, Alex Murdaugh at his bond hearing in September 2021. (The New York Times)

There were only a few details regarding the murder, and no arrests were involved for over a year.

According to his statement, Alex told authorities that the bodies were found near the dog kennels in the family’s home at Islandton, almost sixty-five miles west of Charleston.

Alex was with his wife and son at home on the day of the murder; however, the phone records indicate that he left the house at around 9 to visit his mother. 

He later said that when he was back home, he found the dead bodies of Maggie and Paul. Prosecutors have said that he killed the two and is trying to create a made-up story.

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